Who Is Aki Hayakawa In Chainsaw Man?

Well, not every anime nowadays have the caliber to hook the audience and keep them from leaving the show. Chainsaw Man is one of them and it is also the best modern shonen anime and manga series and one of my favorites too.

If you have read the manga or seen the anime then you probably have heard about Aki Hayakawa. If not, then you need to watch the show again. He got the most attention after Denji because of his unique personality.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Aki Hayakawa and you will know everything about the character you want. So, let’s get started.

Warning: It may contain some spoilers.

Introduction Of Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa

Aki Hayakawa was a Public Safety Devil Hunter, being part of Makima’s special unit. One of his contracts was for his fellow Devils, the Curse Devil and Future Devil as well as a previous agreement for The Fox Devil. 

He was murdered and taken over by 20 percent part of his enemy, the Gun Devil, thus becoming the host of the Gun Fiend.

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He was also a protagonist from the Introduction section of the International Assassins arc of the Public Safety Saga, and the main antagonist unwittingly for the Gun Devil arc as the Gun Fiend.

NameAki Hayakawa
SpeciesHuman (Former)
Age19-21 Years old
Height5’9″ Inches
Weight69 Kg (150 lbs)
OccupationDevil Hunter
Devils Contracted WithFox Devil
Curse Devil
Future Devil
Available Information On Aki Hayakawa – Fandom
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Appearance Of Aki In Chainsaw Man

Aki hayakawa appearance

Aki was a human before but after he was killed, he became Gun Fiend and his appearance changed.

Human Form

Aki Hayakawa was a handsome young man with medium-length hair (black) tied in a topknot and blue eyes. He usually wears a Public Safety Devil Hunter suit and tie. He also wore earrings and often carried his sword on his back.

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Fiend Form

When the Gun Devil took over his body, he was transformed into known as the Gun Fiend. His hair was shaved with his eyes and forehead were swathed with dark veins. 

The slide and barrel that came with the M1911 could be seen protruding from his face between his eyes. With the gun’s hammer sticking out of the back of his head. the left forearm of Aki was replaced by the M4.


Personality of aki chainsaw man

Aki typically appears as a quiet person. He appears mature but sometimes his behavior reaches the point of rudeness when he’s with his colleagues, but he is quite soft and cares a lot about others. 

He is prone to be a bit attached to other people quickly and is adamant to see someone hurt, especially close friends. In contrast to many of his friends, he has been classified by Himeno as a “normal person” in that he grieves over the lost and hasn’t been able to get over his emotions. 

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However, he’s determined and his primary motive behind shooting his fellow Gun Devil is revenge for his family. He is fully prepared to put his life at risk in order to save people, despite the fear of death, and is even willing to risk his life for his ultimate objective.

He is not a fan of people who do not consider their work in the role of Devil Hunters with seriousness or who fight for a trivial and material purpose like money.

Aki is also extremely ruthless in his assertion that he ensures that the devils he kills are afflicted so that they can die the chance to die slowly and painfully. He is able to make himself intimidating to people he doesn’t trust enough.

He soon started caring a lot about Denji and Power too and sacrificed even his purpose for their sake. Aki is also capable of fearing losing the people he loves deeply. 

He also told Kishibe that the reason he decided to quit the task of destroying Gun Devil is that the future he saw through the force of his Future Devil, with Denji and Power suffering an awful and painful death and he was afraid of the future he saw.

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Relationships of aki


Aki And Denji initially resent each other and their first encounter leads to an altercation verbal and physical in which Aki hits and insults Denji and then waits to cause Denji to kick him the in the crotch and kick him when the latter is lying down. 

After fighting alongside one another and sharing the same home, Aki begins to consider Denji as an acquaintance, though he tends to find him annoying sometimes. 

Even going so that he asks that the Fourth Division be exempt from fighting the Gun Devil in an attempt to ensure that Denji and Power are in a safe place. 

As Aki had to fight Denji for the title of Gun Fiend, he imagined it was a battle in a snowball between two friends, perhaps even brothers, because it was similar to the snowball fight he had with his brother back in the past.

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Who Is Denji In Chainsaw Man?


Aki as well as Power are also in a less than pleasant relationship in the beginning, but maybe not as much as Denji. Aki dislikes Power’s sexy and inconsiderate attitude and finds Power extremely offensive. 

Aki only takes Power because Makima asks for it, and eventually, they become friends with one another. While he appears to be annoyed and disgusted with Power’s erratic behavior, he also considers her an acquaintance. 


Who Is Power In Chainsaw Man?


Aki has been acquainted with Himeno since the time he joined Public Safety, and she was his first co-worker. She was responsible for bringing him into smoking and tried to convince him to leave the job to protect him. 

She was in love with him and it was believed the possibility that she had kissed him as the latter was still a recruit. However, it is believed that Aki did not reciprocate her affections, he was a devoted friend and wept after her passing away.


Aki is in love with Makima and seems to be able to trust her completely, but it could be due to Makima’s control abilities. This could explain the reason Aki can’t recall his motives for his attraction to Makima. 

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Makima has a complete disregard for her feelings and did not care about her beyond his function as an instrument. She was often blameless on Aki, for instance by taking him to Power or Denji without first asking questions and manipulating him when she protested.


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Angel Devil

After being joined after being paired up, the pair started in a rough spot and both had a hard time getting along with one another. However, they started to become more comfortable with each other to the point that they were concerned about their health of each other.  

Additionally, it was reported that the Angel Devil was more likely to provide Aki with a wealth of information, including the life cycles of devils. 

After meeting with the Devil of Darkness, Aki worried about the Angel Devil’s existence and advised him to sign agreements with devil hunters in the hope of avoiding being killed. 


Who Is Angel Devil In Chainsaw Man?


Let’s talk about the abilities of Aki Hayakawa in chainsaw man.

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Before Death Abilities

abilities of aki

Physical Prowess

Enhanced reflexes

Aki has superhuman reaction time and is capable of keeping pace with the speed of Katana Man and Devils. After signing a contract in conjunction with Future Devil, Aki’s reaction time was enhanced. Thanks to his precognition abilities, Aki could evade Reze’s explosions while nearby and block Quanxi’s attack.

Enhanced Durability

Aki is quite robust. He survived being injured with Kobeni and was just requiring the help of Power to heal the wound, not needing to visit the hospital afterward. In the course of his battle in a fight with Katana Man, Aki was thrown against the wall with enough force to break it and was then wounded in the chest. He also managed to escape being trapped by the Ghost Devil and even getting crushed by Darkness Devil’s force until blood began to leak from his mouth, but he was unconscious in the process.

Devil Contracts

Curse Devil Contract

Aki has a contract with the Curse Devil which gives him a sword shaped like a nail. To enable the contract to work correctly, Aki must point the nail in any direction on the subject’s body. When he says”fire” “fire” then his hand, which is one of the curses appears and flicks the back of the nail to cause destruction. When he stabs his opponent three times with the nail Aki can call to summon the Curse Devil to seize the adversary and inflict huge destruction on them, possibly damaging them to death in the process. To use the Curse Devil, Aki’s lifespan would be drastically reduced.

Aki summons Katana Man to summon the Fox Devil to attack Katana Man

Fox Devil Contract
Fox devil contract

Aki Hayakawa had an agreement with the Fox Devil. In exchange for eating a portion of his body, Aki could use his strength to fight. 

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In exchange for eating an element of his body Aki could make use of his strength in combat by raising his hand, and then saying “Kon” which causes the head of the Fox Devil to appear to snap down on the victim’s body and swallow the target whole, breaking him into pieces. 

Aki lost the power to summon him when using him recklessly against the Katana Man. 

Future Devil Contract 
Future devil

In the aftermath of losing favor with his fellow Fox Devil, Aki was sent to the Future Devil is held in prison and held by Public Safety, and he was able to secure an agreement to utilize its capabilities in exchange for the right to let The Future Devil live inside his right eye.

  • The ability to recognize: Aki can see just a couple of seconds in the future. He can use this ability to predict the attacks of his adversaries and plan his strategy accordingly. 
  • Summoning As per the terms of his agreement, Aki has the ability to summon the Future Devil by calling. The devil claims that Aki must be able to say “The Future’s Rules” to summon him however this is not an actual obligation.
Curse Devil Contract
Curse devil

Aki made an agreement with the Curse Devil. He access the power by using his sword and anyone struck with it is nearly killed by curse devil. He used it on Katana Man.


  • Skills in Swordsmanship Aki has a strong swordsman, using the blade as the primary weapon in combat with devils. With the help of the special sword created for him by Angel Devil, Aki can attack and kill creatures that are usually invisible, like Ghosts. Aki is skilled enough to beat multiple zombies, and even maintain a competitive edge against physically stronger adversaries, like hybrids using the help of his Devil contracts.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat as a Devil Hunter, Aki has been trained in combat without weapons. Aki has demonstrated decent abilities in boxing and is adept at beating an opponent who is stronger than Aki.
  • Cooking: Aki has displayed good cooking skills typically being the person responsible for Denji’s and Power’s meals.
  • driving: Aki knows how to drive and has been seen driving cars like cars.

Other Abilities

Strength of Willpower 

In contrast to other Devil Hunters, Aki, throughout the majority of the story, did not give up on his dream of destroying his fellow Gun Devil. This passion made him ready to sacrifice everything to accomplish his goals, whether it was working with devils, or even sacrificing the majority of his life. 

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Although he had to give up his goal of taking down his Gun Devil to protect his friends, he was determined to sign any agreement to safeguard the people he loved. He also has great control of his emotions, capable of repressing his fears to avoid being noticed by the Ghost Devil. Ghost Devil, who can only sense the fear of others. 

After Death Abilities

Aki hayakawa fiend form

Let’s discuss the abilities Aki Chainsaw Man gained after dying and becoming the Gun Fiend.

Physical Prowess

  • Improved durability: The gun inside his forearm is extremely robust, able to stop multiple strikes from Denji’s chainsaw with ease.
  • Accelerated Speed: Aki displays insane speed, and is in a position to go to the location of Power and then attack her after defusing Denji at the door of his house extremely quickly. 

Devil Powers

  • Bullet Projection as The Gun Fiend, Aki can shoot bullets from his left forearm and his head with incredible accuracy and speed. He was able to tear walls and Denji in pieces with ease and even destroy multiple structures at once.
  • Blood Consumption is known as the Gun Fiend, Aki’s corpse can recover his health by eating blood. 

Final Words

Aki Hayakawa was a really great character and his personality was as unique as ever. The only goal of his existence was the desire to kill Gun Devil, but he failed in revenge. 

However, Gun Devil killed him then took complete control of his body, and then made him the Gun Fiend. After turning Gun Fiend, his looks drastically changed. 

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That was all for our article on Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man and I hope you liked the article. Let me know in the comments what you think.


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