Who Is Agatsuma Zenitsu Demon Slayer? (Explained)

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Introduction Of Agatsuma Zenitsu

Zenitsu demon slayer
NameZenitsu Agatsuma
Height164.5 cm (5’4¾”)
Weight 58 kg (128 lbs)
Birthday3rd September
Occupation Demon Slayer
Breathing Style Thunder Breathing
Credits – Fandom

Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the main characters from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and, along with Inosuke Hashibira, is a traveling companion of Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado. Additionally, he serves as an active Demon Slayer within the Demon Slayer Corps.

What is Zenitsu Agatsuma’s Backstory?

Zenitsu backstory

Zenitsu’s story from Demon Slayer ultimately revolves around him taking on debt for the girl he loves, but she runs off with someone else, leaving Zenitsu with nothing but the money. Jigoro Kuwajima eventually steps in and takes care of Zenitsu (and also handles her debt).

Jigoro is a former Thunder Hashira who studied under Zenitsu to learn the art associated with Thunder Breathing. They form an incredible bond, similar to that between grandparents and grandchildren – hence why Zenitsu refers to Jigoro Gramps.

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Kaigaku was another student who often berated Zenitsu for calling Jigoro Gramps Jigoro and other unintentional actions. Kaigaku even became resentful of Zenitsu for constantly lecturing him about being a crying baby, among other things.

One day, Zenitsu was hiding in a tree away from Jigoro (who believed would make him a slave to death), when lightning struck and transformed his hair from black into the distinctive yellow seen throughout the series. Despite surviving, his appearance changed forever – from black to an unforgettable yellow.

Zenitsu with jogoro

Kaigaku and Zenitsu have never been literary counterparts, with Zenitsu having a more critical attitude toward Kaigaku than the former; yet both characters still show respect to one another despite having such different viewpoints. This characteristic sets Kaigaku apart from Zenitsu further away regarding her appearance.

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Zenitsu’s story begins with his performance on Demon Slayer. After passing the Final Selection and receiving the Kasugai Sparrow instead of the Crow, Zenitsu then encounters Tanjiro Kamado when asking a woman for marriage assistance. At this point in Zenitsu’s mind, he feels threatened by Tanjiro and demands that he keep him safe until his wedding day arrives.

Tanjiro and Zenitsu are taken to the house of Tsuzumi Drum Demon, where Zenitsu can detect sounds without Tanjiro or his kids being able to do so. This remarkable ability will be discussed further in depth below.

After entering the house, Tanjiro and Zenitsu are divided, leading to another Zenitsu ability being revealed within Demon Slayer.

From his initial appearances, it is evident that Zenitsu is scared, wants to marry, and believes it unlikely he’ll succeed as a Demon Slayer. While Zenitsu is generally an unlikable character, he does show moments of bravery with good intentions.

One of the greatest examples is Nezuko protecting Nezuko’s box from Inosuke Hashibira even though he knows there’s an evil spirit inside because he understands its significance to Tanjiro.

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Even though he didn’t make it to the Final Selection, Zenitsu’s mental readiness for becoming a Demon Slayer remains uncertain. However, his abilities and powers provide him with the tools needed when in the right frame of mind.

Zenitsu killing drum demon

At The Tsuzumi Drum House, Zenitsu is freed from fear and then beheads the demon with one blow.

Although he has many adventures throughout the story, one particular event serves to shape his character’s backstory.

After the story, Zenitsu discovers Kaigaku is indeed the Demon due to Kokushibo’s turn and all the shame that followed it. We also learn that Jigoro was ultimately destroyed due to Kaigaku’s transformation and all that it brought with it.

Kaigaku mocks Zenitsu when they begin their fight, mocking him for not mastering one method of Thunder Breathing. Like comic foils in the literary world, Zenitsu admits that the only technique he is capable of mastering will be the one Kaigaku cannot perform.

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After their battle, Zenitsu uses his unique Thunder Breathing technique that he developed – to kill Kaigaku and thus redeem his grieving master.


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Appearance Of Zenitsu

Appearance of zenitsu demon slayer

Zenitsu is a boy of average height and fair skin who appears scared with down-sloping eyes that alternate between soft brown and gold. His short yellow hair falls at his ends in a straight line before changing to a dark orange shade and falling onto his forehead as loose wavy curls resembling a bowl cut. Before becoming Demon Slayer, Zenitsu’s hair was originally black but changed into its current hue after being struck by lightning during practice.

After the battle on Mount Natagumo, his limbs had become swollen from the Spider Demon (Son)’s poison, but they were able to recover due to medicine given to him by Shinobu Kocho after the battle.

Zenitsu is wearing a light brown version of his standard Demon Slayer uniform, which includes the dark gakuran jacket in brown, the white belt around his waist, stretchable hakama pants with yellow and orange gradient patterns, as well as his signature triangle-patterned white triangle-patterned haori.

He also wears his pair of Kyahan tied at the front with three white bows adorned with the same pattern as his haori; tabi socks in pale brown; and white-laced Zori boots.

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Personality Of Zenitsu

Personality of zenitsu

Zenitsu can be described as a coward, always asserting that he won’t have any time left due to his role as Demon Slayer. Zenitsu has low self-esteem despite his abilities and determination, to the point that he believes himself to be ineffective.

This was evident when he couldn’t believe he’d killed a Demon in his mind even though Shoichi had no special ability to kill Demons. Zenitsu lives in constant fearful states of fearfulness, crying out in terror at any sign of danger; saying that living an ordinary life rather than becoming known as a legendary Demon Slayer would be much better for him.

zenitsu scared

Zenitsu has many shortcomings, yet despite them, he still strives to meet the standards others have set for him and always does his best when asked.

He holds great admiration and respect for his fellow soldiers and former mentor Jigoro Kuwajima; this drives Zenitsu to pursue revenge with determination and passion which often helps overcome timidity or second thoughts during times of stress.

zenitsu harassing nezuko

Zenitsu has also been shown to be a womanizer-in-training, often pouncing on girls he finds attractive and asking them for marriage – much to their displeasure.

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His behavior appears to be an attempt at conquering his shy personality; when he thinks his friends have been “flirting” with attractive girls, Zenitsu quickly gets angry and engages in lengthy hilarious rants and complaints. At times, he may even become physically violent while shouting at the girls in frustration.


Zenitsu abilities in demon slayer

Physical and Natural

Superhuman Strength

Throughout his decades-long practice, Zenitsu has gradually developed greater physical strength.

Superhuman Hearing

Zenitsu has always had the gift of hearing what others cannot. He can detect an ethereal difference that humans often miss when listening to someone move, as well as demons moving. This enhanced perception gives him extra alertness in times of potential danger.

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Superhuman Speed

Zenitsu is one of the fastest characters in the series due to his use of the Thunder Breathing technique. This makes him a dangerous opponent when fighting unconscious, an ability that Zenitsu continues to develop and overcome. His speed also allows him to dodge attacks incredibly well – even from upper Moons!

Superhuman Subconscious Combat Ability

Mid-Sleep Empowerment/Sleep Combat allows Zenitsu to unleash his full potential with Thunder Breathing without being conscious, and without fear of being judged as a coward for doing so. Over time, Zenitsu becomes more competent without having to rely solely on his innate abilities for every fight.

Zenitsu’s Swordsmanship

Zenitsu's Swordsmanship

Breath of Thunder Style

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Taught to Zenitsu by an ex-Hashira and a Pillar, Jigoro Kuwajima. This technique increases one’s strength and agility to match that of a demon.

Six styles in total can be employed when using Breath of Thunder; however, due to his inexperience, Zenitsu only managed to master one out of these six techniques which are believed to be the simplest.

Eventually though, while facing off against his former master, Zenitsu developed another seven styles which were eventually perfected over time.

The First Style Thunderclap Flash

The player sprints forward and unleashes their opponent with incredible speed. Zenitsu has perfected this skill to the point that he can do multiple dashes quickly in succession.

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Typically, he chooses the Sixfold pattern which involves six dashes; however, with practice, Zenitsu has also been able to execute eight folds simultaneously using this same technique.

God Speed

Zenitsu can use this technique to further amp up the speed and power of his Thunder Clap Flash attack. However, he can only utilize it twice daily; after the second use his legs no longer function normally.

The Seventh Form: Flaming Thunder God

Zenitsu created this seventh style to defend himself against Upper Moon Six, Kaigaku. Before Kaigaku’s passing, Zenitsu acknowledged that this form was his creation and intended to use it against him as a comrade in battle.

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Which Breathing Style Zenitsu Uses?

Which Breathing Style Zenitsu Demon slayer Uses?

Zenitsu uses a breathing style called Thunder Breathing. It is known for its speed and that’s how it was named after Thunder.

Thunder Breathing was Zenitsu’s master and teacher’s style of breathing. Jigoro Kuwajima never fully mastered all six styles in swordsmanship, such as Thunderclap and Flash.

Nonetheless, he was able to utilize one of them. Zenitsu has developed an incredible level of proficiency in combat, being able to win with his original form alone and creating numerous variations and modifications along the way.

Furthermore, he even manages to execute this technique even while unconscious. Zenitsu even pioneered Total Concentration Breathing, something only a Hashira could master.

Giyu and Muichiro had already done this before. This method enabled Zenitsu to turn the tables against Kaigaku and instantly decapitate him.

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How old is Zenitsu in Demon Slayer?

Zenitsu is 16 years old in Demon Slayer.

What is the height of Zenitsu in Demon Slayer?

Zenitsu is 5 ft 4 inches or 164 cm tall.

Is Zenitsu stronger than Tanjiro?

No doubt Zentisu is strong but when it comes to the technique and all the factors to be considered during a fight, Tanjiro will beat Zenitsu only if he masters Sun breathing.

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