What is the Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer? Explained

There are a lot of cool concepts in Demon Slayer. One of these is the Infinity Castle is one of the biggest mysteries present in Demon Slayer. This massive structure is one thing that is on everybody’s lips since it made its first appearance way back in season 1 of the anime.

Just like many other fans, you must want to know more about the Infinity Castle in demon slayer, so here at MyAnimeGuru are gonna make a comprehensive article on Infinity Castle and explain it.

So without wasting any time we are going to tell you about its History, Layout, and Inhabitants of it.

Everything you need to know about the Infinity castle in Demon Slayer

Let’s start our article on the various concepts about the infinity castle.

History Of The Infinity Castle

Infinity castle in demon slayer

We first witnessed the Infinity castle in demon slayer in season 1 of the anime when Kibutsuji Muzan summoned all of the Lower ranked Moons into the castle.

He decided to extinguish them all except the Lower Rank One, since only he was up to the standards of Muzan’s expectations.

The next time we witnessed it was in the aftermath of the death of Gyutaro and Daki who together occupied the Upper-Rank Six and were defeated by the Sound Pillar Uzui and Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke.

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Because an Upper Moon was killed for the first time in 113 years. Muzan summoned all the upper ranks to inform them about their new operations.

Muzan as it seems was getting impatient due to the lack of any valid information about the Blue Spider lily as well as the stress of the death of an Upper demon.

We see the Infinity Castle the next time when the Upper Moon Four and Five are killed in the aftermath of the swordsmith village arc.

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This time, Muzan enraged, summons all the demons in the country and makes them into mindless demons, and pits them against the various demon slayers.

The infinity castle in demon slayer is also the location of the final fight between the Demon Slayer corps and the demons, where the remaining Hashira and the trio of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke raid the castle and finally meet Muzan face-to-face for the time first time.

The Infinity Castle in demon slayer is the site of many important battles such as Kokushibo, the Upper One vs the Tokita the Mist Pillar, Sanemi the Wind Pillar, Gyomei the Stone Pillar, and Genya.

It also had the battle of Giyu the Water Pillar and Tanjiro against the Upper Three, Akaza. Another battle we witness is between Insosuke, Kanao, and the Insect Pillar Kocho against the Upper Two Doma.

The demon slayers were about to zero in on Muzan when Nakime used her technique and dispersed the demon slayers in various parts of the castle.

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Akaza falling through

Demons are brought to the infinity castle via the work of Nakime, the Biwa Demon. She was a demon who used her blood demon arts to create a multi-dimensional Labyrinthine structure which then was used by Muzan to create the Infinity castle in demon slayer.


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Layout Of The Infinity Castle

layout of infinity castle

The Infinity castle is massive with layers upon layers of traditional Japanese-style rooms and staircases. The staircases, rooms, and corridors all keep continually moving which makes it nearly impossible to know where exactly are you.

This makes it extremely hard to navigate through and even if some outsider somehow invaded it, the unusual construction, constantly changing landscape as well as the complete control that Nakime possesses over the structure makes it useless for intruders to achieve their attacks.

Because of these factors, the infinity castle in demon slayer was chosen as Muzan’s base of operations as well as the secret meeting ground of all the demons.

Even when the demon slayer corps launched their final assault against Muzan and nearly had him into a corner, he didn’t worry because of this.

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Nakime easily manipulated the structure of the whole castle and opened dozens of doors around the demon slayers and scattered them across the castle.

One another peculiar quality about the infinity castle in demon slayer is that it has a unique sense of gravity. When demons are summoned to the castle they appear as if they are falling from a great height over a maze-like structure.

Eventually, they reach a last cavernous location where a huge castle stands, covered all around is a huge town-like complex with bright blue lights covering everything in their glow. This is most likely the true form of the pocket dimension of the infinity castle.

The labyrinthine structure exists inside the castle. Another unique factor about the structure is the gravity inside it.

Its distorted gravity allows, demons to stand upright, upside down as well as in all kinds of diagonal and perpendicular forms as well fall freely inside the structure.

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This makes any surfaces inside the structure capable of stability. We see that when the upper moon is summoned, all of them including Muzan are at various places in all kinds of different directions while still being able to communicate perfectly.


This seems to be a result of Nakime’s blood demon arts, which makes the shared space distort space and time allowing things to appear different as they are.

She strums her Biwa, to teleport inhabitants within the infinity castle in demon slayer. You can see this teleportation power in the full display once again when she transported Muzan to a balcony while spiraling gates kept closing behind.

All these factors make the Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer a unique existence and truly a nightmare for anyone not affiliated with Muzan.

It seems even though the castle is incomprehensibly large, its area of influence is even bigger since when Akaza was falling he witnessed Doma’s palace within the shared space as well.

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The castle also seems to serve as a middle ground for teleporting purposes.

Top view of the castle

This was first seen when Nakima took Emmu from the castle and dropped him in an unknown town that was nowhere in the vicinity of the Infinity castle.

Nakima also picked the various Upper Moon and transported them to the castle before dropping Gyokko and Hatengu at their locations.

It seems direct teleportation isn’t possible since we haven’t seen it in the manga or anime yet.

The location and very existence of the castle seem to be a guarded secret and other than Muzan, The Upper Moon, and Nakime nobody else knew about it including both the demon slayer corps as well as the lower rank demons and normal demons.

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This is evident from the fact that when the lower-ranked demons were first summoned, all of them freaked out and when they tried to escape from the wrath of Muzan, they weren’t able to escape him at all instead just went in loops.

On the other hand, the Upper ranks, are easily able to traverse the myriad layers of the maze without any problems.

This is maybe because due to their status as an upper rank for all these years, they are trusted enough and have been summoned to the infinity castle in demon slayer enough times.

It seems that the stability of the Infinity castle in demon slayer is solely dependent on the creator, Nakime.



Nakime and Muzan are the sole long-time inhabitants of the Infinity castle in Demon Slayer. From what we have seen it seems, that Nakime has to be constantly present in the castle for it to be functioning properly.

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Another reason for that may be, as the creator of the castle, as well as the attendant, she has to be always present there to quickly assemble anyone Muzan wishes to see as well as transport them to their destinations.

This is extremely important as otherwise there will be no one to carry out the process.

It is also seen that the infinity castle in demon slayer will only exist as long as Nakime was alive as once she was killed, the entire left the alternate dimension and came up to the surface and there slowly evaporated during the final raid.


The only other inhabitant of the Infinity Castle in demon slayer is Kibutsuji Muzan. Once the castle was created sometime after Nakime was first turned into a demon, Muzan made it his experimentation ground as well as the place for the meeting of his subjects.

A last stronghold of demons who were otherwise abject to being burned by the sun. We have seen Muzan performing various experiments on his quest to achieve true immortality by finally achieving Blue Spider Lily.

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Between his time posing as a human in various families, Muzan visits this castle. It seems even though Muzan is the leader of all demons, the castle is the sole creation of Nakime and Muzan cannot control even one aspect of it.

This is evident when Nakime was under mind control, and forced to change the castle according to Tamayo, Muzan was powerless.

As a last resort, Muzan had to kill Nakime.


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Well, everyone, this was the conclusive article about the Infinity castle in demon slayer. If you liked this article be sure to follow us and remain updated on other cool Anime facts.

FAQ Section

Who created the Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer?

The Biwa Demon Nakime created the Infinity Castle.

Does Muzan live in Infinity Castle?

While Infinity Castle is the base of operations of Muzan, he doesn’t always live there.

Who killed Muzan Kibutsuji?

Before he can regenerate fully, Tamayo appears and uses her Blood Demon Art to keep him in place, while using a drug that can turn him into a human. Using this opportunity, Gyomei Himejima appears and destroys Muzan’s head.
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