Top 20 Best Anime Characters With Red Eyes (Ranked)

The red color is known to be the strongest and most intense color, it is not just in colors it will also apply to anime characters. The characters with red eyes are portrayed as strong, cool, and brave. Let’s take the example of Sharingan in Naruto. It is one of the overpowered abilities and it is Red.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the Top 20 Best Anime Characters With Red Eyes. These characters are usually identified as the coolest and most overpowered characters.

Mostly the characters with red eyes play bad characters with demonic powers and give confidence to the weak person. These characters were mostly loved by the fans because of their appearance and abilities.

Anime Characters With Red Eyes

So let’s look at the list of Top 20 Best Anime Characters With Red Eyes.

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20) Kurapika – Hunter x Hunter

hunter x hunter

Kurapika is a person who has a vast knowledge of the world and he has a bad past which made him lonely at the age of 12. He is portrayed as serious, occupied, and highly intelligent.

His main motive is to avenge the troupe that has killed his clan members. He has a Stragetical and tactical mind and he is a master of a unique ability called the “Nen Technique” which allows him to turn his emotions into true power and abilities.

His unique personality and his red intense eyes make him a favorite for Hunter x Hunter watchers.

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19)Sebastian Michaelis – Black Butler

young master

Sebastian is highly proficient in his work, and he serves his young master Cain Phantom Hive efficiently and manages the household. He carries out any assigned mission and everyone knows about his constant commitment to Cain and his dedication to achieving perfection in every task.

He is displayed as a mysterious character and he is a guy with a sense of humor who enjoys testing and teasing enemies with a good energetic smile.

18) Kirishima Ejiro- My Hero Academia

Good and cheerful

Kirishima Ejiro is a student at U.A. High School who is training to become a hero. He is the only guy with red eyes with a good and cheerful character and is always eager to help others.

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He is willing to confront danger directly and always puts himself at risk to safeguard others. Despite appearing tough, Kirishima is a sensitive and caring person who values his friendships. Overall he is a positive, energetic, and admirable person which makes him the best character in Mu Hero Academia.

17) Soul Evans – Soul Eater

Soul Evans - Soul Eater

Soul Evans is known for his confidence and cannot be easily beaten in any difficult situation. He is very protective of his friends, especially his meister Maka Albarn. Meister means a person who can yield a demon weapon and his weapon is the “soul”.

He has a distinctive sense of fashion, which can be seen in his jacket with a skull emblem and carrying a certain level of dagger which makes him look cool.

16) Inori Yuzuriha – Guilty Crown

hot red eyes

Inori Yuzuriha is a member of the Funeral Parlor resistance group, and she is a skilled fighter. She is against the corrupt GHQ government, they fight. At first, Inori is shy and introverted, but as the story continues she becomes more outgoing and expressive.

Despite her gentle nature, Inori is an adept warrior and capable of fighting fiercely. A crystal representing her soul takes the form of her Void, which is a weapon she is highly trained to use. She is willing to risk her life to protect her friends and allies, and Inori exhibits great loyalty toward them.

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Her red eyes are pretty hot and amazing, and also her personality makes her a memorable character in the Guity Crown series.

15) Mei Misaki– Another

Misfit  Misaki

Mei is generally isolated by his classmates because of her reputation as a “misfit”. Mei generally prefers being alone over socializing with peers. With traits such as seriousness and keen observation skills, she comes across as quite perceptive.

Wearing an eye patch on her left eye has become a trademark of Mei’s enigmatic character. She was initially met with suspicion and fear from her classmates, but later on, she earns their respect and admiration. Her intelligence and bravery are more evident as the series goes on.

14) Megumin – Konosuba

explosive magic

Megumin is a young wizard and she is obsessed with mostly explosive-type magic. She doesn’t like to learn new magic or use any kind of other magic. She is characterized by her single-minded look and high intelligence.

She is often wearing a distinctive hat and a cloak and speaks dramatically and exaggerates her explosive powers. Megumin is generally calm and cheerful, but she can often become aggressive when she feels slighted or challenged.

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She is loyal and devoted to her friends and her determination makes her one of the best characters with red eyes in the Konosuba series.

13) Kurumi Tokisaki – Date a Live

Kurumi Tokisaki

Kurumi is a spirit with supernatural powers and a cunning individual who is willing to achieve great goals. She is highly intelligent and she can manipulate others around her and able to wield dual pistols and she can use a vast array of spells.

Kurumi possesses a manipulative and ruthless personality trait, and she is also a character that has deep internal conflicts and continuously battles with her own emotions and desires, so feeling deeply lonely and isolated stems from a traumatic past that haunts her.

12) Satori Tendou- Haikyuu!

good character with red eyes

Satori Tendou is known for his ability called “guess blocking”. He is a third-year student at Shiratorizawa Academy. While in the match he observes his opponent’s move and blocks it accordingly and it allows him to predict his opponent’s next move.

He used to love watching Horror movies and he also use quotes in the middle of the match. He is often seen as encouraging other players and supporting them in a good manner. His eyes and laugh and love of horror movie makes him a favorite character.

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11) Enju Aihara – Black Bullet

cursed children

Enju Aihara belongs to a group of individuals called Cursed Children who are rejected and objected to by society. They possess supernatural powers and abilities. She is highly optimistic and always tries to do her best in any situation.

She is also affected by the prejudice and discrimination against the group of cursed children by society, she is often mistreated and hated by others which makes her feel lonely in the dark.

10) Akame- Akame ga Kill!

Akame- Akame ga Kill!

Akame, the girl with red eyes steals the show because of her cool and intense exterior looks, she may look calm but she was a trained assassin who has been trained to control emotions and hide her feelings when a comrade dies.

She adores consuming food. Indeed, she is surprisingly acknowledged as a significant foodie (she generally selects meat from deadly beasts and fish). Her passion for food is so strong that Steele pointed out how normally composed Aka me lost her cool when she burnt some meat.

9) Kaname Kuran – Vampire Knight

pureblood Vampire

Kaname is a pureblood vampire and it is the biggest caste in the vampire race. He is highly intelligent and takes care of his people and does his sense of duty. Generally, vampires live for centuries, and for centuries, he cared especially for a female vampire named Yuki Cross.

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Responsibility towards his people is a defining characteristic of Kana me’s personality. His kind highly respects him as he holds an authoritative position being a pureblood vampire.. His vampire red eyes make him more handsome and cool and make the fans easily fall in love with him.

8) Kaguya Shinomiya –  Love Is War

Love is war

kaguya’s intelligence and academic abilities allow for success in her studies, resulting in superior performance compared to other students. She often looks down on those she considers inferior and has a strong sense of self-worth.

She enjoys competing with her friends, especially with her best friend named Miyuki Shirogane. Despite of competition she is loving and caring towards her fellow students and she is a kind and good-hearted girl. Her personality and caring nature and cuteness make the fans fall in love with her.

7) Tomura – My Hero Academia

affected bu trauma

Tomura is a deeply disturbed guy who suffered from bad trauma and abuse in his childhood which made him look at this world and society from a bad point of view.

He is a nihilist who has no hope and wanted to destroy the society and hero system in the anime. He is truly incredible and intensive, he doesn’t have any kind of emotions and likes to see others suffering and crying.

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6) Tanjiro Kamado – Demon Slayer

Seek revenge

Tanjiro Kamado is a kid with an unstoppable spirit and braveness. He joined the demon slayer corps to find a way to turn his sister Nezuko back into a human and to take revenge against the demon who killed his family.

After he came to know about Muzan Kibutsuji, his motive is to defeat him and release every demon suffering the same fate as Muzan. He has beautiful red with pinkish eyes with true love and caring.

5) Yumeko Jabami – Kakegurui

Hot and intensive red  eyes

Taking risks and pushing her limits brings enjoyment to Yumeko, who is a highly intelligent and skilled gambler. Her confidence in her capabilities leads to frequent challenges against opponents who underrate her.

Yumiko does not love gambling for money or material possessions. When seeking opponents, she prefers those who are passionate about the game and intrigued by its psychological elements. Her confidence and impressive red eyes make her one of the best anime characters with red eyes.

4) Itachi Uchiha – Naruto

best Anime Characters With Red Eyes

The best-known one of the brothers in amine history is Itachi Uchiha. He is homicide his entire clan for his brother and the safety of his village. And later joined an evil organization called Akatsuki.

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He is cool, handsome, and one of the famous characters in not only Naruto but in the entire anime verse. His Sharingan eyes make him more powerful even making the Kakashi shake. This makes him one of the best anime characters with red eyes.

3) Sukuna   – Jujutsu Kaisen

beat villain with red eyes

Possessing the body of the protagonist Yuji who is the powerful and ancient cursed spirit known as Sukuna. He attains what he wants by controlling people around him with cunning strategies using his sharp mind.

Even though he is known to be ruthless, there is a part of Sukuna that values his own sense of honor and pride, and he has an unending quest for becoming the most powerful cursed spirit in existence by always using strength and power. His red eyes make him more evil and attractive.

2) Gajeel Redfox  – Fairy Tail

Gajeel Redfox  – Fairy Tail

Although he starts off as a villain Gajeel decides to join Fairy Tail and builds meaningful relationships with his new comrades. He is an individual who is firm and straight to the point, expressing his thoughts, which can frequently be seen by others as distant.

Gajeel has a deep affection for animals, particularly cats. Besides, he is acknowledged for making an extra effort to assist them. He enjoys playing the guitar during his leisure time because he is also a talented musician.

Books Worth Reading:

1) Muzan Kibutsuji – Demon Slayer

Muzan The Micheal Jackson

The head for all demons in Demon Slayer anime is Muzan Kibutsuji. He is responsible for Tanjiro’s current situation. He is the demon who murdered his family and turned his sister Nezuko into a demon.

He is cruel because he makes normal humans turn into demons through false hopes and wishes. He can also transform into a human and a demon. He is also referenced as Micheal Jackson because of his appearance. His red eyes make him more aggressive and evil-looking

All these evil look and mindset makes him the best anime character with red eyes.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 20 Best Anime Characters With Red Eyes. All these characters show us how much of their evilness and caring etc. Every character is Iconic and their skills also differ and this makes the fans easily fall in love with them.

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