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Chainsaw Man anime is quickly ascending to become one of the most anticipated series for 2022. But many may not know the tale that follows Denji and The Public Safety department.

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Kobeni Higashiyama In Chainsaw Man. We will know everything available about the character and every little detail will be revealed.

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Warning Note: Warning! For those who haven’t read chapters 10-20 of The Chainsaw Man manga, there are spoilers ahead.

Introduction Of Kobeni Chainsaw Man

Kobeni chainsaw man
NameKobeni Higashiyama
Birthday1977 (Date Unknown)
Height5’5″ inches (166 cm)
Occupation Public Safety Devil Hunter (Former)
Source – Fandom

Kobeni Higashiyama is a former Public Safety Devil Hunter who joined Makima’s experimental squad as an apprentice.

Kobeni then withdrew from the squad he was testing after engaging in combat with Darkness Devil in Hell.

The young devil hunter joins Aki’s team alongside Himeno and Hirokazu, allowing them to save Denji as well as gain power from the Leech Devil.

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Kobeni is a small young female character who appears in both manga and anime with short, brown hair styled into ponytails. Her features include brown eyes and white pupils.

On her face, there are four moles: two under the left eye and one on each lower right corner of her lips as well as another on the left side of her cheek. She typically wears a professional dress and clips her hair back with two clips.

At her welcome party for newbies, she donned a vintage dress she received from her older sister which was admired by several other devil hunters.

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Kobeni is generally shy, with occasional moments of courage. Her first encounter with the Eternity Devil left her paralyzed with fear and babbling. She then breaks down under pressure, breaking into tears as her group gets stuck in a hotel and faces starvation without rescue.

Fear drives her to do drastic measures to protect herself. This includes becoming angry with Denji and threatening him with a knifepoint when a devil offered her freedom as a reward for saving the devil’s life.

She even went so far as to accuse Hirokazu Arai of being an agent of the devil for standing up for Power against Kobeni’s false accusations. Despite these frantic actions in a moment of fear, she later regretted them as well as expressed gratitude towards Hirokazu for protecting her during the attack.

Kobeni showed great courage and skill when facing off against Katana Man and Akane Sawatari, ultimately forcing both to withdraw before she broke into tears after the battle was over.

Kobeni was forced into a career she didn’t particularly enjoy by her family members, yet she still shows that she cares about them.

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She sends cash to her younger brother to cover college expenses and she also drives them in her car. Despite wanting to leave, she chose to stay because that day she would receive an incentive.

Kobeni appears to be anxious when Himeno repeatedly hugs her, however, she seems able to tolerate her antics.

Kobeni has expressed her love of alcohol, especially when purchased by someone else. Her passion lies in eating delicious things. She has only had ice cream three times throughout her life.


According to Himeno, Kobeni is gifted but her talent is hindered by her timidity. This is later demonstrated when Kobeni defeats The Katana Man in human form and forces Akane Sawatari to flee. Then she too fled.

Physical Prowess

  • Kobeni boasts enhanced strength, with which she can cut a man’s arm with ease using only a knife.
  • Kobeni displays remarkable agility. She can dodge attacks from fellow Snake Devils before running across their bodies – leading the Katana Man to nickname her the monkey. Also, she gets an impressive score when playing Dance Dance Mushroom.

Devil Contracts

Kobeni’s Unknown Devil’s Agreement: She holds a contract with an unknown devil, the identity of which she keeps private.

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  • Kobeni uses her knife as a weapon to beat Katana Man in human form by cutting his arms off.
  • She also showcased her skill as an experienced and precise shooter when she severely wounded Katana Man with two shots before striking Akane Sawatari and forcibly withdrawing.
  • Kobeni holds both a driving license and her vehicle, which she uses to transport her family around. Unfortunately, her precise driving abilities remain unknown since the only time she’s seen behind the wheel was during Power’s crash.
  • Kobeni is an impressive dancer. Her perfect score when playing Dance Dance Mushroom shows just how talented she truly is.

Final Words

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How old is Kobeni?

Kobeni is 20 years old in chainsaw man manga.

Kobeni has contract with which devil?

Unfortunately, Kobeni’s Devil contract is still unknown.

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