Who is Hange Zoe in Attack on Titan?

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is a super shonen manga with about 110 million copies sold. The manga follows the story of humans living within walls and their fight with Titans. The Series is full of interesting characters and Hange Zoë is one of them.

Hange Zoë is the only character in the series who is obsessed with Titans and keeps them as pets. Hanger Likes to run research on titans and learn new things about them to develop techniques and technologies that help survey corps on their missions.

Today MyAnimeGuru Brings you an article discussing Hange Zoë’s personality, Appearance, and abilities in detail. So if you want to know something new about Hange Zoë then stick with us and let’s start the discussion.

Introduction Of Hange Zoë

Hange Zoë
NameHange Zoë
Height170 cm
BirthdaySeptember 5th
ResidenceWall Rose
Titan Kills5
Source- Fandom

Hange Zoe is a unique and different character in the Attack on Titan universe. Everyone in the Series hates and is scared of Titans and then there is Hange who is obsessed with Titans and does research on them and is not scared of them.

She was super excited when she learned about Eren’s ability to transform into Titans and spent days and nights learning more about his ability and how the transformation works. This research helped to survey the corps immensely in developing new weapons and tactics.


Hange has light brown eyes and shoulder-length hair which she usually styles in a high ponytail with bangs with a middle part. She also wears an eyepatch because her left eye was badly injured due to an explosion caused by Berthold Hoover transforming into Colossal Titan.

Apart from Eyepatch she also wears square glasses with bands around them to keep them secured during combat. When Not in combat she switches her glasses with thin oval-shaped glasses.

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Like other characters, she also wears the Survey Corps uniform most of the time which consists of a light grey shirt, and a beige cropped jacket. When on a mission they wear an additional green hooded cloak. When out of uniform, She usually wears a white shirt with black pants and sometimes adds a black coat.


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Hange Zoë has an energetic and curious personality who loves to research titans. When She first joined the Survey Corps she Used to hate Titans but after observing how light they were she grew very curious and started her research about Titans.

She is the only character who is compassionate about the Titans evidenced by her crying over a titan named Bean experiencing severe pain during an experiment. She also had a complete meltdown when her Titans were killed.

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Over time as the series continued Hange became more serious and showed her lighthearted nature less frequently. Hange was also a genius who developed many modern weapons and tactical plans used by the Survey Corps.


Intelligence– Hange’s Intelligence was remarkable and helped humanity to research more about Titans and find more efficient ways to fight Titans and develop special weapons. These capabilities were appreciated by his teammates and by Erwin Smith who later decided to make her the next captain of Survey Corps and his successor.

Vertical maneuvering equipment– Due to her obsession with Titans Hange has developed impressive Vertical maneuvering Equipment skills so that she can stay close to the Titans without endangering her life. She has insane reaction time and control over her body.


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Hange Zoë is a Crazy but Responsible character from the Attack on Titan series, which makes her all the more fascinating in our eyes. What about you?

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Are Levi and Hange related?

In the “Attack on Titan: Junior High” manga, Levi and Hange have been very close friends since childhood and neighbors.

Who was Hange’s crush?

Hange had a crush on the Survey Corps’ former Commander, Keith Shadis.

Is Levi older than Hange?

Hange is 2-3 years younger than Levi

What was Hange Zoe’s pet titan name

Bean was the name given by Hange Zoë to a 7m Titan which was captured after the reconquest of Trost District

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