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Demon Slayer is an amazing anime and when it comes to characters, it ranks at the top of the anime industry. Today we are talking about the lower rank 5 of Demon Slayer.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Rui Demon Slayer. We will know about his powers, age, height, & abilities. We will also look into his personality and appearance.

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Introduction Of Rui


Rui was the primary antagonist of Demon Slayer during the Mount Nataumo Arc. He is a powerful demon from the Twelve Kizuki and he was ranked lower 5 among the twelve most powerful demons.

SpeciesDemon (Lower Rank 5)
Age13 (Physically)
30 (According to Dates)
Height135 cm (4’5″)
Weight30 kg (66 lbs)
Debut In SeriesManga – Chapter 29
Anime – Episode 15
AffiliationTwelve Kizuki
Credits – Fandom


rui appearance

Rui was a small boy of small size and a very small body. His skin was pale white there were red dots in numerous areas on his face just above the eyes.

This is where the eyebrows are supposed to be beneath the left eyelid, extending over his nose, and then a vertical line that ran along the right cheek. 

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His hair seemed light and had an eerie resemblance to spider legs. The eye sclera was red while his iris were light blue. 

To hold the rank of Lower Rank Five Rui was able to wear the Kanji Lower Level and Five on the left side of his eye indicating his rank as a Lower Rank Five.

The man wore a black large kimono with spider webs inscribed on the sleeves as well as the length of the hem.

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It also featured an open collar that was decorated with dots that resembled the same markings as his visage. The kimono also had a simple white Juban under it and was wearing bare feet. His nails were the exact shade as the eyelashes.

Rui's human form

As a human being, he had normal black hair, styled in the exact spider-leg hairstyle, and sparkling blue eyes. He greatly resembled his father, who was a human. He was wearing identical white clothing, but it is very unassuming. He was wearing it with an uninteresting dull red haori and wooden sandals.


Personality of Rui

In general, Rui was a quasi-calm and courteous person, never speaking up or addressing anyone regardless of whether it was the demon or Demon Slayer, with an acceptable tone and a decent vocabulary, even though his weak and guttural manner of speaking appears to suggest the repression of anger and anger. 

Rui is an extremely troubled person who wanted the close bonds family members had, and who expected family members to play their duties. 

While he did long for a “family” however, his notion of one was completely distorted and based on nothing more than the fear of himself that he instilled by repeated abuse of the other members of his family and exhibited with uncompromising sadness. 

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Be aware of his incredible strength, the man was harsh and dictatorial, with no hesitation in shaming others or even killing those in his “family” by tying them up and allowing them to burn under the sun whenever they act against his will. 

blood demon art

Rui was extremely sensitive to the topic of family and was enraged at the time Tanjiro made a point of the evident toxic bonds that were formed between Rui and his “family.” This unorthodox behavior was further evidence of Rui’s delusions mental ills and emotionally unstable.


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Abilities of Lower rank 5

General Abilities Being part of the Twelve Kizuki, Rui was one of the strongest demons that were in existence. 

Rui’s strength was well above those of other demons because he was capable of overcoming and cohering many demons from the mountain of Natagumo and obliging them to join the demon and join their family. 

His strength was also demonstrated by his ability to easily take on skilled fighters such as Tanjiro. In addition, those possessed by his blood were powerful enough to kill hundreds of Demon Slayers effortlessly. 

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In the end, Rui’s strength was not as powerful as that of Hashira who was able to make his method of fighting easily defeated, and later decapitated easily in the hands of Giyu Tomioka. 

In the databook that was the second, it was shown that, even though Rui was one of the demons in 20 years of his life, the demon was believed to be extremely skilled and loved by Muzan his own. 

It was also revealed that Rui was just as skilled as Lower Rank One and Two, but was not enthralled by numbers and didn’t have the desire to participate in a Blood Battle with them in the hope of replacing them. 

Muzan even went so high as to believe that Rui could take on Hashira on his own despite being a lower rank. 

The report also said that If Rui could have regained all the power that he shared with his “family” and his “family,” he might be a suitable partner for Hashira and may be stronger than the Hashira.

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Enhanced durability: Rui possessed a body that was extremely tough and tough to cut evenly over the toughness of lesser demons. Tanjiro observed the fact that Rui’s skin was more durable than the skin of his ” Father” as well as capable of surviving attacks from the Nichirin sword. Rui even acknowledges that the toughness of his skin was far superior to the strength that his threads. Rui’s neck is so strong that Tanjiro could not even scratch a hole into it even with his damaged Nichirin Sword. 

High Strength Rui was able to display incredible strength, being capable of easily overcoming Tanjiro simply by kicking his opponent, throwing Rui into the sky or over an enormous distance, seemingly without effort, and causing him to be swollen with every punch.

Menacing aura of rui demon slayer

Menacing Aura:  Rui had an aura that made the air feel heavy and thick with a mere glance. 

Power distribution: Rui had the power to distribute his strength or the appearance of other demonic creatures if they were to drink his blood of his. The procedure was extremely painful for the demon and required their faces to be cut off to make the change. 

After the transfer is completed the demon would gain an appearance that is similar to Rui’s, sporting light white skin with red marks. Sometimes, they also acquire spider-like traits, like the older Brother Spider Demon and Father Spider Demon. 

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Rui can also offer them his Blood Demon Art by way of a spider must take in. If Rui was defeated before the other members of his “family” the other demons who received a part of his power will not be able to make use of the Blood Demon Art he bestowed on them.

Endurance and stamina in unlimited amounts: Like all demons, Rui possessed infinite stamina and endurance, never becoming exhausted or feeling discomfort. 

This was evident by his refusal to flinch anyway whenever Nezuko Kamado attacked his face, making him bleed profusely. Rui did not display any sign of pain when he cut himself off or when Giyu killed him.

Fighting Style

Blood Demon Art

rui's blood demon art

Thread Manipulation 

Rui’s Blood Demon Art allowed him to make thin threads that were indiscernible using the strings of his cells, and alter them as he liked. The threads were usually extended by his fingers as an artist or puppeteer. 

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Because of his body’s toughness, those threads Rui manipulates were extremely long-lasting and sharp, capable of cutting, as well as Nichirin Swords and preventing attacks from them too. Rui can further increase their durability and strength by injecting his blood into them which gives the threads a blood-red hue.

Rui showed incredible skill when using his threads to serve the purpose of combat, using the power of the surrounding environment to create an array of string attacks or using unavoidable web-based techniques to entrap and cut his adversaries into pieces.


Rui demon slayer
  • Cutting Thread Cage  — Rui creates a web of string that completely covers his adversaries to cut them into pieces.
  • Eye of Murder Basket  — Rui creates a spherical enclosure made of his threads around the object, which continues to shrink until it cut the target into pieces.
  • Cutting Thread Rotation  — Rui creates a spinning wheel of threads that once it is at the target, will tear them into pieces.


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Weaknesses of Rui

So till now all we discussed were the strengths and blood demon arts of Rui which were strong enough to make him one of the lower six moon but with these he also had some serious weakness which limited his growth.

He never made it to the upper six because at the end of the day he was so infatuated with his name believe family that he never left the forest and always tried to make his family which he made it out of his victims endure.

All this feelings stem from his regrets as a human and because of these gestures he was never able to focus in his fight against Tanjiro since whenever Nezuko was helping him, he felt the absence of his own family and became jealous of Tanjiro.

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Moreover he never really put in any effort in making himself stronger and it was this weakness than led him to bring swaddled by Muzan and becoming a demon in the first place. He was eventually defeated by the Hashiras which only prove how weak he really was.

He also tried to gain favours from Muzan which proves his low mettle and how at the end of the day he doesn’t want to struggle and simply wants to continue living in his bubble. For these reasons despite being stronger than the average demon, he could never become an Upper Moon.

Final Words

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