Kamado Nezuko Demon Slayer Bio & Powers Explained

Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 14 shocked the viewers while they were watching it with their teeth clenched as Nezuko was throwing around an Upper rank 6 demon Daki from Twelve Kizuki. Nobody could have believed what they just saw but it was real.

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Introduction Of Kamado Nezuko

Nezuko demon slayer
NameKamado Nezuko
Age12 (Body Age)
14 (Her age )
Height153 cm (5’0″)
Birthday28 December
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Species Demon
Fighting Technique Blood Demon Art
Credits – Fandom

Nezuko Kamado is the female deuteragonist and protagonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She appears in both comic books (Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba) and anime.

Backstory Of Nezuko

backstory of kamado nezuko

Nezuko was an ordinary daughter born into a financially challenged but content family. Nezuko was the second of Six Kamado brothers and had a close bond with both her mother and siblings.

But the happiness was never going to last as Muzan visited their house one day when Tanjiro was not there and slaughtered everyone present there. He turned Nezuko into a demon and left her there.

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Nezuko and Tanjiro were the only survivors. Unfortunately, Nezuko developed a hunger for human blood and soon started attacking Tanjiro with her insatiable hunger.

After Giyu Tomioka arrived, Nezuko was able to control her urges and defend Tanjiro against Tomioka Giyu.

Surprisingly, Nezuko never consumed a human being and instead joined her brother in his quest to find a cure and eliminate Muzan Kibutsuji. Due to a large amount of Demon blood given to her by Muzan Kibutsuji, Nezuko became an incredibly powerful Demon.

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Personality Of Nezuko

Nezuko personality

Nezuko was a kind and loving human who always put others before herself – just like her older sibling Tanjiro did. Though fearless in times of danger, Nezuko still protects her family of Demons even after returning to human form.

Nezuko as a Demon has seemingly lost most of her human memories, aside from those related to her family, and thus lacks any personality before the transformation.

Nonetheless, she remains compassionate and protective towards those she considers part of her extended family due to Sakonji Urokodaki’s influence during her long sleep.

Additionally, Nezuko still displays some human emotions such as crying when sad or smiling when happy; however, she appears less detached and less violent than most Demons in general.

nezuko cute form

As a Demon, Nezuko is more cunning and doesn’t fear combat. She feels a great responsibility for the protection of her brother and allies, showing no fear even in the face of severe injury or exposure to human blood.

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Her determination was clearly shown when Sanemi Shinazugawa tried to expose Nezuko as a demon who just want blood but she resisted and got back into her box.

Nezuko often struggled with her speech after her demon transformation, because of either the mouthpiece made of bamboo which she rarely removes, or for some unknown reason.

However, since developing resistance to sunlight that allows her to move outside and engage with people more frequently, Nezuko’s speech has improved significantly too as a result she can now articulate words clearly when spoken aloud or when hearing them repeated often enough.

Capabilities and Powers

Nezuko full awakening

Even after not being a member of Twelve Kizuki, Nezuko displays amazing powers that can be par with an upper-class demon. Although we have not seen much of this power display yet we got a glimpse of it during her fight with Daki. We could see that Daki was terrified by her regeneration abilities and brute force.

This was evident in numerous battles throughout the series, where she managed to defeat adversaries despite being overwhelmed at first.

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She has shown this ability by honing her physical capabilities, increasing regeneration rates and even developing her Blood Demon Art during times of great need.

Her rapid growth rate seems to mirror Tanjiro’s extraordinary growth rate as she can fight members of the Twelve Kizuki and battle Upper-Rank demons within months. What truly sets Nezuko apart from other demons is her unique ability to absorb sunlight – this has earned her the title “Demon King”, or simply “chosen monster”.

Abnormal Demon’s Physical Physiology

As “the chosen demon”, Nezuko has many unique demonic traits that set her apart from other demons. Most notably, she can regenerate her powers and limbs without needing to consume any human blood like other demons.

Sleep is very essential for recovering her powers, however, she needs a substantial amount of sleep to fully recharge and regain her strength. Nezuko shows an extraordinary growth rate, which is evident through her continual expansion and strength gains without training or eating humans.

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This ability can be activated even during battle and leads to massive power increases – as shown during her battle with Susamaru when her foot was destroyed by Temari balls from the demon but she miraculously regenerated and eventually beat Susamaru in a fair game of kicking the ball.

Nezuko demon form tattoo

Advanced Demon Form

Nezuko gets a unique body when she goes berserk, where she takes on a more demon-like appearance with vine-like tattoos coming all over her body and a horn growing from her forehead on the right side.

Nezuko then changes into an adult form with alternating appearances on either side of her waist and tattoos resembling vines. Nezuko’s awakened form significantly improves her physical capabilities and endows her with regenerative skills on par with those of the highest grades.

Nezuko initially became aware of her ability when, while fighting Daki, she lost control of it and started craving blood again. Tanjiro sang her a bedtime song her mother used to sing to get her back to normal.

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Nezuko controls this form in the Demon Slayer battle with Hantengu, allowing her to fight more capably while keeping her usual composure and refraining from eating people.

Sunlight Resistance

During their battle against Upper-Rank Four, Hantengu, Nezuko gained immunity to sunlight – an ability unattainable even by Muzan the King of Demons himself. This ability allowed her to move around in daylight without getting scorched to ash, ultimately prompting Muzan to change his plans to hunt her down and capture her instead, giving her the ability to take on the sun instead.

Controlling Her Blood

Nezuko demonstrated complete control of her blood when she managed to prevent her head and limbs from getting cut into pieces by Daki. She did that by immediately creating blood streams from her limbs before they could split apart.

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Superspeed Regeneration

As a demon, Nezuko possesses enhanced regenerative abilities that allow her to heal in an instant. When she first became a demon, her healing abilities were slow compared to other demons.

But, once fully awakened, Nezuko’s regeneration abilities reached the levels of upper moons which terrified Daki.

Nezuko angry

Extreme Strength

Nezuko’s physical strength as a demon is unmatched. At the beginning of the series, Nezuko was capable of decapitating another demon instantly with one kick.

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Nezuko was also able to punch at the Swamp Demon with such force that she spittle blood out and even managed to smash him with powerful strikes and kicks. Nezuko relies solely on her brute strength, using her legs as a primary source to unleash quick yet powerful kicks.

Nezuko cute form

Size Manipulation

When Nezuko was transformed into a demon, she could fit inside a box barely big enough for a 12-year-old. But she got in effortlessly by reducing her size and then getting it back to normal when she is out of the box.


Nezuko Demon Form Explained

Blood Demon Art

Nezuko blood demon art

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art is based on Pyrokinesis and her blood which she can manipulate and explode as she wants. She uses her Blood Demon Art in many different forms and one of them is healing poisons too. This is yet a powerful technique that only burns demons.

Nezuko showed her powers for the first time during Demon Slayer season 1 when Tanjiro battled Rui. At the climactic final battle of season two of the Demon Slayer anime series, Daki confirmed that Nezuko’s flames had a unique nature; only harming demons and anything of demonic origin while leaving humans unharmed.

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Nezuko’s Pyrokinesis Blood Demon Art grants her the power to create and manipulate demonic flames fueled by her blood, which are pinkish-purple in hue. Nezuko can do this either by inflaming her blood or conjuring them from the air.

Her flames possess an unusual quality that makes them dangerous to demons and objects associated with demons while remaining completely harmless to humans and other things.

Nezuko blodo demon art

Her fire also burned Rui’s threads, the Enmu’s dream spell, and Genya Shinazugawa who consumed demons but could not alter Tanjiro or the Mugen Train. Furthermore, purifying flames have been observed to hinder regeneration for demons; Daki had temporarily lost her ability to regenerate after being burnt through her flames.

Nezuko has demonstrated her mastery of Blood Demon Art, from burning demons to enhance her attacks, burning away Gyutaro’s poison, saving Inosuke and Tengen Uzui from death, and changing Tanjiro’s Nichirin Sword bright red, giving him an edge over Hantengu clones.

She displayed the Blood Demon Art of Exploding Blood as she struck Rui’s strong threads, aiding Tanjiro in performing Sun Breathing for the first time using her broken Nichirin Sword.

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Nezuko saved Inosuke and Tengen Tengen from Gyutaro’s poison with her skills. By invigorating Gyutaro’s poison, she set both on fire. Additionally, she changed Tanjiro’s Nichirin sword into crimson red to give him an advantage over Hantengu copies of it.

Nezuko’s Blood Demon Art stands apart from other demons due to its fiery nature, which can be deadly for all demons including Muzan. Even though she is a demon, Nezuko can use her powers for humanity’s benefit.


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Fighting Style

Nezuko fighting style

Nezuko’s combat style relies on her powerful leg and sharp nails. With these skillsets, she was able to defeat Upper-Rank demons such as those in The Twelve Kizuki and numerous prior demons. Nezuko doesn’t use Blood Demon Arts often enough though, since too much blood may make her sleepy.

Final Words

Nezuko is no doubt one of the strongest demons in the series, but what truly sets her apart from other demons is the willpower that keeps Muzan away from her.

Her strong will allows her to control her actions and avoid attacking people. She works hard to shield those around her from harm because she considers other human beings as her family.

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Nezuko can utilize her Awakened version to be even more effective in battle, though she may not be as powerful as Muzan, her overall power makes her comparable to an upper-rank demon.

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What is Nezuko blood demon art?

Nezuko blood demon art is controlling her blood and exploding it. It has special characteristics which only burns demons.

How old is Nezuko in demon slayer?

Nezuko is 12 years old in Demon slayer.

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