Who Is Himeno In Chainsaw Man? (Explained)

Chainsaw Man is a phenomenal modern-era shonen anime and manga series. Filled with action, drama, suspense, mystery, and everything that you can wish for.

But there is one thing that has set the bar high for all the upcoming anime series. I am talking about the amazing characters of Chainsaw Man anime and manga.

Himeno is one of them. She can be described as an eye-patched Devil Hunter who has partnered with the dour top-knot, Aki Hayakawa

She has received plenty of interest from manga fans as well as anime fans because of her strange mix of grouchy, sloppy, and innocent actions. Despite her shortcomings and flaws, there are many interesting facts that all Chainsaw Man fans need to be aware of Himeno.

So, let’s get started with our article on Himeno Chainsaw Man.

Introduction Of Himeno

Himeno chainsaw man
Age40-45 yrs (Not confirmed)
Devil Contract Ghost Devil
Debut In Series Manga – Chapter 10
Anime – Episode 4
Credits – Fandom

Himeno is a Public Safety Devil Hunter working under Makima and partnered with Aki. Himeno first came across Aki when she was grieving her old partner in the cemetery. Kishibe has introduced Aki to her.

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With five companions, she wonders whether Aki is “useful” because all of her previous partners died due to their ineffectiveness.


appearance of Himeno chainsaw man

Himeno was an attractive young lady with a large physique and long, sleek dark hair. Her eye patch was placed to shield one eye, and she often donned black suits and ties for formal events.

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Himeno personality

Himeno was shown to be an experienced and mature superior to those under her. She usually displayed a cheerful body expression even during highly stressful circumstances like the start of their team’s battle against Eternity Devil.

When Denji asked Himeno for help, He gave him a French kiss which demonstrated her awareness of her surroundings as well as her willingness to use unconventional measures for optimal outcomes.

Himeno was highly effective and cunning in her role as Devil Hunter. She used the power of her Ghost Devil to subdue a seemingly insignificant Devil, showing she was not afraid to use force when recruits threatened or injured her subordinates.

Himeno was revealed to be an incredibly kind and caring individual. Her concern for the well-being of her coworkers Devil Hunters was evident by her vow not to betray Denji on their initial adventure together.


However, Himeno had a deeply negative outlook on life after witnessing several partners pass away suddenly in her line of work.

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Her exposure to Devil Hunters usually led her teacher to suggest she become addicted to nicotine as a way of dealing with stress.

Himeno was deeply committed to an ancient teaching of her teacher: that only those Devil Hunters with “a few screws loose” have the potential for victory due to the uncertainty created by their ability to execute various actions to overcome adversaries.

Himeno was deeply concerned for Aki, whom she had taught as a recruit and formed an emotional bond with. Although Henno considered the potential consequences of Aki using his sword too great to risk, He sacrificed Denji to spare Aki’s life – showing just how deeply she cared about his wellbeing.

Abilities & Skills

Let’s look into the abilities and skills of Himeno in chainsaw man.

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Devil Contract

Himeno was able to summon the powers of Ghost Devil; in exchange for her right eye being sacrificed forever and Himeno controlling her right arm so it imitated desired movements as though it were invisible and intangible.

The arm was powerful enough to slash large cuts through Eternity Devil’s flesh. During her fight with Akane Sawatari, Himeno fully activated The Ghost Devil to attack and overpower Akane.


Himeno proved his mettle as a fighter, quickly incapacitating Kobeni Higashiyama after she had been disarmed.


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A Noble Sacrifice (Himeno’s Death)

Himeno's death | is himeno dead

Himeno willingly sacrificed herself during the attack as part of her agreement with The Ghost Devil. Although she didn’t wish for Hayakawa to die, knowing it would be his duty to take down her Gun Devil and seek justice for her family.

She vanished into obscurity when her devil contract expired, unaware of who might use the Snake Devil against them in the future. Himeno made it known that she did this out of love for Hayakawa, whom she believed to be her soulmate, helping her recover from her losses during that time.

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Aki grieving over Himeno death

Unfortunately, Hayakawa succumbed to depression in a hospital bed; still holding onto memories of his former partner.

Final Words

That was all for our article on Himeno Chainsaw Man. I hope you liked the article and got some information out of it.

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How old is Himeno in chainsaw man?

Himeno is around 40-45 years old in chainsaw man. Although her age has not been disclosed in the series, she met Aki a long time ago so this should be her age.

Is Himeno Dead in chainsaw man?

Yes, Himeno is dead in Chainsaw Man. She sacrificed herself to save Aki during the fight with Katana Man.

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