Why Is The Chainsaw Devil So Strong? (Explained)

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There are many devils in chainsaw man manga but there is one ability that makes chainsaw devil so strong.

Chainsaw man is one of the best manga that has started a new era in the manga industry. It has gained a lot of popularity in the past year and still doing it now.

The reason behind it is the amazing storyline and hell of art that hooks every reader. From the start of the series, nobody would have known that even after the presence of Darkness Devil, Gun Devil, and Eternity Devil, Pochita the Chainsaw Devil would be so strong.

The speculation of the terror of the chainsaw devil can be done to the fact that even the Darkness Devil himself wants his heart and fears due to the existence of the Chainsaw Devil.

Why is the chainsaw devil so strong? Well, before jumping into the answer let’s take a look at the Chainsaw Devil’s origins and history because it is very important.

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History Of Chainsaw Man Pochita

Well, Pochita is the original Chainsaw Man before he became Denji’s Heart. Pochita was reduced to a near-death state after his battle with the Four Devil Horsemen and Weapon Devils.

Chainsaw Man fighting with four horsemen and weapon devils

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While his original Devil form was more fearsome with four arms and a chainsaw coming out from all of them and his head too that is almost like Denji’s Hybrid Form.

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After making a contract with Denji, Pochita fused with his heart and created the Hybrid. And that is how Denji transforms into the new Chainsaw Man by pulling the chord in his chest and the top of Pochita’s head.

Now, let us look into the abilities that make him so powerful.


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Why is the Chainsaw Devil so strong?

Even after the presence of Darkness Devil, what is it that makes chainsaw devil so strong? He is so fearsome that all the devils including the major ones either worship him or tremble just by listening to his name.

Chainsaw Devil has an ability that every devil fears and that is why he is so strong, The Devil Erasure ability. Chainsaw Devil is the only devil that can erase other devils from existence by eating them and that is why he is so strong and every devil fears his powers.

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The devils that chainsaw man eats there names are erased from existence.

Devils can come back to life as long as people remember their names or of their existence but if Chainsaw Devil eats one then he gets erased from existence and everybody forgets about him. Thus, a fearful ability makes the devils tremble with fear.

Let’s have a look at the chainsaw devil’s abilities and powers in depth so that we can understand why he is called the “Hero Of The Hell”.

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Abilities Of Chainsaw Devil

The Chainsaw Devil, also known as the Devil that Devils fear most, is one of the most powerful entities in this series, after the Primordial Devils.

He can fend off all devils in hell. Even Makima, the main antagonist, was unable to resist the temptation in his heart and caused an international conflict.

Abilities of chainsaw man

The Chainsaw Devil is a devil with all the devil’s abilities. These abilities include the ability to create contracts with people, restore his health through blood consumption, and revive him into hell after his death. 

Unlike most devils, certain aspects of his personality have not changed. He would return to kill other devils no matter how many times they were killed.

In exchange for Denji’s blood, Pochita helps Denji to pay his debts. This is his first contract with Denji. Later, it is revealed that this contract was a real one and not a promise made by Denji. After Denji’s death from the Zombie Devil, Pochita was made the heart of Denji. 

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1. Extreme Speed 

As Beam noted, the Chainsaw Devil is renowned for his incredible speed. He was relentlessly brutal in his attacks on Makima and other hybrids when he was fighting them. His movements are almost instantaneous, giving the impression that he is teleporting to his enemies.

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2. Extreme Durability 

The Chainsaw Devil is extremely tough. He can withstand sonic lashes and explosions that could send him into space as well as atmospheric entry burns without any major injuries. Even after being weakened by public admiration, he was able to withstand Makima’s Thousand-Year Spear attack. He was still in critical condition.

3. Immeasurable strength 

According to Pochita, he could not even do basic social interactions, such as hugging or receiving a hug. This was even more evident when he visited the Burger Shop where even small movements of their arms could cause several deaths, most likely accidentally. 

He had to use his intestine scarf to transport Kobeni, in order not to injure her unintentionally. Later, while fighting the hybrids his attack on Quanxi as well as the Broadsword hybrid was so strong that it destroyed many buildings and instantly decapitated both of the victims.

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4. Immeasurable Healing Factor 

Pochita, a full-dead Devil, has regenerative powers that are so powerful that Denji used them to remove Pochita’s body and leave it without a heart. This allowed Pochita to regenerate completely, to imitate Denji and his foul Makima.

5. Devil Erasure

This is his most famous ability, making him the Devil that Devils fear most. The Chainsaw Devil can consume other Devils and cause their “name” to disappear from public consciousness.

War Devil later stated that she would make the Chainsaw Devil puke the Nuclear Weapons Devil. The erasing of war can even be partial. After having eaten a portion of the War Devil’s body, the concept of “war”, however, has not broken out in the world.


Chainsaw Man Every Main Character Information

6. Chainsaw Appendage 

Pochita is an embodiment of the fear of chainsaws. A chainsaw-shaped appendage protrudes from her head and functions as a real chainsaw. When the tail cord is pulled, this ability activates. He is a full devil and can form chainsaw arms. He can also create chainsaws with his legs.

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7. Chain Entanglement 

Pochita can disconnect his chains from the chainsaws and wrap his body around his opponent. This allows him to draw them closer to himself. It’s capable of capturing multiple opponents. Beam said that the Chainsaw Devil could use its chains to hook around buildings to move quickly in the past. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

8. Assimilation of the body 

Pochita can fuse with a human body, replacing missing or damaged organs. Pochita transformed Denji into a human/devil hybrid, unlike the devil becoming a fiend after taking over a corpse. Later, it is revealed by Makima that this contract led to the fusion. Pochita is made the Denji’s heart in exchange for Denji leading a normal life. 

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9. Demon Transformation

If Denji’s agreement with Pochita is ever broken, Pochita has the right to possess Denji and have him return to his former form. Makima claimed that he had killed her 26 times while in this state. 

Pochita seems to have control over the form as it recalls Denji’s dreams. He tries to fulfill their contract by having a hamburger and going on dates with a girl

After Denji was defeated by Makima in order to save Kobeni and then saved by Power, Denji’s contract was restored. Pochita returned to his heart form and Denji transformed into his normal hybrid. 

If Denji takes out his heart, Pochita can still transform into his devil form. However, Pochita retains a calmer personality and has two arms that are similar to Denji’s hybrid form. His arms are still covered in armor.

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Final Words

Chainsaw Devil from chainsaw man

So, I hope you got the answer to your question that why is the chainsaw devil so strong. Chainsaw Devil has an ability that allows him to erase the devil from existence when he eats them.

This led to the permanent death of the Devil making the Chainsaw Man the most fearsome devil in the manga and upcoming anime adaptation.

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What is special about the chainsaw devil?

Chainsaw devil has an ability that leads to the permanent erasure of a devil from existence which makes him the strongest devil in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime.

Who is the strongest devil in chainsaw man?

Pochita, Chainsaw Devil is the strongest devil in chainsaw man.

Is Pochita the strongest devil?

Yes, Pochita being the Chainsaw man is the strongest devil.

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