Who Is Kanao Demon Slayer? Powers Explained

Kanao Tsuyuri is an enigmatic character in the Demon Slayer series, she is the adoptive sister of the Kocho sisters and also the Tsuguko of Kanae and Shinobu. Her story is very interesting in its own right and we are here to discuss all of it. 

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Kanao demon slayer, in this article we will talk all about her various power, abilities, her back story, and much more. So, hold on to your seats if you’re interested in knowing more about the successor of the Kocho sisters.

Who is Kanao in Demon Slayer?

Kanao Tsuyuri
NameKanao Tsuyuri
Weight46 KG
AffiliationDemon Slayer Corps
Breathing StyleFlower Breathing

Kanao Tsuyuri is a member of the demon slayer corps and also the Tsuguko of Kanao and Shinobu. A Tsuguko is an exceptionally talented warrior who is set to succeed a Hashira. Kanao even makes appearances in the 2019 anime adaptation of the series. 


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Kanao’s Appearance

Kanao observing a butterfly on her finger.

Kanao is a small and slender young girl with big, kind eyes that remain almost emotionless for most of the series. This is due to the trauma that she went through as a kid which had hollowed her out from the inside. 

She dons a regular demon slayer outfit with a slight purple tint to it along with a white cloak and knee-length skirt. 

Further on in the story, Kanao loses the ability to see through her right eye due to overusing the final form of her breathing technique which places tremendous strain on the users’ eyes. 

Kanao’s Personality

Kanao appearing flustered

Initially, when we’re introduced to Kanao, she is shown to be very indecisive and won’t make even the simplest of decisions. This is due to all the abuse that she went through which had shattered her from the inside. 

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However, after getting adopted by the Kocho sisters, Kanae gave Kanao a coin to help her make a decision whenever she felt stuck. Her repressed emotions were a defense mechanism that completely shut her off from the rest of the world. 

Kanao would use that coin for many years to help her make decisions but she didn’t show much emotion or desire to do anything. However, seeing what the demons did to her sisters’ loved ones, she developed a strong hatred and revulsion for demons. 

Kanao joined the demon slayer corps because she couldn’t do any of the housework or nursing chores that they had at the butterfly mansion. 

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Kanao would go on to take the selection test of her own volition without informing any of her sisters or asking for permission, which shows that she began to act and do things on her own. Eventually, Kanao started to develop the will and desire to fight demons and slay them. 

Kanao’s Early Life

Kanao along side her sister Shinobu

Understanding Kanao’s character requires us to look into her early life and how she grew up as a child. The worst things that could happen to a kid while growing up, did happen to her. Both of her parents were extremely abusive towards her and her brothers, they would beat and drown them if they did anything their parents didn’t like. Even making pained sounds and crying got them punishment. 

She recalls how the bodies of some of her brothers felt cold in the morning, which actually meant that they had died due to the beating that their parents had given them. This completely shattered Kanao’s psyche and she became an empty shell who showed no emotions whatsoever. 

She was being traded as a slave when the Kocho sisters encountered her, they managed to trick the man who had bought Kanao and took her with them to the butterfly mansion where she lived with four other adoptive girls who were orphaned by demons. 

Kanao’s Demon Slayer Powers & Abilities 

Kanao demon slayer power displayed using flower breathing Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye

Kanao is an exceptionally talented demon slayer, she managed to learn Flower breathing just by watching her sister Kanae do it, which is nothing short of extraordinary. 

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Strength: Despite her small size, Kanao is very strong and can jump high distances in the blink of an eye and she is also capable of swinging her katana at extremely fast speeds without showing any signs of fatigue. 

Exceptional Vision: Kanao possesses an extremely keen sense of sight, she can easily predict the movement of her opponents just by observing how their muscles and joints twitch and move. 

While battling the Upper-Rank Two Doma, he comments on her vision saying that she might be more skilled than her older sister Shinobu. 

Superior Speed & Reflexes: Kanao is extremely quick and agile, this is showcased during the Rehabilitation Training Arc, where she was able to overtake and leave Tanjro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu in the dust before they perfected the Total Concentration: Constant technique.

Moreover, when she was fighting the Upper-Rank Two, Doma commented that she moves like a loaded spring, constantly bouncing back from his attacks and using that momentum and energy to increase the power of her attacks. 

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What is The Flower Breathing Technique?

Kanao attacking using her Katana

The flower breathing technique was a breathing style that Kanao learned simply by observing her sister Kanae. There are several forms of this technique which we will discuss in detail: 

Second Form: Honorable Shadow Plum This is a defensive technique in which the user releases several rotating slashes that prevent and block any incoming attacks. 

Fourth Form: Crimson Hanagoromo The user releases a single slash that bends and curves around elegantly before hitting the opponent. 

Fifth Form: Peonies of Futility This technique is a barrage of nine back-to-back attacks that flow and coincide in on themselves.

Sixth Form: Whirling Peach This is a parry attack that is used while evading an attack or even after it as a counterattack. 

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Final Form: Equinoctial Vermilion Eye This is the most powerful technique that increases the ocular acuity of the user to its maximum potential. When Kanao uses this technique her eyes turn bright red and it allows her to perceive the world in slow motion.

However, this technique is dangerous as its prolonged usage can lead to the rupture of blood vessels surrounding the eyes. This can cause partial or permanent blindness. 


Kanao Tsuyuri is a quiet but deadly character from the demon slayer series, which makes her all the more fascinating in our eyes. What about you? Do you like the adoptive Tsuguko of the Kocho sisters?

Comment down below and let us know your thoughts on her. We hope you enjoyed this article on Kanao, if you liked it be sure to check out other articles like this one!

Is Kanao is love with Tanjiro?

Kanao and Tanjiro do eventually get married and have a family together.

Is Kanao a demon?

No, Kanao is a part of the demon slayer corps.

Is Kanao blind in both eyes?

No, she has complete blindness in her right eye due to overuse of the final form of flower breathing.

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