Top 11 Best Demon Slayer Waifus (Ranked)

What if a demon anime has the most beautiful and cutest waifus in the entire series? Yeah, your guess is correct the only anime is the popular Demon Slayer. In this anime, the female characters are given extraordinary powers and they are known for their cuteness-overloaded eyes.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the Top 15 Best Demon Slayer waifus (Ranked). These characters are usually identified for their powers and their care for the male characters.

Mostly Demon Slayer waifus are the most loved character and their cute expressions and care for the other characters make the fans easily fall in love with them.

List Of Best Demon Slayer Waifus

So let’s look at the list of 11+ Best Demon Slayer waifus (ranked)

15) Kie Kamado

mother of family

She is the mother of the Kamado family and takes care of six children as a single parent after the death of her husband. She doesn’t show any lack of love or hatred towards her six children and brought up a loving family.

Unfortunately, she and her 4 children were killed by the main antagonist of the series named Muzan Kibutsuji. To take revenge Tanjiro went against to defeat him.

She is considered one of the best waifus in the demon slayer anime series because of her love and care towards her children as a mother.

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14) Aoi Kanzaki

Aoi Kanzaki is one of the side characters in the anime. She was a member of demon slayer corp working under butterfly mansion. She was appointed to take care of the swordsman injured in the battle.

After Tanjiro fights the lower rank five demons named Rui, he is admitted to the mansion for the cure. In there she took care of Tanjiro and looked after him.

So she is considered one of the waifus in demon slayer for her care and cuteness.

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13) Makio

second wife

Makio is the second wife of Tengen and she is a brave and strict wife. She is the one who controls the outburst of another wife named Suma. She got angry about her immaturity and annoying character.

She has a strong love for her husband Lord Tengen and she is a protective partner for him. She would kill anyone for his goodness. This is a fact by observing her character.

She has pretty eyes and is extremely beautiful and her brown and blonde colored hair makes the best waifu, no doubt.

12) Daki

I don’t really know how these demons are comparatively equal to humans in beauty and hotness. Daki, the Upper-Rank six demon is one of the main antagonists in the Entertainment District Arc and a demon who has killed seven Hashirs in her lifetime.

The main reason for her power is her supporting brother Gyutaro, who has a bad and wild back story. Daki’s main ability is to manipulate her Obi(Japanese belt) to slash through the enemies, as far as they could. Daki cannot be defeated alone.

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11) Hinatsuru

first wife

One of Tengen’s wives is her. Hinatsuru personality is a bit similar to Tanjiro’s because she is calm strategic and good at dealing with other wives. Alongside Makio Suma, Tanjiro, and Tengen she once battled against a demon of the higher rank.

She was given an assignment with the other wives to fish out an upper-rank demon. Her contribution to Tengen’s cause involves bringing poisoned ninja equipment that weakens and immobilizes demons.

As a supportive wife, she is eager to assist her husband in saving humans from demons. Her physical appearance is strikingly beautiful, and her ponytail hairstyle is mesmerizing.

10) Suma

childish wife

What if Zenistu has an elder sister? Suma is the correct one because her personality of expressing overdramatic emotions in dangerous situations is similar to Zenitsu. She is the only wife of Tengen with an unconfident and immature character.

But her love and care for Tengen are at their peak. In Demon Slayer season 2 she scolds Nezuko at the moment she put flames to cure him, she misunderstands and started shouting at her.

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9) Ruka Rengoku

mother of rengoku

The character of Rengoku is reached by his mother named Ruko and she is the one who gave him life advice and told him to serve people until his death. In the death scene of Rengoku, she is appeared in a vision and got proud of her son.

She has beautiful red eyes and long eyebrows and a pointed nose which makes her a beautiful waifu in the series.


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8) Nakime

Nakime is an intricate woman character in Demon Slayer. While being ranked as the anime’s fifth most powerful demon, there are no instances where we witness her engaging in direct combat. Yet, she doesn’t even have to struggle.

She is the strategist behind Infinity Castle, a dimension where Muzan and the twelve most potent demons meet. In any way Nakime desires, she can manipulate her dimension. This comprises building limitless rooms, continuously modifying areas, recurring portals, and even inescapable puzzles.

7) Kanae Kocho

beautiful sister

Here comes the sister of the Insect Hashira named Kanae who was killed by demons years ago and this is the reason Shinobu joined Demon Slayer Corps and make her anger as fuel towards the demons and kill them.

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She has appeared only in few times in the anime but her gentleness and discipline marked her wonderful presence in the entire series. Her beautiful eyes and pinkish lips and long black make her a wonderful waifu material in the series.

6) Makomo

mysterious character

She is a kind and caring character and she is always helping Tanjiro by pointing out the mistakes in his breathing techniques and correcting them. She and Sabio were the two orphans adopted by Sakonji and trained to join the demon slayer corps.

But unfortunately, they both got killed by the more prominent and oldest demon in the forest during the entrance test for joining Demon Slayer Corps. She appears mysterious manner and speaks differently without giving any direct answers to Tanjiro about her past.

Her introverted ness and caring towards Sabito and Tanjiro make her the best waifu and deserved to get a place on this list.

5) Tamayo

beautiful fugitive

She is a fugitive and is searched by the Muzan to make experiments with her. Her appearance in the first season, nobody thought she is a demon because she has every opposite character of a demon.

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She knows many spells and knows to heal humans and demons and she killed a demon named Susamaru who come to capture Tanjiro with her curse spell. She seems to be another mother to both Nezuko and Tanjiro.

Her beautiful kimono and killing eyes with her caring personality make her the best waifus in the demon slayer series.

4) Nezuko Kamado

Best Demon Slayer waifus

Nezuko is the younger sister of Tanjiro. The transformation of Nezuko from an affectionate and happy person to a demon had significant consequences. With her brother’s support, she has successfully avoided tasting human blood.

A scroll tied to her mouth stops her to prevent human bodies. She includes in battles to save humans. She cured the injuries of Tengen, Inosuke, Zenitsu, and Tanjiro after they had battled with two upper-rank demons.

Nezuko’s demon form makes her more powerful and enables her to fight with the upper-rank demon named Daki. She is beautiful even after she transforms into a demon and deserves the best Waifus on the list.

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3) Shinobu Kocho

Best Demon Slayer waifus

Is someone searching for the best waifu? Here comes one of the top-listed waifu Shinobu Kocho, who is the younger sister of Kanae Kocho. She cannot kill demons by decapitating their head with her strength, instead, she uses her poison to paralyze the demons and then kill them.

She has a secret crush on the Water Hashira Giyu and she has innocent looking she joined to demon slayer corps to take revenge against the demon who killed her lovable sister.

Her eyes and her soothing voice and her hair make her the best demon slayer waifus no, best-listed waifu in the entire anime verse.


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2) Mitsuri Kanroji

expression queen

Another caring and loving character among all Hashira is Mitsuri, she is a very emotional, cute, and passionate character. She has a crush on Obonai the snake Hashira.

She shows no mercy toward the demon and a strong Hashira and she also supports Tanjiro in the Hashira meeting after Tanjiro joins the demon slayer corps.

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She got an aesthetic physique which makes her the best demon slayer waifus on the list without any doubt.


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1) Kanao Tsuyuri

gf of tanjiro

The girlfriend of Tanjiro is Kanao and she is a member of the butterfly estate. She is an orphan who is adopted by Kanae Kocho who trains her to join the demon slayer corps. She is indecisive and she usually tosses a coin to make her decisions.

The idea of her having such powers is surprising. She is capable of protecting her man efficiently. Due to her representation of pure love and kindness, men would seek to keep someone like Kanao near them.

Although she is the female main character of the series and one of the best demon slayer waifus makes she got the top position in this list.


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With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 15 Best Demon Slayer waifus. All these characters show us how much they care and love others. Every waifus is Iconic and their skills also differ and this makes the fans easily fall in love with them.

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FAQ Section

Which female characters in Demon Slayer have the largest fanbase?

Nezuko Kamado and Kanao Tsuyuri have some of the largest fanbases among the female characters in Demon Slayer due to their compelling character arcs and memorable moments in the series.

Are there specific qualities or traits that make a Demon Slayer character a fan-favorite waifu?

Fan-favorite waifus in Demon Slayer often have traits like loyalty, bravery, kindness, and unique abilities. Their designs, interactions with other characters, and personal growth throughout the series also contribute to their popularity.

What are some fan-favorite fan arts or cosplays featuring the waifus from Demon Slayer?

Fan arts and cosplays featuring the waifus from Demon Slayer are abundant. Fans often create stunning illustrations showcasing Nezuko’s unique design and Kanao’s striking appearance.

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