Who is Reiner Braun In Attack On Titans?

Reiner Braun was the Marleyan Spy and inheritor of the Armored Titan whose mission was to find out the identity of the Founding Titan and bring them back to Marley so that they could use its power. Reiner and Berthlodt were the ones responsible for the Titan Invasion in the Wall Maria and later they joined the Survey Corps.

Today on MyAnimeGuru we will discuss Reiner Braun in detail and discuss his personality, powers, and more.

Introduction Of Reiner Braun

Reiner Braun
NameReiner Braun
BirthdayAugust 1st
RankVice Captain
Titan PowersArmored Titan
Source- Fandom


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Now Let’s Discuss the Physical Appearance of both the human and titan forms of Reiner Braun.

Human form

Reiner Braun

In his Human Form Reiner Braun is fairly taller than his other classmates at 185cm. Rierner used to keep his hair short which is blonde in color. He has a well-defined face and hazel eyes.

When I survey corps we have seen him wearing an olive undershirt and brown cropped survey corps jacket and when not in his uniform he usually wears a dark grey button-up shirt.

After the Time Skip in season 4 Reiner has grown a bit taller at 188cm and has a stubble. His hair has also grown a bit and now he can be seen wearing the Marley military uniform which consists of a white jacket and white pants.


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Armored Titan form

Reiner Braun has the power of the Armored Titan This Titan is 15 meters tall and has plates on top of his muscles which provide extra protection from direct attacks. The only weak spot in his armor is his cheeks, area behind the knee elbows, and feet. His eyes are also protected by white lenses. A unique feature of Reiner’s Titan is his short blonde hair.

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The Armored Titan Also can harden his hands to create sharp claws that can be used in fights or climb vertical structures like walls. His titan is very agile and can move very fast.


As a child, Reiner Braun was a very quiet and loyal kid and had a goal of becoming a warrior so that his father could come back. Later after the death of Marcel he adopted his personality and became assertive and decisive in leading and controlling Annie and Berthholdt. By the time he joined the survey corp, he completely adopted the personality of Marcel.

But under this Facade, he started to develop mental problems. After killing Marco he completely snapped and developed psychological issues and adopted the identity of an Eldian Soldier.

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Early Life

Reiner Braun was born and raised in the Liberio internment zone in Marley. He was born to an Eldian Mother and Marleyan Father. He was not allowed to meet his father as eldians were considered low-class citizens and relations between Marleyans and eldians were forbidden. Reiner decided to become a warrior so that he and his mother could live with his father.

As a Warrior candidate, Reiner was a very weak candidate and the only reason he was selected was that Marcel Schemed and protected his brother Porco and Reiner got selected and inherited the Armored Titan. Here he also meets Marcel, Annie, and Bertholdt and they are sent to a paradise island to recover the Founding Titan. After arriving at the island Marcel was attacked and eaten by Ymir.

After this event, Bertholdt transformed into the Colossal Titan Damaged Wall Maria, and started the titan invasion, and between all the chaos Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner mixed in the crowd and later joined the Survey Corps


Being Part of Survey Corps Reiner Braun is pretty good in using the Vertical Maneuvering Equipment and other anti-titan weapons. He also has the best hand-to-hand combat ability due to his training in the Marleyan Military.

Later After returning home he also received special Training in Arial Attack training in which he learned to parachute out of an airship onto the battlefield.

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Power of the Titans

Reiner also has the power of armored Titan which gives him abilities like

Enhanced Strength: Armored Titan gives Eren immense strength evidenced by his razing through the buildings around him in the Shinganshina District.

Enhanced Speed: Armored Titan is very agile and fast as we can see by moving quickly to avoid getting shot by cannons.

Hardening: Hardening allows Reiner To harden his body part to improve the strength and resistance of that part. This allows him to harden his hands into claws.

Regeneration: This is the best and most OP power of Titan. It allows its user to quickly recover from injuries and even can grow cut limbs back.

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Regeneration Withdrawal: These Abilities allow Reiner to stop the regeneration as it can blow his cover as a spy.

Brain Function Transfer: This is by far the most broken ability of Armored Titan as it removes the only weakness of Titan and allows Reiner to transfer his brain function to Titan and can survive direct hits on his nape.


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Reiner Braun

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