Top 20 Best Anime Waifu Of All Time (Ranked)

The anime community adores the various characters that have made their viewing experience enjoyable and worth their time.

These may be the cool Shounen heroes who are viewed by boys for their strength and bravery or they may be the Shoujo Heroines who are inspirations for girls.

Among such admiration stands stand the Waifus. Waifu simply means a viewer’s ideal life mate, often a female character with desirable characteristics such as beauty, intelligence, and more.

But how will you decide, of the hundreds of girls who are the best anime Waifu? Well at MyAnimeGuru we have curated a list of the Top 20 Best Anime Waifu (Ranked) so that you’ll discover your ideal character to follow.

So without wasting any time, let’s start our list.

List of Top 20 best anime Waifu

This list will be based on the overall likeability of the character, how much screen time they have got and of course how pretty they are. so let’s start

20. Zero Two

Zero two

Zero Two is one of the most popular Waifu in the Anime world. She is the female lead of Darling in the Franxx. She is equal parts cute and equal parts crazy.

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From her funny moments of joking and having fun to her crazy battle power, she is the total package. She is utterly loyal to Hiro. She is the life of the anime and without a doubt one of the only right things in an anime otherwise full of issues.

She is without a doubt one of the best Anime Waifu.

19. Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka

One of the main three heroines of the Fate series, she is one of the participants of the holy grail war and thus packs plenty of strength. She is great at magic and is the master of the servant Archer. Having a deep sense of honor for her family name, she will go to any length to protect it.

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She is the textbook definition of a Tsundere and while she pretends that she doesn’t care, in reality, she is a very thoughtful and caring person. Her Banters with Shiro are hilarious and while they generally argue a lot, she always got his back.

One of the best anime Waifu easily.

18. Holo the Wise wold


The partner of protagonist Lawrence, Holo is a wolf spirit and more than 5 centuries old but despite that in her human form has the appearance of a cute 15-year-old. She always likes fun at Lawrence for his negotiating skills but cares about him deeply.

She is cheerful and fun-loving but also a workaholic and loves late-night drinking which often follows a day of nothing but work. Despite her youthful appearance, Holo is full of wisdom and is very smart and empathetic.

One of the best anime Waifu and certainly one of the nicest ones.

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17. Chika Fujiwara


Chika is one of the protagonists of the Kaguya-Sama series. She is extremely cheerful and is always having fun and joking. However, despite her laid-back personality, she is extremely smart and multi-talented in music and arts.

She is a romantic at heart and wears her heart at her sleeve as the complete opposite of Kaguya, who is reserved and doesn’t show her emotions and thus plays the perfect friend for her.

Chika is friendly and goes to extreme lengths to make sure her friends are happy. All in all, one of the nicest and best anime Waifu.

16. Marin Kitagawa


One of 2022’s most popular Waifus, Marin is a cool punk beauty with a nice heart. While from the outside she might appear unapproachable, in reality, she is extremely sweet, kind and outgoing and doesn’t care about social circles.

She is also very outspoken and won’t tolerate if people mock the things she likes or her friends. She is also an Otaku and cosplayer and thus will appeal to a lot of anime fans. She also respects others’ tastes and doesn’t mock anyone.

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Easily one of the best anime Waifu.

15. Nico Robin


One of the most beautiful as well as intelligent women from anime, Nico Robin is the historian of the Straw hat pirates and one of the most wanted people in the world.

As a young child she saw the annihilation of her entire Island but despite that she didn’t let her heart go bitter, instead being extremely protective of her friends.

She is also very strong and is very much able to protect herself. She likes to spend her time surrounded by books and while her circle is small, those who are in it are very close to her.

A kind, caring and brave person and easily one of the best anime Waifus.

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14. Yui Yuigahama


One of the protagonists of Oregairu, Yui is the perfect companion to the cold and stoic Yukinoshita. Yui is very outgoing and is always ready to help others in trouble and thus gets accepted as a friend by others easily.

Kind and easygoing, she at times might be too much of a nice person and might get pushed around but when it really matters, she stands her ground. She is part of the reason why Hachiman tried to socialize with others.

While she didn’t win Hachiman’s heart, she won out as one of the best anime Waifu.

13. Akeno Himejima


The vice president of the student council and one of the best characters from High School DxD, Akeno is one of the best anime Waifu.

Extremely caring and kind to those she loves and merciless to her enemies, Akeno is a force to be reckoned with. Smitten with Issei, she will go to any length to win his heart.

Books Worth Reading:

She is also a capable fighter being the daughter of one of the strongest Fallen angels, she

12. Mai Sakurajima

Mai is the perfect Tsundere. Bashful and at times strict, there’s no doubt that she is very kind and caring from the inside. Her cold exterior is a result of people seeing her only as a model and not as the person she is.

As she becomes closer to Sakuta and his sister, she sees that people actually see her as a person and not just a celebrity and thus she warms up to them and eventually becomes very close. Just like other people she isn’t perfect and has her fair share of anxieties.

Sakuta loves her deeply and so do we, as she’s easily one of the best anime Waifu.

11. Kurisu Makise


The brilliant scientist with a dry sense of humour is the next person on our list. Makise is very pragmatic and is the voice of reason to the eccentric Rintaro. Self-sacrificing and mature, Makise is a very strong-willed character.

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While she may appear cold and detached, she is in reality very lonely and cares about memories very much. She is both brave as well as timid and one of the best anime Waifu.

She always maintains her composure but when she shows her weaker side, it makes us see that even the most confident person has their doubts.

10. Saber


One of the three heroines of Fate, she is the servant and partner of Shirou and is the Sabre class in the holy grail wars. Extremely powerful as well as having a strong sense of justice make her one of the most likeable characters of the show.

But there’s more to her than just strength. She is also very kind and helpful and is also fond of cooking and spending time with the one she loves. Strong-willed and brave, she will never let go of her friends and is loyal till the end.

One of the best anime Waifu.

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9. Yoruichi Shihouin


Having both strength and wisdom, yet quite laid back, Yoruichi is the definition of a tomboy. A former second-division captain as well as a master of multiple fighting techniques, Yoruichi is one of the strongest women in Bleach.

She is also extremely loyal and always got her friend’s back. She helped Urahara even when the whole soul society was against him. Brave and quick-witted, there’s not much that sways her. Oh, and she can also turn into a cat.

All these things easily make her one of the best anime Waifu.

8. Miku Nakano


The third of the Nakano sisters, Miku is easily the most popular of the bunch. Shy, and timid but headstrong, she always tries to give her best in everything she does.

A massive history geek, and very kind, she always tries to help her sisters despite competing with them to win Futarou’s heart. While she may appear to lack confidence, she doesn’t hesitate when she needs to stand up for herself.

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Soft-spoken and compassionate and a little bit quirky, she is one of the best anime Waifu and her headphones makes her extra cute.

7. Rias Gremory


The bold and beautiful student council president is the most beautiful girl in the entire school and she is also a demon. Charismatic, brave and caring, she is in many ways the perfect person. At times a bit spoilt and very proud, she doesn’t allow herself to be pushed around by anyone.

But behind this perfection, there’s a frail girl who’s trying her best to live up to the expectations of her peers, protect the people she loves and not let anyone get vulnerable side. Reliable and kind, she is one of the best anime Waifu.

6. Raphtalia


A capable fighter who is brave and will do everything to protect her master and the people she loves yet extremely shy when she’s with the person her heart wishes for, she is the perfect combination of strong yet cute.

Very bold and not shying away from fights, she is extremely loyal and won’t leave anytime alone even on their worst days. Truly one of the best anime Waifu.

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5. Hitagi Senjougahara


Witty and blunt but also very kind and cheerful, Hitagi is one of the best anime waifu. Very smart and bold, she doesn’t shy away from taking her stand when it is necessary.

Loyal and level-headed but also trusting, she is one of those people who only show their real self to those who are close to them, and that is just the case with Hitagi.

Because of her past and trauma, she is cold towards everyone but once she overcame it, she was now much more docile, though she still has that fiery tongue.


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4. Hinata Hyuga


Hinata is the definition of loyalty and selflessness. Ever since she developed feelings for Naruto, she never shied away from making it known that she loves him and in the end married him.

Strong and brave, while at first glance she may seem to be meek and timid, that is simply a result of her harsh upbringing, she will take matters into her own hand to protect those she loves.

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Well-spoken and very kind, she always tries to be non-confrontational and not try to hurt anyone. She always sees if she can help others and is one of the best anime waifu.

3. Lucy Heartfilia


Very proud but also kind-hearted and helpful, Lucy will do anything to protect her friends. She is very kind and always tries to help others but in the process may appear to be a pushover to some, but she is very intelligent and capable of taking care of her own matters.

Always trying to be independent and confident, she had her issues with her father in the past, which has caused her quite a bit of grief. But she doesn’t allow the past to keep her down and always tries to remain cheerful and is quite at fighting too.

2. Rem


Soft-spoken and protective, she cares deeply about the people she loves. She is extremely loyal and will not shy away to use her strength to protect those who matter to her. She is also very kind and always tries to help others in need though sometimes her actions may be questionable.

She is humble and supportive and always tries to maintain a cheerful exterior and that’s why people around her find her very warm and always get close to her. She is easily one of the best anime waifu.

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1. Yuuki Asuna

Asuna- best anime waifu

Very headstrong and extremely kind, Asuna is the definition of ride or die, as even in the dire world of Aincrad, she never once abandoned her teammates. She will always try to help those in need and will not shy away from taking the forefront to find a solution to problems.

She is also very loyal and even after all the troubles that plagued Kirito and her, she never left her side. She is very brave and is also proud of who she is. Despite in the past not caring much about herself, she nowadays gives herself importance, because she knows how important she is to Kirito and the others.


This was our list of the Top 20 Best Anime Waifu of all time. If you agree or disagree with it, please connect with us and if you liked it, please consider following us.

FAQ Section

Who is the best anime waifu in 2023?

Tomo Aizawa, Mahiru Shiina and Fuyutsuki are easily the best waifu of this year so far.

Who started waifu?

Waifu is a term used by Japanese men when referring to their wives. Its usage predates Azumanga Daioh, though it was through said series that the word became known to the Western audience and acquired Internet meme status.

Who is the strongest waifu in anime?

Mikasa Ackerman

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