Who is Biwa Demon Nakime In Demon Slayer? Explained

Demons are the main antagonists in Demon Slayer Anime and Manga. These Minions of Muzan come in all shapes and sizes. Some were so strong that even a Hashira was no match for them as seen by Akaza killing Rengoku.

While some are rather pathetically weak that even a trainee Tanjiro could defeat them. While some other demons have been rather underrated and rarely mentioned. One of them is the Biwa Demon Nakime.

She has been seen multiple times throughout the anime but hasn’t played much of a role yet. So today at MyAnimeGuru we are gonna learn more about this demon who is perhaps Muzan’s closest aide.

Who is the Biwa Demon Nakime?

Biwa demon Nakime is a rather mysterious character but today we gonna explore everything about her.


Biwa demon Nakime

Nakime is a sullen-looking pale woman who is seen playing a traditional Japanese Biwa instrument and is often seen alongside Muzan in the Infinity castle.

She is very loyal to Muzan and seems to always occupy the Infinity castle, unlike other demons who have their base of operations. This makes her one of the closest aides to Muzan.

She is also the creator of the Infinity Castle and is also its owner and responsible for transporting the various demons to the castle when Muzan demands it making her act as a sort of liaison.

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Normally she doesn’t speak much unless spoken to and maintains a calm demeanor throughout the time she spends with other demons or with Lord Muzan.

She generally covers her face with her hair falling over her eyes which gives her quite a creepy look. It matches the eerie music that she always plays.


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History of Biwa Demon Nakime

Nakime 2

Not much is known about Nakime’s past from the manga itself but according to a story released by the official team, even before becoming a demon, she was a Biwa player. The origins of Biwa demon Nakime go back a century ago.

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Back then Nakime was known as Nakime Otogawa. Around a century ago, she was an up-and-coming Biwa player who was trying to make it big. But her husband was a big gambler.

Just before an important performance, he sold her performance dress because of a debt leaving Nakime enraged. Even though her husband knew how important this performance was for Nakime, he still squandered all their money while even selling her dress.

Nakime couldn’t take it anymore and in her blind rage killed her husband with a hammer. This was the start of a life of death and misery for the Biwa Demon Nakime. She was scared of what would happen to her now but she went on to perform for the Performance anyway.

Since her original dress was sold away, she had no choice but to wear her old and ragged dress to the show. The audience seeing her shabby appearance was not pleased and she was very frightened.

However when she started playing her Biwa, Nakime realised that the sounds were much clear and more beautiful today, and the audience was mesmerised by her performance and she garnered huge praise for that night.

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After that, she made a disturbing habit of killing patrons by luring them into her home and then killing them. She did it before every big performance and surprisingly her sounds just kept getting more and more ethereal after each killing.

Her performances led to her being admired by people more and more and she started growing in fame. Sometime after this another man was lured into her home with the plan of killing him since a big performance was approaching.

However, the target this time was none other than Lord Muzan. Impressed by her passion and drive to do anything to achieve her goals, he turned Nakime Otogawa into the Biwa Demon Nakime.

Nakime then proved herself to Muzan with her searching and recon skills and gradually over a century became one of the closest aides and most loyal servants of Muzan.

Her unique Blood demon arts were especially beneficial to Muzan, since now he got a Hide-out and base of operations that will be completely hidden from the eyes of the demon slayer corps.

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nakime, Kokushibo
Biwa demon Nakime and Upper Moon One

Biwa demon Nakime makes her first appearance when after the death of lower moon Five, Muzan summons all the other lower moons to the infinity castle. Since Nakime has the entire control of the castle she summons all the remaining five lower moons.

These were EmmuRokuroWakurabaMukago, and finally Kamanue. Once all the members were gathered she transported them to a platform in front of her where Muzan was sitting disguised.

After making his dissatisfaction with the lower moons clear, he started killing them all.

All through this Nakime was simply sitting and observing. This proves that she doesn’t care about anyone else except Muzan. She is also very emotionless.

After Emmu is spared, she transports Muzan to the top of the castle on a balcony while also transporting Emmu to some unknown town.

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The next time we see Biwa Demon Nakime is when the Upper Moon Six are killed. Since an Upper moon was killed for the first time in 113 years, Muzan summons all of the upper moons – Kokushibo, Doma, Akaza, Gyokko and Hatengu.

Muzan confronts them about their inability to acquire either the Blue Spider lily or the residence of Kagaya Ubuyashiki. After giving new commands to them, Nakime transports all of them to their destinations.

Nakime also seems to be rather aloof and uncaring of the other members of the upper moon since when Upper Two, Doma asks her to visit his palace, she flatly says no and instead transports him back to the palace.

After the defeat of Hantengu, Biwa demon Nakime becomes the new Upper Moon Four and now wears her hair short that reveals a single giant eye at the centre of her face which says Upper Four.

Upper 4
Nakime as Upper Moon Four

She is also able to use small eyes like familiars which must have been the result of getting more blood from Muzan. Muzan expresses his pleasure for Nakime finding out about the hidden residence of Ubayashiki.

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Biwa Demon Nakime transports Muzan to the residence of the Ubayashiki in order to kill him but after he dies and the demon slayer corps try to ambush him, Nakime transports them all to the Infinity castle.

After this, an all-out brawl between the Upper Moons and Muzan against the Hashira and demon slayers breaks out. Mitsuri and Obanai are the ones who battle Biwa demon Nakime but are largely unsuccessful at dealing her any damage due to her manipulation of the space of the Infinity castle.

As the battle is getting intense, all the upper moon except Nakime eventually gets defeated. Finally, Yushiro is able to place the seal on Nakime’s eyes and takes control of her mind thus being able to use the powers of infinity castle with the help of Demon Slayers.

Yushiro controlling Nakime

Muzan tries to take back the control of Biwa demon Nakime but fighting multiple Hashira and wrestling for the control of the mind of Nakime makes him desperate and in the end, he crushes Nakime’s head thus also destroying the Infinity castle.

Yushiro seeing Nakime’s body was yet to disintegrate somehow managed to lead the structure to the surface and prevent the castle from falling apart. and thus the last of the upper moon, Biwa demon Nakime also died.

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She was 113 years old at the time of her death as revealed in the official data book.


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Powers and Abilities

Blood Demon Arts – Despite not being much strong in terms of fighting ability, it is without a doubt that Biwa demon Nakime is one of the strongest demons in demon slayer.

She is able to make a huge alternate-dimensional castle and fully control its dimensions and various parts while having complete control over the space inside the structure is simply exemplary.

She also has the power to teleport anywhere using the portals in terms of gates which she uses in the form of Biwa Strums.

She can also use the various structures like staircases rooms and other things present inside the infinity castle as weapons by smashing them against the demon slayers.

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Eye detachments – One of her most crucial and powerful abilities is the ability to make small eye-like detachments that she controls as familiars and which allows her to spy on anyone, anywhere.

So great were these abilities that she was able to discover the hidden location of the Ubayashiki residence which had been undetected by all demons and most of the demon slayer corps themselves for centuries.

As a testament to her strength in recon work, Muzan himself praised her and promoted her to the position of the Upper Moon Four.

Immense Speed and reflexes – Despite lacking pure combat power, she is still pretty formidable considering that she is still a high-level demon who is blindingly fast as well has lightning-quick reflexes.

We see evidence of it when even the Love Hashira and Serpent Hashira are unable to deal damage to her.

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So in this article, we thoroughly discussed the powers, abilities, and battles as well as the origin story of the Biwa Demon Nakime from demon slayer. If you want to read more such articles on your fav as well as underrated characters from your fav ani-manga, stay connected.

FAQ section

Why was Nakime killed by Muzan?

Muzan Kibutsuji then tries to take back control but realises he can’t while fighting the Hashira at the same time and decides to kill Nakime by destroying her head.

Does Nakime love Muzan?

Unlike other demons, she shows herself to be genuinely loyal to Muzan and obeys his orders without hesitation or question.

Who is Muzan’s biggest fear?

The warrior Muzan feared was a swordsman named Yoriichi Tsugikuni. Yoriichi was the only slayer before Tanjiro who came close to killing Muzan.
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