Who Is Kishibe In Chainsaw Man? (Explained)

We are back again with a new article on Chainsaw Man characters. We just can’t get enough of Chainsaw Man because it is so damn good.

Today, we are talking about Kishibe Chainsaw Man. A mysterious yet powerful character who teaches Denji and Power to fight. He claims to be the strongest Devil Hunter in the series, however, we manga guys know that Makima and Denji have far greater powers than Kishibe.

But one thing is certain, Kishibe is the strongest human character introduced now in the series. What makes him so powerful? Let’s find out.

So, without further ado let’s get started.

Introduction Of Kishibe

Kishibe chainsaw man
Occupation Public Safety Devil Hunter (Special Division)
Contracted DevilsClaw Devil
Knife Devil
Needle Devil
DebutManga – Chapter 29
Anime – Episode 10
Credits – Fandom

Kishibe is a Public Safety Devil Hunter from Tokyo Special Division 1 and later on, he became the captain of Tokyo Special Division 4. He is a powerful devil hunter and probably the most powerful human to be a devil hunter.

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Appearance Of Kishibe

Kishibe appearance

Kishibe is a man with grizzled facial hair that is scraggly as well as a stitched scar along his left cheek, which is visible from his mouth. When he was a teenager, his hair was black however, it has changed to gray according to the Manga. 

In the anime, he sports a much more yellow color that can be dyed. Two piercings are on his left ear, and the other on the right. Kishibe typically wears the standard Public Safety Devil Hunter uniform with a thick overcoat. 

He is usually seen wearing the silver hip flask, which he often drinks from.

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Personality of kishibe

Kishibe is a calm simple person. Because of his capability and strength, he can do his tasks formally and shows no emotion when his actions. 

Although he speaks with a calm and polite approach, his deeds frequently show the brutality he has accumulated throughout many seasons spent Devil Hunting. Although he may express emotions like surprise or sadness over certain events, his facial expression and voice are completely neutral.

Despite all this stoicism, Kishibe has proven on many occasions that he is an extremely sentimental and emotional person. In his classes with Denji as well as Power despite his declared dislike of Fiends and Devils, He becomes a bit affectionate toward the pair, telling Makima of his worries about their security. 

He then helps take responsibility for Meowy for them to show his appreciation while they are on an excursion. In the same way, he is unable to gaze at the body of Quanxi following her death, due to their apparent past friendship despite their attempts to kill each other earlier in the daytime.

Kishibe has been in pursuit of devils for an extended period, making Kishibe quite insane. Kishibe believes the most dangerous devil hunters aren’t the bravest or strong and the craziest because they’re the ones with no fear.

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Kishibe revealed to Denji along with Power that he likes to be referred to as Master while instructing the two. He also admits to enjoying drinking and killing women and evil spirits. 


Kishibe abilities

Kishibe is the most powerful member of Tokyo Special Division 4 according to Makima and is and is followed by the Angel Devil. Kishibe has declared himself to be being the best devil hunter. He is the strongest devil hunter.

Kishibe has agreements with at most three devils, who are described as “fairly risky”. 

While Kishibe was initially dismissed by them as not being unique, Kishibe proved strong enough to subdue two of the thugs that work for Quanxi by himself. 

Physical Prowess

Kishibe is extremely strong for a human being. He could pick Denji as well as Power up off the ground using just one arm and take their necks and snap them without any of them being in a position to stop him. By punching with a single strike, the warrior could break off weapons made by the hardened Power’s blood.

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Accelerated Speed: Kishibe is an extremely fast fighter, capable of avoiding Denji’s slash and counterattack by stabbing him multiple times before Denji was able to react and then slash Power’s throat before she had the chance to launch an attack on her own. 

Enhanced Reflexes: Kishibe has superhuman reflexes, able to evade a spear at close range, which was hurled through the door in front of him due to surprise, and then react to attacks directly above him. 

Enhanced Durability: Kishibe could survive being thrown from the window and fall fast enough to smash the top of a vehicle however he was able to slow his fall by slicing his knife into the wall of the structure.

Devil Contracts

  • Claw Devil Contract: Kishibe has signed a contract with Claw Devil for an unknown price.
  • Knife Devil Contract Kishibe has signed a contract with Knife Devil for an unspecified price.
  • Needle Devil Contract: Kishibe has signed a contract with Needle Devil for an unknown price.


Kishibe has great skills when it comes to using knives during combat. After evading Denji’s attack, he repeatedly cut Denji on the back, pushing the knife into his jaw and his brain before cutting Power’s throat.

Kishibe also has impressive marksmanship, since he was capable of throwing his knife with precision through a corridor to strike Denji on the head.

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Hand-to-Hand Combat: Kishibe is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. If Denji tried to strike him from behind, Kishibe could kick and spin in one fluid movement to hit Denji’s forehead and make him in a state of unconsciousness. 

What is known about the past of Kishibe?

Kishibe past

However, little is available about the backstory of Kishibe. In the story that was a part of The Chainsaw Man manga fans were able to view the younger Kishibe. Kishibe and discover a little of his background. 

The hunter came across the girl he would later call his Devil Hunter partner, Quanxi quite early in his life and was immediately enamored with her.

He even went in the direction of asking her to be his girlfriend upon their first meeting. It’s not hard to imagine that it didn’t go well. Quanxi was averse to his offer and then promptly punched him. 

Through the years, working side-by-side, Kishibe attempted time and repeatedly to persuade his companion, often repeating the question. Unfortunately, however, Quanxi’s answer to each question was the same.

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Based on this piece of facts, it’s safe to conclude that Kishibe was not always the calm person he is today, however, he was straightforward throughout his entire life. Despite his poker face nevertheless, Kishibe is not void of emotion and emotions, as he has proven often. 

He’s a romantic who becomes quite fond of Power and Denji throughout the show. In fairness, these two characters have a way of stepping into hearts without invitation.


While we have sent Kishibe pull off miraculous escapes and fabulous fights with the strongest of foes and supporting Chainsaw Man through the shadows for a long time now, it’s apparent to come to the conclusion that he is without a doubt one of the strongest if not the strongest Devil Hunter.

He solo’ed both Power and Denji during their training for fighting the Katana Devil and despite their best efforts they couldn’t overcome him and continued to lose. Even in the fight against the darkness devil and the many battles against subsequent enemies as well as rescuing Nayuta from China, Kishibe has done it all.

While he might not beat Denji in pure firepower, he is resilient without any cure and as they say in a business where men die young, you gotta fear the old man.

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Final Words

That was all for our article on Kishibe Chainsaw Man. I hope you got all the answers you were looking for and if I made a mistake then do let me know in the comments so that I can fix it right away.

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How old is Kishibe in Chainsaw Man?

Kishibe is in his early 50s in chainsaw man manga and anime.

Is Kishibe the strongest devil hunter in chainsaw man?

No, Kishibe is not the strongest devil hunter but he is the strongest human until now in the series.

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