Nezuko Demon Form Explained

I don’t need to tell much about Demon Slayer anime because of its popularity in current, no cap the fans are craving for the further seasons. I’m sure Demon Slayer got its most fans from its sentimental storyline and fantastic animated fights.

Nezuko is one of the main protagonists and the main reason for the continuation of Tanjiro’s journey as a Demon Slayer. If Nezuko would die in the first episode itself, there is no anime called Demon Slayer. From this, we can understand how important Nezuko’s role is.

MyAnimeGuru brings you the only article you’ll need about “Nezuko Demon Form” in Demon Slayer including all her unique powers, abilities, and more. So stick around if you want to get to know more about the riveting character.

Nezuko’s Demon Form

Let’s see about Nezuko’s history, abilities, and special abilities including “Nezuko demon form” in this article. So without wasting time let’s dive into it.

History of Nezuko

nezuko normal form

Most of the character’s backstory in Demon Slayer is a very disastrous one. Like that Nezuko’s history is tragic. One day Tanjiro went out to sell some coal pieces but unfortunately, he returned home late at night an old man stopped him and asked Tanjiro to stay with him.

After daybreak, he left his place and went to his home, he encountered a shocking view from his doorstep. All five siblings expect Nezuko has die including his mother without wasting time he carries Nezuko to a Doctor but on the way, Tanjiro finds that his sister Nezuko has changed into a Demon.

Later he came to know more details about demons and found out that Muzan Kibutsuji, who is the head of all demons and 12 Kizukis had killed his family. To transform his sister Nezuko and avenge his family Tanjiro was on a journey to kill Muzan.

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Then Urokodaki, a former demon slayer trained Nezuko to control her urges for human blood and taught her to protect humans from demons. Then after some episodes, while fighting with Gyutaro and Daki, an upper demon Nezuko’s demon form also called a fully awakened form is revealed.


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Abilities of Nezuko’s Demon Form

nezuko demon form

Even with a little blood of Muzan, Nezuko surpasses an upper-class demon. In the first few episodes, we think that she may be weak like other demon members but during the fight with Daki, Nezuko’s Demon Form (Advanced Demon Form) is revealed.

As a chosen demon, Nezuko possesses various perks like physical capabilities, increasing healing and regeneration and even using her Blood Demon Art in correct situations. What truly makes Nezuko unique from other demons is her tolerance to sunlight.

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Enhanced Physical Abilities: We can see Nezuko’s notable strength and agility increase in her battle time and she can even shirk or make her as an adult in situations needed. Unlike other demons Nezuko doesn’t need human flesh or blood for survival, she just needs some sleep throughout the day for her necessary survival.

Incredible Kicks: Another notable thing in Nezuko’s demon form and fighting style is her powerful and demolishing kicks. We can notice Nezuko uses her legs more than her hands while battling which shows the incredible powers in her legs.

While in the battle between Tanjiro and Susamaru, Nezuko kicks her Temari back which is impossible for any demon without consuming human blood and flesh. In another instance Nezuko thrushes and crushes Daki in the Entertainment District Arc with her legs. By judging we can say Nezuko’s Demon form kicks are deadly. So aware of them!

Abnormal Demon Physiology: The only thing that makes us love Nezuko is the unique demonic traits that set her apart from other demons. After Nezuko’s demon form, Nezuko goes to sleep to restore energy and stamina for the next battle but other demons consume humans for their energy.

Nezuko has shown an immersed growth throughout the series by only just sleeping and her unique personality to save and love humans shows her abnormal demon physiology.

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Size Alteration: Nezuko can even turn into a cute baby and a hot adult demon. Nezuko uses this ability to shirk her body to fit inside the small box that is carried by Tanjiro throughout the series. It is not a unique ability of demons most upper-rank demons possess this ability.

Abilities in Nezuko’s Awakened Demon Form

Nezuko's awakened demon form

When Tanjiro and her allies are in danger Nezuko uses her Awakened demon form which pushes her limits apart and is equal to an upper-class demon. Her appearance changes as an adult and a single horn grows on her forehead, her body becomes covered in vine-like tattoos. Her physical strength and regeneration abilities are also greatly enhanced in this form.

Superior Regeneration: In Nezuko’s Awakened Demon form her regeneration is cool and makes other demons’ mouths open. If her legs or hands are severed it just regenerates in a fraction of seconds. And even an upper-class demon doesn’t regenerate fast as Nezuko and this is only possible in Nezuko’s Awakened Demon form.

Blood Control or manipulation: Nezuko is great at controlling her blood because she uses it for her regenerative purposes and in her blood demon art. We can see this both in Entertainment District Arc, while fighting with Daki, Nezuko has been severed into pieces by Daki’s belts but Nezuko controls her blood and joins her body again.

Immense Strength: Naturally in Nezuko’s demon form, her strength is great but it turns into a major upgrade in her advanced form. She uses her brute strength on her legs to deliver hard and fast kicks which are enough to destroy a building and a demon’s body.

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Resistance to Sunlight: We have all seen a wonderful scene in the final episode of season 3, Yes Nezuko can tolerate and conquer sunlight which is a unique ability that no other demons including the head of demons Muzan cannot do. This makes Muzan call Nezuko a “Chosen demon”. But prolonged withstand in sunlight makes Nezuko weak and she prefers to avoid it.

Blood Demon Art of Nezuko

Nezuko using blood demon art

Only the 12 Kizuki can use Blood Demon Art but Nezuko possesses this ability by direct injection of Muzan’s Blood into her. By her personality, Nezuko’s blood demon art is deadly and protective too.

Combustible Blood: Nezuko can turn her blood into pink flames whenever ⁠ she wants using her Blood Demon Art. Her flames have a special property that makes them only harmful to demons and ⁠ objects of demon origin while being completely harmless to humans and other objects.

We can see Nezuko use her first Blood Demon Art in the battle of Rui, a lower rank five demon. While Nezuko was trapped in Rui’s Web she allowed her blood to flow on his web and then she used her blood demon art to burn the web. These webs are produced by Rui’s blood demon art which is impossible to cut or sever.

But Nezuko managed to burn it and escape from it. Another unique instance is in Nezuko’s Demon form she spreads some drops of her blood in Tanjiro’s sword and performs her blood to burn which creates an immense power and impact on the blade and Tanjiro’s ability and makes him perform a unique Hinokami Kagura style.

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Also, Nezuko’s blood demon art has cured and prevented Tangen Uzui and Inosuke from dying from Gyutaro’s poison which shows her blood demon art is not only used for battle it is also used for protecting humans.


No doubt, Nezuko was one of the strongest and most unique demons in the series. We have seen the powers, special abilities, and blood demon art of Nezuko in demon form and Nezuko’s Awakened Demon form. We cannot say that she was much more powerful than Muzan but she has some unique abilities that Muzan and other demons don’t.

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Why is Nezuko a special demon?

However, the trait that sets her apart from all other demons is the fact that she can conquer the sun, prompting the Demon King Muzan to call her the “chosen demon”. Abnormal Demon Physiology: As the “chosen demon”.

Why does Nezuko look older than a demon?

Due to her size alteration abilities, Nezuko can change her size/age and appear “mature” in a slightly older form or can even make herself look younger and smaller than a 12-year-old.


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