Who Is Makima Chainsaw Man? Story, Abilities, and More

Chainsaw Man has already made fans crazy over the story and characters of the show. But one character, in particular, has boggled every mind that knows the series.

Today on MyAnimeGuru, we will discuss Who Is Makima In Chainsaw Man. We will know her story, motives, and who she is.

Makima Chainsaw man has been an interesting character since the start of the series and everybody thought of her as a mysterious woman with hidden motives.

Well, you thought it right and today we will talk exactly about this. So, let’s start the article without any more delay.

Introduction Of Makima

Makima chainsaw man
Full NameMakima
AliasesControl Devil
Conquest Devil
Devil Of Domination
Age22-25 years
Height5’5 inches
Source – Fandom

Makima is an interesting character who made her debut in the first episode and chapter of Chainsaw man anime and manga respectively. She is the antagonist principal in the manga series. Chainsaw Man

She is the chief of The Public Safety Devil Hunter organization who initially acts as a friendly ally to the main character, Denji, by taking Denji under her and taking him under her wing. 

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However, right from the start, she was averse to her ulterior motive to use him solely to gain power, eventually taking the heart of the chainsaw devil from him. 

To achieve her goals and earn his trust, she created an exact plan to ensure Denji to lead a peaceful life. This included giving him a new family as well as food and shelter. 

The reason she did this was that he would feel a sense of loyalty to her and would want to safeguard her.

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Who Is Makima Chainsaw Man

Makima chainsaw man

Makima can be described as one of the principal characters from the initial arc of Chainsaw Man. At the beginning of the story, we discover that Makima is a top member of the Public Safety Devil Hunters and the head of an experimental unit called the Tokyo Special Division 4.

This is the reason we see her first appearance. In it, she encounters Denji after his first changes into the Chainsaw Man (first anime episode) and offers him the chance to be part of her team. 

For Denji, Makima appears to be the most compassionate and amiable individual in his world. She’s the first person to accept him as human. Even begins to develop romantic feelings for her after their first meeting.

Unfortunately the case of Chainsaw Man, Makima turns into the control devil with the ability to control other creatures. However, to be able to control another one must first believe that she can overcome the being. 

Therefore, Makima uses Denji’s romantic feelings to entangle him in her scheme and gradually weakens him until she can gain control over Chainsaw Man’s power.

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Appearance Of Makima In Chainsaw Man

Appearance of makima

Makima first portrayed herself as a girl with extraordinary beauty. She was in her mid-twenties the too early 20s. She has a light brownish-red hairstyle that has been braided.

She features eye-length bangs and two long side bangs which define her face. Furthermore, she has strange eyes which resemble an animal with a swirling pupil and a smoky face. The majority of the time she has a serene and calm appearance to indicate that she is quite serious about her job.

In all of her appearances, Makima wears an elegant black business suit with a white shirt and a black tie, which is tied inside of it like the many other Devil Hunters and she sometimes takes off her businessman jacket. 

In her casual dress, Makima wears a nearly unbuttoned white coat with the inside of a black dress it, black stockings that are long as well as a high-heeled pair of shoes. In Pochita’s mind, she’s dressed in white lingerie with Reze.

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Makima's personality

Surprisingly, Makima seems to be a pleasant, gentle person, friendly and social, and is often seen every moment with an empathetic smile and is confident and relaxed even in times of crisis, and speaks professionally to her employees. 

But, this is just an appearance she puts on to accomplish her ultimate aim: Following the passing of Aki Hayakawa, Makima begins to expose her true character to Denji. 

Makima’s real face is an individual who is Machiavellian, determined, and sees all those who surround her as nothing other than “dogs” she is free to utilize as she wants and has to follow her with no doubt.

Makima has proved her skills as extremely cunning as well as cold and manipulative. She swayed Denji by promising him romance and sexual relationships as well as threatening his death when he doesn’t comply with her. 

Incredibly ruthless and usually uncaring she will do whatever is needed to attain her goals even at the expense of the people she ought to be protecting.

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Makima is also aware she isn’t a moral person and views herself in the category of “necessary evil” as a weapon under the control of the Japanese government, similar to Gun Devil which is controlled by Americans. 

Makima isn’t afraid of her plans being shattered, because no matter if her plans fail or succeed, she’ll be able to achieve what she desires.

Makima is a passionate enthusiast of Chainsaw Man, the “Hero of Hell”. Attracted by its capacity to erase the idea of a devil eating them, her declared intention is to get Chainsaw Man under her control so that she can use its powers to create a perfect life free from fear, death, and “bad” films. 

However, failure is acceptable since it could be considered a deed, a prestigious honor, according to her.

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Ability and Powers


As the title holder for Control Devil, Makima has many abilities at her side:


For a Control Devil which has been around in the same time as human history up to the point where they considered Makima her own body is truly immortal because no matter how demons or humans attempted to harm or kill her she’s capable of rebounding back her incredible recovery. 

It’s also proven that Makima’s physique is very robust, as even when injured, she not feeling anything. 

This was demonstrated during her fight with her foe, the Gun Devil when she was shot by it, rather than being wounded, the halo of brain tissue is released from the wound and is used to defend herself from The Gun Devil or when she was wounded by her attacker, Makima miraculously recovers from her death as if that bullet that killed her felt like a small cut that could be healed by or, if Chainsaw Man returned to life, just as she was broken up in the hands of Chainsaw Man himself and then resurrected, it was as if she felt nothing. 

It was revealed that Makima was killed at least 33 times in the main plot (She was additionally revealed to have been slain and then killed in the hands of Chainsaw Man at least 26 times). 

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Despite this Makima’s immortality may run out if Chainsaw Man eats her, cutting off her agreement with her Japanese Premier Minister and eradicating the entire people of Japan or at most taking out the prime minister to make Makima appear to be dead.

Reflection and Transformation

It is said by Makima herself that, after signing an agreement in conjunction with Japanese Premier, all assaults that are sparked through Makima herself are transformed into a form of the disease for the Japanese people, or at the very minimum, the deaths of victims will be considered to be accidents. 

This is evident by the deaths of those who were the Gun Devil or Denji’s assailant who was brutally killed in the wake of their actions against Makima.


Makima is manipulating

As the Control Devil it is one of the most important elements of her character. she utilizes her charisma, as well as other techniques such as brainwashing to achieve her goals and use other people as an instrument to help further her agenda. 

She also was shown to be adept at manipulating people through her brainwashing abilities or with simple manipulation techniques. 

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The power of manipulation is evident in their relationship Denji when she tries to impress him at first glance, providing him with a smile that was never his by wooing him initially to the point that Denji was a fan of her and tried to establish a reason for her through a plan based on her. 

But, at it all, the affection she displayed to Denji was just an act in the name of her agenda, which caused her to break Denji even more.

Mind washing, Memory manipulation, and Brainwashing

Makima and Denji in front of lucifers painting

Makima uses her brainwashing abilities to control her subjects to be easier to control, or at the very least, make them comply with her terms. 

Makima is also revealed to be able to interfere with a person’s memory in the same way, either by leaving them in the memory of something awful that happened or by convincing them they are their hero. 

This was evident by using brainwashing power toward her fellow Angel Devil when she regains his memories of his past to keep him from murdering her or altering Aki’s memory of how he came to love Makima to the extent that where she was obligated to him even though knowing nothing about the reasons Makima was his love Makima at all in the first place. 

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But, her brainwashing abilities have a disadvantage it is she can only influence other creatures if they are less-lifeform compared to her and is unable to control lifeforms that are more powerful or superior to her. 

To overcome her weaknesses she has to take on demons that have higher life forms so that they become subordinate. This is demonstrated by her inability to take on Chainsaw Man due to how powerful the devil is.

He also has earned the reputation of being the most fearsome demon due to his power of eliminating them from existence by simply eating them.

He can take on the likes of Reze, Quanxi, and Katana Man following the fact that the first and the latter were defeated by Makima they were killed by Makima.

Makima kills the first two and then the third lost to Denji and is now at the bottom of the food chain with Makima herself.

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Makima is authoritative

As one of the top members of the Devil Hunter Organization, Makima can assert her authority over others in the Devil Hunter by way of the power of her appearance or through fear that is appropriate to her position of the Control Devil because of her brainwashing abilities and manipulation. 

Makima is also not afraid to take down the Devilmen when they end up having to quit or violating the rules.

She does not hesitate to use threats or blackmail to persuade individuals to perform her dirty work, as evident in her plan to intimidate Denji by killing him if he failed to perform his duties or get one of the families of Yakuza to cooperate with her by offering them the body parts of their beloved family members.


Although the fact that she is known as her controlling Devil, Makima is also competent in her charm in the first chapter of the manga and is adept at establishing relationships that benefit her. 

This was demonstrated by Makoto’s interactions with another in Makoto, one of the Devil Hunters, Makoto, who was seemingly receptive to his decision to leave the Devil Hunter during the massacre or using her charisma to convince Denji to obey her commands. 

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Despite Kishibe’s suspicions of Makima until the point that he would like to kill her he chooses not to interfere in her business because she is a defender of humanity at first sight.

Psychic Powers And Force Manipulation

Makima using force

Makima has a very strong psychic ability that can be used to murder other people brutally as if they were murdered with an unimaginable force, as she draws various symbols with her hands to accomplish this. She can brutally crush individuals from the inside out or even murder them simply by watching the target applying her psychic powers or simply using her index finger to act as a weapon to take on her foes. 

Makima crushing people

Her incredibly powerful physical powers were demonstrated when she performed the ritual at the shrine of Denji to kill his enemies or crush Yakuza’s internal organs which caused him to bleed. 

They power of her was also demonstrated to be able to inflict wounds on The Darkness Devil and she was also shown killing Power by using similar psychic weapon power which she employed against The Darkness Devil itself. 

Furthermore, she makes use of her psychic gun in her battle in Chapter 88. Her psychic gun is so powerful that she can send Chainsaw Man into space.

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Being one of the strongest demons that exist and living for many years, Makima possesses a rather vast information. 

This is due to her ability to use lower-life creatures like birds or rats across the globe, by borrowing their eyes or ears to collect more details. 

The omniscient abilities of Denji are evident in her attempts at listening to the conversations to Quanxi and Kishibe in their conversations or being able to identify the names of the criminals who attacked Denji. 

However, her omniscient powers come with a disadvantage in that the person who becomes victimized can evade her power by using paper to communicate. 

Furthermore, Makima is unable to be in control of any entity with more power than she does and chooses to take on the enemy to make them more manageable. 

The omniscient understanding and memory were demonstrated in Chapter 84 when she has a keen awareness of the tragic events which were erased from human history because of The Chainsaw Man.

Chainsaw Man eating the devils that caused them to disappear and the human race to forget about the fear they been possessed of.


Makima using rats to teleport

Makima can teleport from anywhere using rats to the extent that she could transform into the area quicker than she was before. This was demonstrated in the encounter she had with Reze when Makima shows up after the rats took her to where Reze is standing, before getting to her final moments.

Controlling The Dead

While she’s not a necromancer in any way, Makima is capable of transmitting her voice to other people and then controlling them whether they’re alive or dead, to use those who have contracts with them to influence them to take on her enemies. The power of Makima is evident when she tries to defeat the Gun Devil which resulted in Makima making use of several contracts from her fellow Devil Hunters who were already dead.


makima making contract with punishment devil

While it’s claimed by Aki that devils cannot make contracts, however, it is demonstrated that Makima can form an agreement with devils to follow her orders to defeat their enemies. 

But, it is revealed that she must also utilize her chains to control many people to enable the contract-making possible. 

This was demonstrated in the fight against Gun Devil as after making numerous contracts with them, she uses the stolen devils, and then teleports these devils to Gun Devil to destroy Gun Devil completely. 

Additionally, her contract-making abilities are demonstrated in Chapter 89, where she imprisons many men as well as Angel Devil using her chain that was snatched from the womb of her womb to invoke to summon the Spear of Longinus for her to fight Kobeni as well as Chainsaw Man.

Healing Ability

Makima can restore a person to their normal self especially when they were in devil mode simply by hugging them. This was evident by the way Makima loved Denji in Chapter 1, as she returns to her normal self after killing her fellow Zombie Devils and the other Yakuzas who were Zombified.

High Tolerance to Alcohol 

throughout the show, Makima is shown to be able to handle alcohol, as she is not able to drink despite having consumed many drinks in several chapters. This is in contrast to other characters like Aki, Kishibe, or Himeno.

What is the true purpose of Makima?

makima chainsaw man

The control devil is first revealed, and we are told that Makima is determined to be in control of Pochita to use the Chainsaw devil’s power destruction by the devil to create a perfect world. In the idealized world in which she lives, every element of death, fear, and even conceptually bad films don’t exist.

However, in Chapter 96 of the manga, after being believed that she has overcome Pochita, Makima shares that she’d like to live happily ever after with Pochita. She also claims that it would be an honor to be eliminated by him if he loses.

Final Words

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