Who is Bertholdt Hoover In Attack On Titans?

Bertholdt Hoover was the first ever antagonist introduced in the series Attack on Titan. Bertholdt was a Marleyan spy who infiltrated Paradise Island to find the founding titan. He could transform into the colossus titan, making him one of the greatest threats to humanity.

In today’s article by MyAnimeGuru, we will talk about Bertholdt Hoover in detail and will discuss his personality, appearance, early life, and powers. so without any further delay let’s start with the discussion.

Introduction Of Bertholdt Hoover

Bertholdt Hoover
NameBertholdt Hoover
BirthdayDecember 30th
Titan PowersColossal Titan
Source- Fandom

Bertholdt Hoover was an Eldian Spy who was the part of Marleyan Warrior unit and possessed the power of The Colossal Titan, which is one of the strongest titans. He infiltrated Pradis island with Annie Reiner and Marcel to kidnap the user of Founding Titan and reclaim its power.


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Now let’s talk about Bertholdt Hoover’s appearance next.

Human form

Bertholdt was a tall and slender boy with short black hair and pale green eyes. He had an elongated face and thin eyebrows. He mainly wore his uniform which consisted of a grey undershirt and a cropped brown jacket with white trousers and long shoes. When on a mission he wore a green hooded cape to protect his identity.

When not in uniform we usually see him wearing a blue sweater and tan pants with a button-down shirt.

Colossal Titan form

Colossal Titan is the largest titan apart from the Founding and Abnormal Titan. Colossal Titan has no skin, exposed muscles, long arms, and thick feet to support his body. Bertholdt Colossal Titan also releases constant steam that replicates Bertholdt’s breathing patterns.

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Bertholdt from the start is a quiet character who follows what others are doing does not have any opinion of his own and lacks initiative. Bertholdt was never given the screen time that other characters got before his reveal and stayed as a background character.

Apart From His quiet personality, he is extremely loyal to his warrior teammates, Reiner and Annie, and is easily driven to anger if any of them is endangered. Bertholdt also seems to have some feelings for Annie, as observed by Armin and Reiner.

Berthholdt also grew colder as the series continued and became more calm and composed and easily killed his former teammates from the survey corps without showing any remorse.

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Early Life

Bertholdt Hoover Was born in the Marley Continet and joined the Maleyan Military as a Warrior candidate here I met Riener as he was getting bullied by Porco. After Porco left he helped Reiner and became his friend.

Later he was chosen to inherit the power of the colossal titan which he learned very easily and was sent off to Paradis island together with Annie, Reiner, and Marcel on a mission.

Here Marcel was immediately killed by Ymir after this event, Bertholdt transformed into the Colossal Titan Damaged Wall Maria, and started chaos, and between all the chaos Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner mixed in the crowd and later joined the Survey Corps


Bertholdt Hoover Ranked 3rd Among the Cadets. He was able to kill a small titan without the use of any vertical maneuvering gear. He was also skilled in Melee combat and was able to put up a fight with Mikasa and even overpower her for a short time.

Apart from these abilities he also has the power of The Colossal Titan.

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Power of the Colossal Titan

Colossal Titan is considered to be one of the strongest titans due to its Huge size and constant release of heat which makes it harder to get close to him. Here is a detailed list of Titan Powers that Bertholdt Hoover can use.

Explosive Transformation– This Power is unique to the Colossal Titan which allows the user to create an explosion while transforming into the titan form and destroying or knocking back anything that comes into its radius.

Enhanced Strength– The Colossal Titan is physically the strongest titan in the series as he was able to destroy the gate of Wall Maria with a single strike.

Regeneration– Like Other Titan Shifters Bertholtd also has the power of quickly regenerating any lethal wounds that could kill normal humans. He used this ability against Mikasa when she nearly chopped off his neck and arm.

Steam Emission– Due to his huge size and slow movement. The colossal Titan can be easily defeated with the help of ODM gear but to prevent this Colossal Titan can Release a huge amount of steam which can burn opponents to a crisp.

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Colossal Titan was such a threat at the beginning of the anime and almost wiped out the whole cast with its power. But that was it for our article on Bertholdt Hoover and we hope you liked it and learned something new about the first antagonist of the series.

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Why is Bertholdt hated?

He’s a violent, virtually unstoppable murderer, monster, and traitor with no intention of stopping what he’s doing or even so much as sparing his friends

Who defeated Bertholdt?

Eren & Armin
Siddharth Singh

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