Chainsaw Man: Kobeni Devil Contract (Theories)

We have seen Kobeni frightened and just ready to escape any situation of danger and we thought that this was her personality. Although we were not wrong recently we saw something that seems too mindblowing for a girl like her.

We saw Kobeni in action and manhandling Katana Man and Leech Devil. How did she do it? Did she rely on her powers or does she have a devil contract? Let’s find out.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Kobeni Devil Contract. So, without further ado let’s get started.

Introduction Of Kobeni In Chainsaw Man


Chainsaw Man’s Kobeni Higashiyama was an ex-Public Safety Devil Hunter, but she resigned after the struggle with The Darkness Devil in Hell. 

Public Safety Devil Hunters are famous for negotiating agreements with the Devils. For instance, Himeno cut a deal with the Ghost Devil, Arai reached an agreement with the Fox Devil, and Aki had agreements with numerous demons, such as Control Devil, Future Devil, Fox Devil as well as the Control Devil.

As with all other members, Kobeni agreed in the name of the Devil. Kobeni’s agreement with the devil is said to create misery.

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But recently she seems to have acquired a greater ability to move in speed, and the ability to escape death. However, she has kept the identity of her devil hidden and there aren’t obvious markings on her body that give any clues about her devil’s identity.


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What do we know about Kobeni’s devil from Chainsaw Man?

However, not much is available about the devil whom shy and fearful Kobeni is believed to have struck an agreement. 

One time within Chainsaw Man, after a night out with fellow Public Safety Devil Hunters, she was unable to reveal the identity of her devil, declaring that her main desire is to eat delicious food. 

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But, the animanga group has never stopped making up theories by taking a thorough look at every thread possible and has come up with some intriguing fan theories and possibilities.

Let me know which one seems most convincing according to you.

1. Famine

Some fan theorists have suggested that Famine is a member of the Four Horsemen, and is her demon due to her love for food, specifically Ice cream, as well as her position at a fast-food restaurant. 

Her relationship with food is also evident in the Eternity Devilstoryline, she is frightened at the possibility of becoming starving.

Fami The Fami Famine Devil recently appeared in Chainsaw Man, however, it is not known which company she has signed an agreement with. 

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But, she has shown the ability to heal or save this could be the reason why Kobeni can get herself out of a sticky situation.

2. Death Devil

Death Devil, another member of the Four Horsemen that has yet to make an appearance on screen in Chainsaw Man is the next possibility. There is speculation that a deal made with Death Devil is what has enabled Kobeni to avoid death so many times.

3. Black Cat Devil

Theorists have suggested that she’s tied by the Black Cat Devil due to her agility, her supposed multiple lives, meaning she is not able to die easily, and also the nine siblings she has. 

Furthermore, cats of black are often associated with luck, which could explain why she is always in the wrong spot in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kobeni is a well-known character who is a demon who keeps her secret, but with the clues we have we might be able to find the answer. Kobeni is one of nine sisters.

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She’s extremely quick, and she’s always in the direst situations, but she emerges okay(except when fighting an apocalyptic or primordial) Most of all, she’s unfortunate.

The final cherry. Kobeni is the sole Og-related character that is still alive, along with Denji who is in a relationship with Pochita the dog.

4. Monkey Devil

Kobeni however, on contrary she has been compared to a monkey due to her agility and speed, and Monkey Paw is an object of magic that allows wishes but also causes condemnation.

It could be the reason people believe that she was a victim of her counterpart, the Monkey Devil.

5. Knife Devil


Fans have come up with numerous other demons including Knife Devil because of her blade skill, Fear Devil owing to her anxiety-related issues and fear, and so on.

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Whatever the devil Kobeni has signed up with the devil, it’s a terrible arrangement since for the money she is offered, her life has been disrupted and extremely traumatizing.

6. Fortune Devil

The most popular theory I’ve come across is that she’s associated with The Luck Devil, Bad Luck Devil, or, as the most plausible term for it it’s the Fortune Devil

The reason for this is being able to say that she has survived Akane Sawatari Katana Man, literally hell as well as in the form of Gun Devil, Makima’s onslaught Chainsaw Man’s onslaught Power driving the car… and so on. 

Also, she’s had a few instances of really bad luck in which she’s placed in the most deplorable situations that expose her to extreme suffering. 

I believe the concept of Fortune Devil sort of makes sense in this context and doesn’t have to be a bad Luck Devil (Devils aren’t always intrinsically bad, but rather things that are considered to be feared and feared, just as the future doesn’t have to be bad.

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But Future Devil still exists because people are scared of bad outcomes) However, when you look at her battle against Akane or Katana…

She’s an ordinary person, but she somehow was able to overcome everything. She was a valuable person being an ordinary human being, without any devil contracts as it was seen. What is the possibility of that?

It is a must that she be extremely lucky, or else? What happens if she has a contract with the luck devil or a similar devil? A contract that she will be able to forget about it. It’s like Haruta Shigemo of Jujutsu Kaisen.

In essence, she would not be aware that she is very fortunate, while also becoming more reckless. She’d be placed in danger and surviving each time, but since Kobeni is so anxious, she is suffering every minute of it.

Why would a devil sign a contract like this? The reason is that Kobeni being terrified of everything could increase Satan’s power, but mostly the devil she signed an agreement with will take advantage of her pain.

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I’m sure it’s an excessive amount of speculation without any evidence however, what are your thoughts on it?


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7. Violence Devil

A man’s arm can be cut straight across with a sharp knife. It’s not logical to attribute these inhuman abilities solely to luck. Devils possess very specific powers which don’t typically result in physical enhancements and especially not with any physical change. 

Heck, even Fiends aren’t able to show huge increases in their natural strength without having their abilities in addition to violence…

Since it’s been established it’s all but confirmed that the Violence Fiend is using Arai’s body as a host (many others have written about this, if you’re not convinced the claims of) as well, the sole instance we’ve seen Kobeni show her powers is after his death. 

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This means that strictly being a legal point, an extremely plausible contract for Kobeni to sign in to the Violence Devil

Since she is in some kind of connection to it and exhibits powers appropriate to the nature of the beast and does not appear to have these powers until he turns into the form of a Fiend and, as we all know Fiends aren’t able to sign agreements.

It’s not entirely plausible, however. In the end, there was no connection to Arai and Violence before his postmortem Fiend-ending and surely Kobeni might have said something had the Devil she had a contract with suddenly come back as a Fiend? 

Did Makima erase her memory or something else? Even with the bonuses what’s the reason she would keep a job at Public Safety when she just lost the only thing that makes her valuable even when she was a victim of one of the Bomb Girls?

Even so, however, it’s an intriguing “theory” that I’d like to share even if it’s completely absurd and far too complicated for something Fujimoto could include in the story, particularly since we’re now in.

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What Kobeni’s contract entails… I’m not sure. It could be something that none is expecting, or it’s a massive red herring that’s within the narrative “for the sake of it”.

My personal opinion is that the motive behind keeping it secret from the beginning was that she did not want colleagues to be able to judge them, which makes it more entertaining than any other theory I’ve heard to date.

After watching the final episode, I began to think about Kobeni. Kobeni was somewhat annoying and a minor character in the beginning, but we began to like her and her car throughout the show.

Final Words

That was all for our article on Kobeni Devil Contract let me know which theory seems convincing to you. You can share your views on this too.

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