Top 15 Best Pokemon Female Characters (Ranked)

How many of you guys wish to enter the Pokemon world? Most of us, right? Yeah, this anime is the only anime that influenced most of our childhood. In the series, the female characters are really overpowered and overloaded with cuteness. They got their big powerful Pokemons trained to defeat some trainers.

So, We at MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 15 Best Pokemon Female Characters (Ranked). Mostly Ash was accompanied by female characters and some of them try to steal the spotlight from him. But no one can defeat or take his position.

Most of the trainers including female trainers would like to shine among the community and stand as the best. Do you want to know who is the best female character? Read this article to know!

Best Pokemon Female Characters

let’s see the list of Top 15 Best Pokemon Female Characters (Ranked).

15) Officer Jenny

Officer jenny will speak against crime

Every world of anime has some kinda protection but in the Pokemon world, our Officer Jenny is the protection of every city in Pokemon. She is responsible for protecting the cities from crimes such as Pokemon thefts, dangerous experiments, etc…

But the fun fact is she appears after every incident is finished and every enemy got defeated, lol. Every Officer was accompanied by their Pokemon called Growlithe which is a fire-type Pokemon. The mystery is how Officer Jenny looks identical in every city.

14) Dawn

Top Coordinator, will she?

Dawn is an enthusiast about becoming a top Pokemon Coordinator. She is introduced as a travel companion of Ash and Brock in the Sinnoh region. She was cute when she removes her cap, her hair is really beautiful and charming. She is fashionable and enjoys dressing up in different outfits in contests.

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If you see her in Pokemon Contests, I’m sure you gonna like her. Despite of a coordinator, she took care of Ash on his journeys and motivate him a lot in battles. Her startup Pokemon is Piplup and she catches a lot of Pokemon. Will she become a Top coordinator?

13) Chloe

Friend of Goh

Chloe is introduced as a friend of Goh and the daughter of Professor Cerise in the Galar region. Ash worked as a researcher while pursuing his dream. She is a very intelligent and level-headed person with more knowledge of Pokemon research and is the best female character.

She has a mystery Eevee which can use all abilities of other evolved Eevees. She got inspired by Ash’s Journey and dream, so she undertake the journey to become the best Pokemon researcher in the world, Will she become?

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12) Iris

Dragon Affection

As an aficionado of Dragon-type Pokemon and pursuing her dream of becoming the best Dragon-type Pokemon trainer. She has a very energetic character and personality who constantly cares and motivates Ash in his battles.

She Joins Ash in the Unnova region and throughout the series she encounters various Dargon-type Pokemon like Excadril, Dargonite, etc… She has her own Dargonite and performs a unique ability called Dragonite’s Secret which allows her to communicate deeper with dragon type pokemon.


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11) Lana

Water type collector

If you have watched Pokemon Sun and Moon series you should know her. She is a Water-type Pokemon trainer and a student of the Pokemon School located in the Alola Region. She has a great interest in water-type Pokemons and is often seen exploring water bodies such as lakes, and rivers.

She has a Popplio and at an incident, it evolves as a Primarina unexpectedly to save her. She reveals and defeated a big mystery Pokemon found in the water at the Alola region. She is one of the friends of ash and the best female character in the series.

10) Bea

Martial arts and karate trainer too..

She is a prodigy in karate and a rival of Ash. She has defeated Ash a single time in a gym battle and she hates losing. She has developed her strong personality since her childhood and her communication and sync with her Pokemon is mind-blowing.

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She conceals her emotions to battle strong and hard and often her Pokemon uses physical battles. As a fighting-type Pokemon trainer, she has a lot of fighting-type Pokemon which allows her to push and sync with her in battles. Her stoic personality and strength mark her as the best female character in the series.

9) Misty

Loved character

Misty is one of the most loved and best female characters in the Pokemon Series. Her intro to Ash is different and funny. For an emergency, Ash borrows her bicycle and destroyed it, so she joins him until he repairs her bicycle, lol. She is cute and hot in her costume which is damn fashionable.

Misty has a stubborn character but she took utmost care of Ash and demonstrates strong loyalty and protectiveness towards Ash. She is a kinda short temper and often scolds Ash and Brock for their reckless behaviors. She is a Water type trainer and she has a special cameo in the Alola series.

8) Korrina

mega of Lucario

Korrina is the core reason for the mega-evolution of Ash’s Lucario. She is on a quest to find mega stones which is responsible for the mega evolution. At a battle, Ash got inspired by Korrina’s Lucario mega-evolution which is awesome.

She helps Ash to get Lucrio’s mega stone and his keystone. She wears skate shoes to showcase her speedy moves and incredible strength. She has an important role in the storyline of the Pokemon X Y series though she is the best female character in the series.

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7) Nurse Joy

Beautiful nurses

Here comes the beautiful caretaker of the Pokemon series, the one and only Nurse Joy. As her name defines she has a joyful character and she took total responsibility for curing and caring for Pokemons within her in the Pokemon Centre.

She is recognized by her mesmerizing pink hair and her nurse uniform. Her generation is dedicated to serving as a nurse for the Pokemon, this is the reason why all Pokemon centers have identical nurse Joys. She plays a vital and iconic character in the series so she is the best female character in the series.

6) May

Best Pokemon Female Characters

May is a beginner trainer in the Hoenn region throughout the series she is the only character who interacted with all seasons’ female characters in contests and battles. As I said contest, you shall know she is a Pokemon Coordinator and possesses a dream to become a great Pokemon Coordinator.

She has given Torchic as her startup Pokemon and it evolved into a Blaziken. I personally like this Pokemon and its mega evolution. She, her brother Max, Ash, and Brock travel together in the Hoenn region which is a wholesome and mind-calling to watch, and is the best female character in the series.

5) Diantha

Actress Daintha

A beautiful Actress and Champion of the Kalos region Pokemon League. She is one of the rivals of Ash and an expert in handling a diverse range of Pokemon types. She is known for her elegance, beauty, and balance in both her career and battle.

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Diantha’s favorite Pokemon is Gardeviour which is a Psychic and Fairy-type Pokemon. It has such a powerful Aura and her battling style as she doesn’t give any commands verbally, she just pass command via her mind. All these show us she deserves one of the best female characters in the series.

4) Lillie

My beauty Lillie

Lille, from the name itself we can find she is such a beautiful girl but beautiful girls are introverted and shy. She has a great fear of touching the Pokemon physically this was due to her trauma by a beast Pokemon. I wish that she and Ash have some relationship, it would be great.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t happen. The Pokemon she first touched is Nebby which is ultra beast Pokemon and maintained a strong bond with it. Her fashion sense is great and her white-themed combination makes her like an angel. She has a strong role in the Alola series and is the best female character.

3) Jessie

Team Rocket

Those who haven’t watched the Pokemon series know her because of her style and the organization she is in. She belongs to Team Rocket which is an evil organization that has the motive of performing bad experiments with Pokemon.

She and her team are the only people we can constantly see in every 4 or 5 episodes. And she confronts and threatens Ash to surrender his Pikachu. The Fun fact is every time they try to capture Pikachu they got their ass kicked by our MC and other characters and one of the best female characters in the series.

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2) Cynthia

Waifu Cynthia

Cynthia is the most powerful female Pokemon Trainer in the series and the top third strongest Pokemon Trainer. She is introduced as a recurring character in the series by helping Ash and his friends in some situations.

Later she returns as one of the top eight Pokemon trainers in the world which makes the audience mind-blowing. She has her favorite Pokemon as Garchomp but Ash defeated her in the Champion League. Her charming hair and her fashion also make her the best female character on this list.

1) Serena

queen of ash

Here comes the future wife and girlfriend of Ash, just kidding! it’s just a crush on both of them but they are still not expressed. She has a great fashion sense and I’m not joking she is damn beautiful with her long hair. But she cut it for some reason to become the best coordinator in the world she trains a lot.

If someone in both proposed it would be great but unfortunately they got separated at the end of the X and Y series. In journeys she appeared for one time in content, they met each other but nothing happened at all. It is a great disappointment for the viewers. All these shows she deserves the first on this list.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 15 Best Pokemon Female Characters (Ranked). All these characters show us how much they care and love others and play the best female character role in the series. Every character in this list is Iconic and their battle style and attitude differ and this makes the fans easily fall in love with them.

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FAQ Section

Who is the most popular Waifu in Pokémon?

Cynthia has been one of the most iconic trainers in the franchise for a long time. She is not only the champion of the Sinnoh region, but also one of the most powerful trainers in the world. Beautiful and highly skilled, Cynthia can truly do it all which makes her the best female character and waifu.

Who is Ash’s wife?

Serena is Ash’s True Love in the Pokémon Anime, Not Misty, and the best female character. Serena is unique among Ash’s female traveling companions in that it’s revealed she met Ash before the series when the two were young children; he helped her at a summer camp after she injured herself. Throughout XY and XYZ, it is made very clear that Serena has a crush on him.

Who kissed Ash first?

It is Bianca for sure. Her hat was still at home next to the painting that she took with her. She didn’t take the hat and the girl that kissed Ash did not wear a hat. She had a painting so she might want to confuse Ash and let him find out himself that it was Bianca kissing him

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