Top 20 Best Anime Hairstyles To Have (Ranked)

In the vibrant and creative world of anime, every character is known for their unique abilities, personas & especially hairstyle of them. From gravity-defying spikes to an extended number of hairstyles that defy the laws of physics, that were loved and inspired by aspiring cosplayers and fans to copy them.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the Top 20 Anime Hairstyles To Have (Ranked). These hairstyles are mostly unique and can be replicated by people in the real world. Each genre of anime has its unique hairstyles.

Top 20 Best Anime Hairstyles To Have

So let’s look at the list of Top 20 Anime Hairstyles To Have (Ranked).

20) Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)


Erza’s hair is a vibrant shade of scarlet red and incredibly voluminous. It got splitter in the middle and her bangs reaches down to her chin and the rest of her hair in the back is straight and flowed down her back.

She occasionally wears ornaments like hairpins, ribbons, or clips to elegance her beautiful shiny long red hair.

It is one of the best hairstyles to have if you are a girl anime fan because it was easy and you just need to color your hair red and make it look like that.

19) Denji (Chainsaw man)

denji the chainsawman

Denji has short and messy hair and is yellow. His hair is tousled and spiked to make him look wildish appearance. The length of his hair varies and its volume is good, but generally, it reaches just above his ears and his bangs are uneven.

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His hairstyle proves his carefree and rebellious personality. But it adds a rugged look in some dangerous situations in the story.

Moreover, it is one of the best hairstyles and is usually preferred for guys with long messy straight hair to look amazing in this hairstyle.

18) Kaname Tosen (Bleach)

black hair

Short, straight black hair is what Kaname Tosen has. With a neat slick back, he created a smooth and flat appearance on the top part of his hair. The sides of his hair blend smoothly into his scalp. Tosen’s short fringe falls straight down, partly covering his forehead.

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Distinctive to his appearance are symmetrical stripes located on both sides of his head. Their contrasting appearance against his dark hair contributes to his unique style.

This is a good hairstyle for guys with long, curly, or wavy type hair and it takes time to do this hairstyle and maintain it. The attractiveness of this hairstyle is good than other best hairstyles.

17) Levi Ackerman (Attack On Titan)


In a neat and sleek manner, Levi styles his short, dark hair as usual. Evenly cut just above his eyebrows, his dark brown hair gives him a distinct look. Trimmed close to his head, his hair on the sides and back gives him a clean and crisp appearance.

The notable feature of his hair, it is undercut because the sides and back are trimmed significantly even and the longer top defines it as an undercut.

It can be replicated easily with guys with straight shiny dark hair and it is unique and neat compared to other best hairstyles.

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16) Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

copy ninja

Kakashi has silver-colored hair with a medium length which usually stands up in multiple spiky layers. His hair hangs down above his shoulders and partially covers his face including his left eye and looks more attractive.

Kakashi is known for his amazing hairstyle and Sharingan which makes him unique from other characters in Naruto.

It is one of the best hairstyles and very hard to copy because it requires a lot of hair and strong hair to do the hairstyle. Mostly, the fans prefer to use a wig designed by his hairstyle.

15) Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia has a short and is primarily black. Her hair is cut in a bob-style haircut and falls above her shoulders and the front section of her hair is divided into two distinct bans. One is a longer bang on the right side that partially covers her forehead and reaches down her chin.

The other is slightly shorter and reaches down her face. This hairstyle looks good for girls with black short straight hair and is considered one of the best hairstyles in the Bleach series.

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14) Kilik Rung (Soul Eater)

Kilik Rung

Medium-length, spiky black is the Kilik’s hair. A dynamic and energetic look was achieved by styling the top of his hair into multiple upward-pointing spikes. Some strands of hair frame his face while shorter cuts are given to the sides and back, which fall around his ears.

The sides are trimmed and included with lines to give the hair look more attractive and elegant to look for a man.

This style is recommended for guys with curly black hair and it is simple, good, and easy to maintain as a boy, it is one of the best hairstyles for a small teenage boy.

13) Draken (Tokyo Revengers)

Draken (Tokyo Revengers)

Darken’s hair is long and blonde. The middle section of the hair is combed to the back and a tail runs continuously to the back of his head. A part of the middle hair is ejected to fall over his face which gives it a unique style.

His sides are shaved and tattooed with a dragon design which makes him look tough and fearless within the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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It is hard to perform hairstyles because you have to grow a lot of hair and maintain it and need to shave the sides for the best hairstyles.

12) Nico Robin (One Piece)


Nico Robin has a dark blue long hair. Her usual hairstyle is straight and polished, featuring a soft wave at the tips. A distinctive center parting evenly divides her hair down the middle. On either side of her shoulders fall two longer strands as the front sections of her hair frame her face.

This is a simple and easy hairstyle that can be performed by any girl with long hair and looks more attractive than other hairstyles.

11) Kaneki Ken (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki Ken

Kaneki has different hairstyles throughout the entire anime. His hair turns completely white by the torture given by Jason in his past.

His hair is medium length and straight and white. His hair is messy and his bangs were unevenly covering his forehead and revealing his eyes.

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10) Canary (Hunter x Hunter)


Canary has dark brown long curly hair. Her hair is commonly trimmed to a bob style, with its length falling slightly above her shoulder. The front section is slightly longer reaching to her collarbone and framing her face

Canary maintains a neat hairstyle, which reflects her disciplined nature and position as a bodyguard. Her typical hairstyle involves a middle part and slightly flipped-in ends. She appears clean and polished in this style.

This hairstyle is medium and may not look good to everyone. The way this hairstyle is done makes it a good one or a bad one.

9) Josuke Higashikata (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

top 20 anime hairstyles

Josuke Higashikata has a distinctive hairstyle. His hair is medium-length and styled into a pompadour with defined curls. The pompadour is done in both the front and back sides while the sides are relatively shorter and trimmed.

It is one of the old and best hairstyles and the volume of the hair must be very high to perform this hairstyle. It takes a great effort to maintain and care for this hairstyle and takes time to do this hairstyle, all these make this hairstyle the best among all other vintage old best hairstyles.

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8) Saitama (One Punch Man)

top 20 anime hairstyles

When it comes to no-hair hairstyle Saitama comes to our mind first. His uniqueness is identified by his hair. His scalp is smooth and shiny.

Through intense training and strength, he lost his hair and went into baldness. He is bald in the entire series which shows his strength is stable and maintained in the entire series. This makes this hairstyle easy and evergreen among all the other best hairstyles.

7) Sasuke (Naruto)


Sasuke has black, shoulder-length hair which is straight and sleek. The front part of his hair frames his face and the two longer bangs extend up to his chin giving him a mysterious and warming look.

His hairstyle looks cool and amazing but it takes a lot of time to perform this because we need to symmetric the bangs and spike the back position of the hair using different gels or hair wax but the result you get is one of the best hairstyles among the anime universe.

6) Afro Samurai (Afro Samurai)

Samurai afro

The reason behind Afro Samurai’s fame is his big, rounded afro hairstyle. Standing out prominently from his head is his dense, tightly curled hair. The hairdo known as the afro is generally a dark hue, varying from black to deep brown.

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Afro Samurai expresses his individuality and defiance towards the social hierarchy represented by headbands through his iconic Afro hairstyle.

This hairstyle requires long curly hair that extends in the middle back of the hair which is hard to do for a guy and it is one of the best hairstyles for curly guys.

5) Mikasa (Attack On Titan)

queen of eren

Mikasa’s hairstyle is similar previously seen in Rukia Kuchiki. Mikasa has dark, straight, and lengthy hair. Her hair is evenly split and falls above her shoulders. The front sections of her hair fall around her cheeks.

Her hair is neatly maintained and ends slightly curved inwards which makes her more attractive and serious. And one of the best hairstyles among all of them.

4) Rias Gremory (High School DxD)

queen of issei

Rias’s hair is known for its crimson-red color which makes her the head of the Gremory Household. Her hair is voluminous and full with a slight wave that cascades down her waist. Her hair bangs were cut according to her facial features.

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A part of the hair in the back is spiked which gives an extra touch to her appearance and this is the reason why she has the best hairstyles in the entire series.

3) Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)

Orange hair

The hair of Ichigo is spiked and orange with it standing out in all directions. The lengthier top portion of his hair is fashioned into a disorderly group of spikes.

Ichigo has a distinctive hair color that sets him apart – a vibrant shade of orange that’s quite rare. This lively hue mirrors his dynamic and passionate nature. Also, the color of his hair represents visually what he does as a Soul Reaper.

This hairstyle looks good on guys with spiky medium-length hair and is one of the best hairstyles on the list.

2) Mikey (Tokyo Revengers)

head of manji

Mikey is known for his supernatural strength and his amazing blonde hair. His hair is messy and tousled. The front section of the hair is slightly longer and it falls over his forehead. The sides and back of his hair are shorter.

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In the back of his hair, he is pinned and split in such a way that is good and a bit harder for a guy to do. His hairstyle shows his vibrant and energetic personality and reflects his fearless and rebellious nature. And most of the guys have a dream of acquiring the best hairstyles.

1) Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

Mikasa I LOVE UU

A trending hairstyle nowadays, and every guy has a dream of achieving this hairstyle. His hair is long and usually seen tied back into a loose ponytail giving him a more mature and rudded look and the color of his hair is brown.

It is one of the hot and best hairstyles among teenagers because of its style and the personality of the Eren and it deserved to be at the top of this list.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 20 Anime Hairstyles To Have (Ranked). All these hairstyles show the personality of the character and how and how the fans get inspired to get a hairstyle like them.

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FAQ Section

What is the anime hairstyle called?

Hime Cut—hair that is styled into three parts (straight bangs, sidelocks, and long hair in the back) that are meant to show that a (most likely Japanese or Japanese descent) girl is proper, upper-class, and/or traditional.

What is the Japanese hairstyle?

Traditionally, the construction of most Nihongami hairstyles consisted of two “wings” at the side of the head, curving upwards towards the back of the head to form a topknot or ponytail, with a long loop of hair below this also drawn into the topknot.

What is Asta’s hairstyle called?

A blue dreadlock look, a braided hairstyle that Asta calls the “vertebrae” (because it reminds him of the spine), and a haircut designed to complement the other looks made up the ensemble.

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