16+ Best Magic Manga And Manhwa (Ranked)

Magical stories always take us to their world, which is what readers love about Magic Manga and Manhwa.

Today, MyAnimeGuru brings you a list of 16+ Best Magic Manga And Manhwa. This list will be ranked based on the reader’s ratings and reviews.

So, let’s get started with the magical world of magic manga and manhwas.

List Of Best Magic Manga And Manhwa

  • Solo Leveling
  • The Beginning After The End
  • That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Who Made Me A Princess?
  • Hooky
  • Overlord
  • Lout of Count’s Family
  • Dorohedoro
  • The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter
  • The Savior’s Book Cafe Story in Another World
  • Witch Hat Atelier
  • Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End
  • The Eminence in Shadow
  • Author of My Own Destiny
  • The Ancient Magus’ Bride
  • The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine
  • This Witch of Mine

This is our list of best magic manga and manhwa. Now, let us discuss why we chose these titles to be on our list of best magic manhwa and manga.


17+ Best Historical Manga/Manhwa (Ranked)

Books Worth Reading:

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling

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Solo Leveling is a wonderful read. The story is compelling and the art is stunning. Although the first five chapters are slow, it is not a major problem. 

It is easy to overlook, as it serves as a foundation for the rest of the book’s plot. It is one of my all-time favorite stories.

Books Worth Reading:

To all the illustrators, writers, and anyone else who contributed to this piece, you are truly amazing. This work has the best moral of them all. It doesn’t matter how famous or powerful you become.

As long as you can save the world, it doesn’t matter what. We are so grateful for this magic manga manhwa and a wonderful piece of work.

Number 1 on our list of best magic manga and manhwa.

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Books Worth Reading:

2. The Beginning After The End

the beginning after the end

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This manga (manhwa) is a great read. It is a very wholesome story. The fights are great, and the villains are amazing. great character development, and a great love interest. 

All in all, it’s a great read. Also, the art is delicious. The plot is a rich stew of sci-fi fantasy, adventure, action, and science-fi. I love that it’s not a cliche

Every twist and turn is unexpected but always makes sense. My entire week revolves around Friday’s new chapter release. It is a great series that I highly recommend to all. 

It is so underrated that is why it is in the top 2 on our list of best magic manga and manhwa.

Books Worth Reading:

Art’s growth throughout his new journey is fascinating and you feel attracted to the people he meets. Because 149 left me longing for more, I wish there was more. This story is amazing.

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3. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That time i got reincarnated as a slime

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Books Worth Reading:

Because I know that I’m terrible at art, I don’t care about it. But this manga is beautifully drawn. I haven’t found a manga that I love so much that I buy it online.

It is a wonderful story. The protagonist may have been ideally an OP, but the author has kept it intact so that the story can be told in a truly amazing way. 

It is amazing to think of a story that features such a character in such a setting. It’s amazing, and I love the progress made for each character. It’s not just the main character, it is part of the story.

The characters blend well together throughout the scene. There is so much potential. It can only get better. Magic, Loyalty, Trust, Family, Friendship, Guidance, Strength, Hope, etc. 

If these are the genre you like then this magic manga is for you.

Books Worth Reading:

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4. Who Made Me A Princess?

Magic manga and manhwa

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This is one of my favorite stories. This story has been my favorite from 2018 to now (2022). I can’t believe this manhwa doesn’t have any opponents in its genre. 

Books Worth Reading:

The only opponent in the political royalty genre is the remarried empress. Villains are destined to die in a reborn story. This story has a lot of interesting chapters.

I read them all in one sitting. I didn’t take a break. I waited until the next chapter was released and then I began to read them.

One of the best on our list of magic manga and manhwa.


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5. Hooky


This comic was just completed, and it has been an amazing ride to follow the story and see the art evolve over the years. 

Books Worth Reading:

Two kids miss the school bus, and what begins as a wild ride of adventure turns into a blur. It’s my first time reading all the chapters

I tend to skip some chapters and skim through others, but this time I enjoyed every chapter. It’s amazing, from the plot to the characters. 

There was never a moment when I wasn’t entertained or felt some emotion. I highly recommend this magic manga.

This book is for you if you enjoy witches and sibling relationships that are genuine and loving, dragons, and heartwarming friendships.


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Books Worth Reading:

6. Overlord


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As the series progresses, the art gets better. It was a little busy at first, with the backgrounds and foregrounds not being distinct. But that problem seems to have diminished

Ainz’s character design is not my favorite, with the fear exposed and a boxy silhouette. However, I do like that there are some small improvements

They’re better at drawing their skull, so it doesn’t look as sunken-in. They’ve also stopped drawing fems in flattened chibi forms, which looked terrible.

But overall, one of the best magic manga of all time.

Books Worth Reading:

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7. Lout of Count’s Family

The lout of count's family magic manga/manhwa

Lout of the Count’s Family is about a man who is isekai’d into a book he is reading. He becomes Cale Henituse, the annoying trash of a noble, and not a hero or major villain

Cale’s goals are simple after being isekai’d: Use his parents’ money for a comfortable lifestyle and learn from the series to avoid the hero and all the trouble that may be brewing in his new world. 

Ah, Cale! He is the epitome of tsundere His actions speak louder than his words. He doesn’t see how his influence and the admirers he has become.

Books Worth Reading:

It is amazing to me. His laidback, cunning personality is what I love about him. He doesn’t stop spreading his wealth everywhere. 

He’s not the typical MC who attracts trouble. He is a skilled MC who knows how to finish a job quickly and efficiently.

An underrated title on our list of best magic manga and manhwa.

8. Dorohedoro


Dorohedoro. One of my favorite mangas/animeDorohedoro is known for its cheerful brutality. This is what this quirky manga excels at. 

Books Worth Reading:

Dorohedoro’s unique juxtaposition of violence, gore, and brutality is a funny and memorable combination. It also has dark humor, lightheartedness, and silliness. 

This unique contrast is charming and funny. There is always something funny to cheer you up, even if the serious moments don’t last. 

There is always someone making a joke out of it, or spilling blood. No matter how severe a person gets, no matter how much they are beaten. 

Because I couldn’t stop watching the anime, I started reading the manga. One of the best on our list of magic manga and manhwa.

9. The Monstrous Duke’s Adopted Daughter

Magic manhwa

This manga is a unique take on the genre that not many people are looking at. The plot is very dense so I won’t be able to say much without spoiling the story, but I will try.

This story features a real child as the main character. This might seem unappealing to some, but it was something I found refreshing. 

It was a wonderful plot point in some stories. It is a terrible thing for authors to make a woman do stupid things just to get the plot moving, but this gives you a good reason why the protagonist thinks so.

This story is great. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next season. I would highly recommend this story to anyone interested in magic manga and manhwas. The male lead is also a little older than her, and I enjoy that.

10. The Savior’s Book Cafe Story in Another World

Magic manga

WOAH. This made me so happy! This is one of my FAVORITES. She is so easy to relate to and doesn’t have the 8th-grader syndrome. 

This book has a sweet story and an adult character who acts like one. Although the last chapter was a bit rushed, they were wrapping up things to introduce the next part. 

The rest of the chapters are well-paced and just.. AAA it is a refreshing change from other isekai mangas/manhwas. This is my first full-color manga.

I read it multiple times, even though there are only a few chapters yet. But, it felt like an adventure

Although I usually reread my favorite chapters even when they aren’t in print, this chapter was my favorite! I wish I could have read the next chapters, and I cannot wait to read more!

One of my fav magic manga.

11. Witch Hat Atelier

Witch hat altier

The story is charming and whimsical. The art is beautiful, expansive, and detailed. It’s a fantasy story with no typical manga tropes. Coco, a young girl, wants to learn magic.

A sorcerer appears who is initially reluctant but eventually agrees to teach Coco along with three other little girls.  They become close friends and family and they all end up living together. 

A very innocent story. It’s a very immersive world, with an interesting power system, world-building, and lovable characters.

However, the plot is slow-burning and the character development is a little slow. The art is amazing and it pulls you in. 

This book was fascinating and I found myself wondering why it wasn’t more popular than Harry Potter.

Just kidding but a truly underrated magic manga.

12. Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Frieren magic manga

This is a great book for bringing back memories. It also gives me a new perspective on elves. Freiren constantly refers to her past to make it easier to connect with her and to see how her past experiences have changed her. 

These flashbacks add emotion to the story and enhance the manga’s journey feel. It’s definitely worth the read. I love it completely so far.

Many scenes have me thinking back to the past, which adds to the sadness of the present. This is a sign that the author has mastered the art of drawing emotions from readers.

One of the best magic manga now.

13. The Eminence In Shadow

The eminence in shadow

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It is a fascinating story. He has been training himself since he was a little boy and he continues to do so even as he reaches high school. 

He’s really buff and then he wonders how he can destroy a nuclear bomb. Then he learns about magic and trains to use it. Read this magic manga that’s all I would say.

14. The Author Of My Own Destiny

The author of my own destiny

The plot is all I wanted in a manhwa. I am happy to finally see a mage villainess within a manhwa. Fiona and Siegren are memorable, particularly Fiona and Abel who had very sad backstories.

Abel also had a lot of interesting and amazing character development. After reading this, you can’t help but feel for Fiona and Siegren. Although they are now apart, their love will never be lost.

It’s impossible to find anything negative to say about this manhwa. Seriously, this magic manhwa has become my favorite and will remain for many more years to come.

One of the best on our list of magic manga and manhwa.

15. The Ancient Magus’ Bride

The ancient magus's bride

It is a wonderful little representation of the “beauty of the beast” western magic story concept. I was captivated by it when it first came out. 

Kore Yamazaki Sensei is truly creating a beautiful tale with so much depth, beauty, and warmth. 

Although some dark moments show the worst of humanity, the manga is so well constructed that these moments serve only to highlight the brighter, warmer moments.

This magic manga is worth reading. It makes me believe in magic and I recommend it 100%.

16. The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine

The perks of being an s-class heroine

Cute, wholesome, and funny.

The personality of the MC is hilarious! She is so adorable! She is so adorable. She is determined to assist the MC of this novel and not regress in time like the original story. 

It’s so funny to hear the commentary of the gods throughout the story! They and the MC are hilarious! They’re priceless. 

The family interactions between the MC, her brother, and her dad are adorable and heartwarming. There should be more of this magic manga.

17. This Witch Of Mine

This witch of mine

Simply amazing.

Although the story is confusing, it’s well-written and interconnected. It’s still a great story, even after I read it countless times.

This is a touching tale of multiple witches and their relationships with the people they live with. It’s a touching story about love, loss, and the different types of grief these characters experience.

I’ve never been so attached to characters in a such short time. This story is one of my favorite magic manga. I have cried so many times throughout it.

Final Words

That’s all for our list of best magic manga and manhwa. I hope you got something to read and if you did then do let us know in the comments. We publish 2-3 articles per day on anime, manga lists, and manhwa too. Bookmark our tab if you are interested.

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