Queen Of The South Season 6 (Canceled?)

Queen of the South is an enormous success on Netflix, with millions watching its captivating stories about Teresa Mendoza (played by Alice Braga), who rises from poverty to become a powerful cartel player.

In April, Netflix released the newest series of episodes from the USA Network show which viewers eagerly devoured. Unfortunately, those hoping for Queen of the South Season 6 will have to endure these shows as they mark the last ones ever for the show.

Queen of the South began airing its brand-new seasons in the USA in 2021, just as the USA announced on its website that the series would no longer be broadcast.

Here’s what the cast and crew have to say about why Queen of the South won’t be getting a sixth season brought to you by MyAnimeGuru.

Queen of the South Season 6 Release Date

Queen of the south season 6 release date
Name of Web SeriesQueen of the South
All Seasons so far5
Total Viewers1 Million
Type of Web SeriesCrime, Bloodshed, Violence
Lead ActressAlice Braga
ProducerLorenzo O’Brien
Popular TracksEscapar, The Turn, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Confession, The Lifestyle

It has now been confirmed that The Queen of the South season 6 will not air. The announcement was made via USA Network back in August, just a few months after its fifth season aired.

Queen of the South fans may not know that its fifth and final season was pulled from the air in March 2021, just one month before its premiere on USA Network on June 9th, 2021.

Following more than 62 episodes aired throughout its run on USA Network, viewers were eagerly awaiting its finale which premiered June 9th, 2021 on USA Network.

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NBCUniversal has canceled Queen of the South Season 6 due to their plan of cutting back on scripted series created exclusively for USA Network. Their new strategy is to make USA Network into a hub for reality programming and create scripted programs tailored exclusively for the Peacock channel.

20th Century Fox Television and Universal Content Productions of NBCUniversal created Queen of the South together. However, with Disney’s change to 20th Television, Queen of the South no longer falls under their umbrella.

Reason Behind Queen of the South Season 6 canceled?

Reason Behind Queen of the South Season 6 canceled?

An image from its final season, “Queen of the South.” These episodes that debuted on Netflix in April 2022 marked its last ever airing. USA NETWORK.

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USA announced that season 5 of their hit show will be the last one to air in March 2021, one month before new episodes debut.

Entertainment Networks, owner of USA, chairperson Frances Berwick issued a statement saying: “For five incredible seasons, Queen of the South has captured our attention with its captivating storytelling and powerful characters.”

“This series has redefined the genre, and we are so delighted to have had the chance to collaborate with such talented producers, actors, and crew as well as 20th Television and UCP – our studio partners.”

“As we close out this final chapter in this amazing journey, we look forward to giving our viewers the ending they have earned,” stated David “This season has truly been remarkable – what a journey!”

When the USA announced its cancellation, it was a huge success and remains one of their most-watched original dramas.

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The network decided to end the show due to its inexorable shift away from producing original dramas. When Queen of the South finished airing in November 2021, there were only three original dramas left: Queen of the South, The Sinner, and Dirty John.

Unfortunately, The Sinner was canceled in 2021 and there are currently no plans for a new season of Dirty John either. The USA did air Chucky (in partnership with Syfy) towards the end of 2021 but there’s yet to be confirmed whether Season 2 will follow or if the USA does indeed not have any original dramas left for airing currently.

Can Netflix bring Queen of the South back? Technically, yes. With Dare Me as an exception, they have yet to do so with another big-hit USA series like it.

Furthermore, USA brought its show to a thrilling climactic conclusion and there were no announcements regarding any redesign on Netflix in close to one year since it premiered on USA.

Dailyn Rodriguez, co-showrunner of the show, spoke to Deadline about its potential definitive ending. She stated: “When I finished filming the show, I felt an immense amount of peace and immense beauty – as this show has such dark elements as well as sad elements throughout its run…there’s so much poetry and beauty that culminates in such a stunning scene that, unlike anything we’ve seen before in its journey…I consider this ending highly emotional for myself and hope viewers share my sentiment.”

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Queen of the South Seasons 1 through 5 can be streamed right now on Netflix.

What Happened in The Queen of the South Seasons 1-5?

What Happened in The Queen of the South Seasons 1-5?

Teresa Mendoza is the show’s main character. She has achieved incredible things despite beginning as a money changer from Sinaloa who went on to build and expand her cartel of narcotics that controls all cocaine transport and distribution throughout Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, New York City, Georgia, and Europe – which has left viewers eagerly awaiting news of her appearance in Queen of the South season 6.

With such an inspiring life story it is no wonder people are eagerly waiting to see her featured in Queen of the South season 6.

Teresa and James’ relationship is one of the longest-running shows on modern television. Teresa works alongside James at her company, and he serves as her guide through the trials of business life.

Teresa Mendoza endeavors to impress Camila Varga during season 2 to prove her worthiness. However, Camila already has enough on her plate as the leader of her cartel while her husband attempts to shut down operations and bring her home.

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Teresa ends up fleeing Mexico after fleeing from the Mexican cartel, seeking refuge in America where as a single woman starting over, she must now create an empire.

In the third season of the show, she plans to open a company in both Arizona and Phoenix. This gives her greater control over supply chains from Colombia, Cuidadan, and the USA; further displacing some of her rivals.

On the fourth season of Queen of the South, Daily Rodriguez and Ben Lobato took over as showrunners/executive producers in place of Natalie Chaidez who moved on to more shady pastures.

Teresa gains access to power by taking over a smuggling company that extends from Sinaloa up through Phoenix, Miami, and New Orleans; later she expands this operation into New York City where she engages Russian mafias for financial gain.

In the two seasons prior, Teresa has consistently managed to escape the mud. Yet she persists in chasing Tona and Salazar without seeming particularly invested in their feelings compared to her own.

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No amount of attack will ever stop her. She was given another chance at life when El Gordo betrayed his bosses and became part of her. In Season 6, she cemented her place in New York before heading overseas in Season 5.

Teresa’s goal is to reach such great heights that she will appear “too large for comfort.” However, Teresa’s former adversary from her time in the CIA can thwart these plans.

This season we’ve seen Teresa endure more loss and that of those close to her, yet she also finds love. When the CIA attempts to use her as a tool in their games, Teresa plans on pretending to be dead and ending the narco lifestyle to make a change.


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Final Words On Queen Of The South Season 6

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