Hashibira Inosuke Demon Slayer Powers, Age, & More

We are back again with another article on the awesome characters of Demon Slayer and their wiki. Today we are talking about the weirdest (in a good way) character who likes to fight with absolutely everything and grew up in mountains.

Yes, you guessed right. I am talking about Hashibira Inosuke Demon Slayer. We are going to give every piece of information available on the internet about this character so that you won’t have to go anywhere else.

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Introduction Of Hashibira Inosuke

Inosuke demon slayer
NameInosuke Hashibira
Age15 years
Height164 cm (5’4 inches)
Weight 63 kg (139 lbs)
Birthday22 April
Breathing Style Beast Breathing
Credits – Fandom

Hashibira Inosuke?) Inosuke is among the principal characters in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba and, along with Zenitsu Agatsuma is a travel partner of Tanjiro Kamado as well as Nezuko Kamado. Also, he is a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slayer Corps.


Inosuke appearance

Inosuke is a man in his 20s with average height and pale skin with a well-built and toned physique for his age, sporting big, defined muscles, especially over his stomach and upper arms. 

His face tells a completely different story. He has an extremely beautiful and feminine look, with big eyes, framed by a plethora of eyelashes long and long Irises are dark to light green, thin eyebrows, and what looks like a tiny, well-mannered mouth. 

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His long, black hair extends just above the shoulders, before fading to blue towards the tips, creating an uneven and unruly fringe that falls right above his eyes. It puffs out, before curling and falling to the forehead.

Inosuke wears an altered version of the traditional Demon Slayer uniform that consists of baggy hakama trousers with a tinted dark gray-blue that he wears around his hips by an oversized belt of soft brown deer fur. 

Contrary to his travel group of companions, Inosuke does not wear haori. The typical leg wraps made of cloth are replaced with what appear to be knee-high socks made of the hide of bears that show his toes and heels as well as the soles of the sandals worn by his feet. 

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The most distinctive feature of his is the hollowed-out, gray boar’s head that he wears to hide his own eyes, which he has altered so that he can see when wearing it that has been found to belong to the mother of his late adoptive boar.


Inosuke personality

Inosuke is a very impulsive and confident young man who believes that he is the best fighter in any situation, continually challenging all people he meets and wishing that others respect and praise his ability. 

The constant desire for the top spot is a reason for Inosuke to be quite controversial, since he regularly will try to persuade others, particularly Tanjiro Kamado, to fight him, though when it comes to this latter case, he generally does not succeed due to his obliviously gentle nature.

Inosuke is a bit angry side to his personality and is particularly vengeful when people he loves are injured. He also directly challenged Muzan and demanded that he pay for his sins by murdering and nearly killing each of the Demon Slayers.

Due to his being raised by boars, Inosuke is also shown to have a lack of understanding of human relationships. At least at the moment of his debut since he appears to often believe that people who come near him are trying to get him killed and does not seem to comprehend the kindness shown by others. 

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He is unable to write or read and is unable to pronounce people’s names correctly, like saying Monchiro rather than Tanjiro and Monitsu rather than Zenitsu. He is sometimes very unkind, with no intention of treating anyone as if they were enemies initially.

As the story unfolds, Inosuke is influenced more and more by Tanjiro’s methods and grows more used to generosity and affection, and can recognize the worthiness of other people than himself. He develops feelings of affection for Tanjiro as well as Zenitsu Agatsuma even though he maintains his pride and constant desire to be praised. 

He also learns to think more carefully when fighting by employing more sophisticated tactics that he learned from experienced Demon Slayers, and not jumping into fights without taking into account his thinking. 


Abilities of inosuke

General Abilities 

Inosuke is a highly skilled and skilled swordsman because of his ability to master Breathing with Total Concentration by himself and create his Breathing Style referred to by the name of Beast Breathing in response to his intuition and his upbringing in the mountains with wild boars.

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He also passed the final selection to be the Demon Slayer all without formal training. Inosuke is far more than capable of hunting and slaying demons all on himself, and he effortlessly killed his Horned Demon without any difficulty. 

He has demonstrated on numerous occasions that he can stand up to the challenge and participate in the fight with Upper-Rank demons of the Twelve Kizuki which includes Upper-Rank Six, Gyutaro, and Daki, and the stronger Upper Rank Two, Doma. 

Also, he is extremely talented with inhuman-like senses and extraordinary agility, in addition to an inherent ability to fight. Perhaps most remarkably, Inosuke could fight away Muzan, the Demon King Muzan, and his companions, boasting the same level of combat skill as Hashira who is the strongest swordsman of his fellow Demon Slayers.

Animal Imitation

Due to being raised in the mountain, Inosuke adopted their habits and began to incorporate them into his combat styles. In the end, the hand-to-hand style of combat as well as his swordsmanship style are like animals and beasts. 

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The Tanjiro-Kamado said that his style of fighting is unnatural. the combat style is reminiscent of the “four legs beast” because of the way his attacks are based on very low angles. He is also being extremely fierce and using other non-traditional moves, which makes his style extremely unpredictable and brutal.

Extreme Flexibility

Inosuke demon slayer

Inosuke is extremely flexible to the point that his back bends until his head is positioned between his feet. Then, he displays the capability to dislocate his arm to extend his reach as well as dislocate any joint within his body with a will.

The flexibility also extends to his internal organs since he was able to change his heart position and prevent it from being cut in the battle to Daki and Gyutaro. Then, he can bend his body to extreme levels.

Enhanced Physical Strength

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In light of his strong muscles and body, Inosuke possesses superhuman physical strength. He is equipped to double-wield two katanas, as opposed to one, and even swing them at high speeds. 

He was able to cut into the various parts of the body that had been engulfed by an entire train’s cabin. In his time at the Hashira Training Arc, He was able to move a stone more than twice its size using his hands alone. 

He was able to break Doma’s neck and throw his swords so powerfully that the force generated by the collision was strong enough to push the Kanao’s sword into his neck.

Enhanced Sense Of Touch

demon slayer insouke

After growing up in the mountains, Inosuke developed a sharp and extremely sensitive sense of touch through which his skin can feel the tiny vibrations of the air. 

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Inosuke integrated this capability in the Sptial Awareness technique, in which the sharp sensation to find all the demons scattered over a huge mountain. He later utilized it to identify the exact location of the Spider Demon (Father). 

Through this technique, it is possible to tell whether anyone is watching him, particularly when they are displaying negative motives. He can determine the exact place they are watching, which gives him an advantage in battle. 

The skin’s sensitivity can also give him an advantage against Doma since the sensation of his skin kept him from breathing in the dangerous Ice powder.

Extrasensory Perception 

Inosuke’s senses are sharpened to the point where they have a type of extrasensory sense that permits him to see things that are not in the normal range of perception. 

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Inosuke can sense the severity of his adversaries as we could see when we noticed Daki’s sash attack was loosening a little and gave an opening for the attack and how formidable Akaza as well as Kyojuro Rengoku appeared to be. 

Inosuke was also in a position to detect an individual’s malice and intention to kill, even if they were out of his line of view, which saved him from being injured by Gyutaro’s sword attack. 

Inosuke could also be able to recognize that Daki’s obi was inhabited by individuals trapped within it and prevented him from injuring them while fighting.

Incredible Speed and Reflexes 

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Inosuke is an extremely fast person which was evident in his speedy flurry throughout his way through the Tsuzumi Mansion in high speeds was able to avoid his Horned Demon’s attacks just in time by displaying his refined reaction and speed of movement. 

After a few months, his speed and agility improved to the point that he was able to defend himself from Daki’s Sensitive Obi sash while defending those trapped within and then compete in a battle with Daki’s Upper Rank herself. 

With the aid of Zenitsu along with Tanjiro, Inosuke was able to sprint towards Daki and kill her before she was able to react. 

To further prove his speed and agility, Inosuke can keep up with the Upper Rank Two, Doma, with different levels of success, occasionally being able to hit some strikes on him and steal Kanao’s sword from him, without Doma being aware of the sword being directly in front of his. 

Even though being injured and enervated, Inosuke could still match Muzan and later the demon Tanjiro with speed.

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Incredible Stamina and Endurance 

Inosuke hashibira

Through the years of hard training as a Demon Slayer, Insouke has gained a lot of endurance and stamina that was displayed repeatedly. 

Inosuke as well as Zenitsu was capable of maintaining a pace with awakened Daki and was able that cut her head off despite suffering numerous injuries. 

In addition, Inosuke still played a crucial role in the Upper ranks’ defeat, despite having been injured in the chest after being stricken with deadly poison. 

In the following battle, Inosuke lasted impressively long against the second-strongest Upper-Rank demon and endured numerous attacks from Muzan. 

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When he fought Muzan Inosuke suffered numerous serious and minor injuries, however, he remained determined to overcome the Demon King, and then fight off Tanjiro, the demon. Tanjiro. 

Strong Willpower

Inosuke has an extraordinary and unshakeable determination, never faltering and staying strong and determined against any enemy, even until he could put himself in danger. 

The strength of his will was evident during the battle against Doma, who was in the upper Rank Two Doma, in which despite suffering a multitude of bruises and injuries, Inosuke refused to surrender and continued to fight against the demon, despite the overwhelming strength. In the face of his opponent, the Demon King Inosuke stood firm and did not give up.

Resistant to Poison

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Inosuke was able to fight and withstand the effects of Rank 6’s poisoning up to a degree, even though it was regarded as extremely deadly this indicates that he might be immune to all poisonous substances. 

But, as was stated in the book by Aoi Kanzaki the same thing applies to there is no way any Shinobu Kocho’s medications will affect his body.

Therefore should he be exposed to a poison stronger than Gyutaro or one that isn’t one he has developed resistance to, they can’t be used to treat the problem and put him at greater risk of dying. 

Inosuke has succeeded in employing successfully using the Repetitive Action technique to move a huge boulder.

Repetitive Action

A technique used by a few members of the Corps and allows people to experience the same results as the Total Concentration Breathing through repeating pre-determined actions or recollecting intense emotions to awaken the five senses and increase their concentration level, utilizing the physical power of the body for a prolonged period. 

The ability is to employ simultaneously Repetitive Action as well as Total Concentration Breathing at the same time giving the user an incredible strength that can compete with upper-Rank demons. Inosuke quickly learned how to do this after watching Tanjiro and often rephrases ” Boar Rush!” while doing it.


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Fighting Style

Inosuke fighting style

Master Swordsman 

Inosuke has shown impressive skill when he uses his Nichirin Katanas, allowing him to battle and defeat demons on various instances, and even allowing him to take on those from the Twelve Kizuki. 

In the process of completing reaching the Infinity Castle Arc, Inosuke has undeniably polished his swordsmanship skills to the point of a Hashira that allows him to keep pace and fight with upper Rank two, Doma.

Breathing Style

The Beast Breathing

The distant ancestors of Wind Breathing and Inosuke’s personal creating after living in the mountains, and his battle to survive. He also takes his inspiration from the wild boars he grew up with.

Why Does Inosuke Wear A Boar Mask/Hide?

why does inosuke wear a boar mask

You have often seen Insouke wearing a Boar Hide or mask whatever you like to call it. Many people think that the boar mask is only for camouflage but there is a deeper story and reason behind this.

We all know that Inosuke was an orpahn and grew up in the mountains with wild boars. He even considers one wild boar his mother who took care of him.

It is believed that the boar mask he wears is of his late adoptive wild boar mother. This could be the reason why he always wears it.


One more reason behind wearing a boar mask is that he doesn’t want people to look into his face while he is crying or he is happy. That is why he always hides it with a boar mask.

Let me know in the comments what you think about it in the comments.

Final Words

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How tall is Inosuke in Demon Slayer?

Inosuke is 5 feet 4 inches (165 cm) tall in Demon Slayer.

Which breathing technique Inosuke uses?

Inosuke uses the beast breathing technique.

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