15+ Best Anime Poses Of All Time (Ranked)

Welcome to the fascinating world of anime, where imagination and emotions came through illusions and dynamic characters in the anime. Only do emotions come along? No, the action of the character and the iconic poses of them inspired us to do the same, isn’t it?

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the 15+ Best Anime Poses Of All Time (Ranked). These poses show the breathtaking heroism of the characters through intense combat and their body aerobics.

Mostly these possess a unique ability to capture the fans and make them do the same and this has been practiced back long years ago. With the help of this article, we got a chance to revisit them.

Best Anime Poses Of All Time

So let’s look at the list of 15+ Best Anime Poses Of All Time (Ranked).

16) Yuno Gasai’s Yandere Face – Mirai Nikki

amazing and seductive

One of the most iconic poses belongs to the only character none other than Yuno Gasai. This pose shivers the viewers and this makes her an unforgettable character.

In this pose, her eyes widen with amazing intensity and her pupils dilate and her smile becomes evil. Although her position of her is kinda cute and seemingly harmless and this pose become popular through memes and the wide recognition of the anime.

15) Saitama Is Confused – One Punch Man

confused saitamna

‘One Punch Man’s’ Saitama, who possesses unbelievable strength and an unmatched level of power, offers us an unforgettable and amusing anime posture. Capturing his character’s essence, this particular expression adds an amusing touch to his invincible demeanor.

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The confused pose of Saitama exhibits his bald head, confused expression, and wide eyes. His confusion in different scenarios is conveyed perfectly. When he was faced with a challenging puzzle, an odd encounter, this pose showcases the humorous character of Saitama

14) The Ginyu Force – Dragon Ball Z

The Ginyu Force

When it comes to old memorable bliss poses, the Ginyu Force pose come to our mind because their pose is attractive and easily emulated by the fans.

The five warriors of the Ginyu Force leave their mark with their charismatic and theatrical poses. Each member performs a unique and stylized stance or position, showing their individuality and maintaining the team’s iconic value.

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The fans love doing this pose while cosplaying and in other anime cultural events, which makes this one of the best anime poses of all time.

13) The Guts Armor Crouch – Berserk

Best Anime Poses Of All Time

What if an iconic manga is in a list of iconic anime poses? Yeah! The manga is Berserk and it is known for its stunning artwork and amazing storyline, the formidable protagonist Guts of this anime performs a crouch position after acquiring his valuable armor.

The position shows his strength and massive power, and his way of holding the massive sword leaves this pose speechless.

12) The Fusion Dance – Dragon Ball Z

the fusion dance

Here comes another iconic pose from Dragon Ball Z, this pose shows the symbol of unity and friendship within the series. Because this pose resulted in the transformation of two individuals into a single powerful warrior.

This technique is mostly performed by Goku and Vegeta in the series to merge their bodies and abilities, which creates a being with supernatural strength.

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Mostly, not only do Dragon Ball Z fans like to do this pose. No, it can be done by any group of friends while cosplaying. And this makes it one of the best anime poses of all time.

11) The Back Breaking Dio Bend – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

breaking pose

How ironic is a pose done by an iconic villain? This pose is done by the iconic antagonist Dio Brando. This pose is done by him to showcase his strength and confidence of him in his own body and charisma.

The arch in his back is both unnatural and menacing. The twisting and elongation of his limbs often emphasize his otherworldly presence and supernatural powers. This stance depicts Dio’s power and his defiance of natural laws in a strikingly visual manner.

10) “Kon.” – Chainsaw Man

KON the devil

Kon is a small and aggressive devil who is playful and unpredictable. Aki used to spawn him by saying his name while he rises his index finger to his lips, which makes a distinctive and adorable pose.

Most of the fans cosplay like him and perform this pose and use the VFX to add the virtual Kon which is mindblowing and speculating.

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9) Gojo’s Domain Expansion – Jujutsu Kaisen

Yowai MO!

This pose is a little bit similar to the previous one ‘Kon’ because the position is similar and the purpose of it is also similar. This pose is done by Gojo Satoru in Jujutsu Kaisen to perform a powerful technique called Domain Expansion.

It creates a barrier over several kilometers which acts as both offensive and defensive. He raises his hand with two fingers wide open and exposing his aesthetic intense blue eyes, he could do this technique

This pose is on another level while it is done in cosplaying and can be also used in VFX to transform into a real cinematic picture.


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8) The Ken Kaneki Knuckle Crack – Tokyo Ghoul

Knuckle crack

The tortured protagonist Ken Kaneki has an iconic pose that is both chilling and memorable in anime. The Ken Kaneki Knuckle Crack posture is now a recognizable emblem of his metamorphosis, internal struggles, and progressive decline.

Preparing for battle or embracing his monstrous side prompts Kaneki, to do the Ken Kaneki Knuckle Crack pose. His hands with clenched fists often wrapped in bandages and audible cracks coming from his knuckles make him easily recognizable.

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This pose signifies both his efforts to command his newfound strength and the release of long-suppressed emotions like anger and frustration.

7) Chidori Or Rasengan, You Pick! – Naruto Shippuden


The choice between the Chidori and Rasengan is quite hard because both are the most iconic powers in the anime series. In a battle between Naruto and Sasuke, the amazing pose is displayed as an amazing fight between two rivals.

The Chidori belongs to Sasuke which is an electrifying and lightning-based Jutsu and the Rasengan is a total nature base Jutsu which doesn’t require any hand signs belonging to Naruto. Moreover, it was an amazing fight with an iconic pose in it.

6) Super Saiyan Power Up – Dragon Ball Z

Power UP

When you talk about legendary anime poses, one that stands out is Dragon Ball Z’s iconic Super Saiyan Power-Up. The electrifying transformation depicts just how powerful and energetic this warrior race can be – something that always gets fans excited.

The Super Saiyan Power-Up is a significant event in the series where Saiyan unlocks their dormant abilities and experiences an incredible transformation. The character’s hair stands up and shifts to a vibrant golden shade, while their eyes turn piercing blue or green with an amazing aura.

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This is one of the most iconic and best anime poses of all time because of its rage and energized position with amazing power.

5) Hinokami Kagura- Demon Slayer

Halo dragon Dance

Hinokami Kagura is an ancient fire dancing method used by Tanjiro’s father to gain strength and to praise the fire god. This method is passed on by Tanjiro’s family, which can be achieved by intense training and protecting humanity from demons.

The visual play of Hinokami Kagura is truly remarkable because while Tanjiro fighting with an upper-rank demon he used this technique while doing this his body emanates a vibrant red aura and his fire is released from his sword.

While doing this, he swings his sword in an upward direction which makes an iconic pose in the entire demon slayer series.

4) L’s Sitting Pose – Death Note

Calm and observed

It is one of the most iconic and easily recognizable poses of the enigmatic detective known as ‘L’. He hunches over with the help of his knees pulled close to his chest balancing with his heels.

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This pose indicates his relaxed demeanor, giving an expression to control any situation. Beyond its visual impact, it has become an iconic pose within the “Death Note” fandom.

3) The Survey Corps Salute – Attack On Titan

 Shinzo wo Sasageyo!

Amongst all other anime poses in Attack on Titan, none are quite as symbolic or powerful as The Survey Corps Salute. The members of the Survey Corps’ courage and sacrifice are represented by this gesture in their fight against the Titans.

The act of raising one’s right hand towards their forehead and extending their palm outward defines what we know as The Survey Corps Salute. The soldiers make this gesture while chanting the words Shinzo wo Sasageyo!, which symbolizes their unity and determination.

2) Luffy’s Second Gear Pose – One piece

second gear

Luffy is known for pushing his body beyond his limits and for the way his Second gear pose makes him more significant. He bends his knees and punches his fists toward the ground activating his second gear.

This allows him to increase his speed and power by pumping his blood at its maximum speed and the steam over him makes it a more iconic pose in the entire anime verse.

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Most fans would love to perform this pose while cosplaying which is more attractive and makes it one of the best anime poses of all time.


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1) Kamehameha! – Dragon Ball Z

Kamehameha yahhh

This pose is known by all anime fans, no doubt. It is the reason it acquires the 1st position on this list. The Kamehameha! is a powerful energy wave technique developed by the martial arts master, Master Roshi, and passed down to his disciples, including Goku.

This pose can be done by cupping both hands, drawing the energy between them, and pushing them forward with a shout of the word Kamehameha! It ejects a powerful devastating blue energy which has a heavy impact.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 15+ Best Anime Poses Of All Time (Ranked). All these poses show us how much of their uniqueness and powers. Every pose is Iconic and this makes the fans easily fall in love with them.

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FAQ Section

Are there specific poses that are commonly used in certain anime genres?

Yes, certain genres often feature specific poses. For example, action anime may have intense combat poses, while sports anime may showcase dynamic athletic poses.

What are the key elements of a visually appealing anime pose?

Visually appealing anime poses have a sense of balance, symmetry, and flow. They convey emotion, display confident body language, and capture the essence of the character’s personality or role.

Are there any famous anime characters known for their unique poses?

Yes, many famous anime characters have unique poses associated with them. For example, Naruto Uzumaki from “Naruto” has his signature “Naruto Run,” while Goku from “Dragon Ball” is often depicted in his iconic “Kamehameha” pose.

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