Who is Denji Chainsaw Man? The story, Powers, and More

With the overwhelming amount of manga and anime available out there it’s so hard to be recognized worldwide. Well, it seems Chainsaw Man did just the right thing for it.

As a result, it is said to be one of the best modern Shonen manga that features a wide range of characters and a plethora of entertainment with its story writing.

Today, MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on Denji Chainsaw Man WIki. We will discuss Who is Denji in chainsaw man and how he became so famous in the manga.

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Introduction Of Denji Chainsaw Man

Denji chainsaw man

Denji is the protagonist of the Chainsaw Man series and also the Chainsaw Devil Hybrid. He is said to be the strongest in the series after his character development.

Full NameDenji
SpeciesHuman (Ex)
Devil (Temporary)
Height 5’7
Weight65 Kg (Human)
95-100 Kg (Devil)
Age17 Yrs
Contracted Devils Chainsaw Devil (Pochita)
Blood Devil (Power)
Credits – Fandom

Backstory Of Denji Chainsaw Man

Backstory of Denji Chainsaw Man

Denji used to live with his pet Pochita in an abandoned house because of his extreme poverty. It is shown in the anime and manga too that he sometimes doesn’t even get a piece of bread to eat properly.

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His father left him with a huge amount of debt to pay after he died. The people who gave his father debt continued exploiting Denji to hunt monsters for a very cheap rate.

He even had to sell his organs to live properly and get food for himself and Pochita. His life was miserable until one day he encounters an incident and get’s close to death and even dies.

Pochita sacrifices himself for him and becomes Denji’s heart and that is how he became the Chainsaw Devil. Now he can transform into Chainsaw devil by pulling the chain in his heart.

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How Did Denji Meet Pochita?

Pochita meeting Denji

Denji was grieving at his father’s grave and then he saw pochita. He was weakened, injured, and on the verge of death. Denji gave him his blood.

Devils heal by drinking human blood and regenerate. Now, this was the start of a strong friendship between Pochita (Chainsaw Devil) and Denji.

Pochita afterward started helping Denji to hunt down low-level Devils and also cut down trees to earn a wage. He never left Denji’s side after that day.

Even after Denji’s death, he became his heart to save his life and that’s how he lives forever inside his friend.

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How Did Denji Become Chainsaw Man

Denji was a young man who was a hunter of small-time devils for the Yakuza to pay off the debts his father died leaving behind. 

The gang later betrayed him and attempted to take down Denji. In the final moments of his life, Pochita formed an agreement with Denji and was able to take over his soul to give Denji his chainsaw power.

By the contract, Denji will show and realize his desires for Pochita, and Pochita will give his power to Denji. 

The combination of the two resulted in Denji getting saved from the death penalty, and he is now sporting an untied cord that hangs from his chest. 

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If Denji draws the cord which is the Pochita’s tail the devil transforms into Chainsaw Man. It gains all power of the Chainsaw devil while maintaining his consciousness as well as control of his body.


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Appearance Of Chainsaw Man Denji

Denji has four forms in the manga as well as the anime series.

  • Human Form (Before Fusion)
  • Human Form (After Fusion)
  • Hybrid Form
  • Devil Form

Let’s start looking into each one of them one by one.

1. Human Form (Before Fusion)

Denji as human before fusion

Denji is a teen boy with hair that is scruffy and blonde. His eyes are brown and yellow, and there are bags beneath, leading to an exhausted and drowsy look. His teeth of his are noticeably sharp and the shape of his teeth is angular. 

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Because of malnutrition during his early years, he’s got an ungainly build and protruding ribs and due to the pressure of his work to earn an income, he’s often thought to be older than he is. 

When he first became a hybrid, Denji was missing his right eye, as well as other organs that were not essential, like the testicle and kidney. Denji protected his eye by wearing an eyepatch. 

Also, he wears loosely white tanks as well as a green jacket and black pants at the time.

2. Human Form (After Fusion)

Denji post fusion form

After Denji creates an agreement with Pochita and his heart becomes connected to Pochita A chainsaw cord appears within his sternum. He regains the organs that he had lost, as well as a strong physique.

After the fusion with Pochita, Denji became a Hybrid but when he is in his Human form he looked just like a normal guy until he opens his shirt.

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He has a cord coming out from his heart that is connected to Pochita and when he pulls that cord, he transforms into the Chainsaw Man.

3. Hybrid Form

Denji hybrid form

If his chainsaw is pulled when he’s got enough blood to allow the transformation and his head will transform into a savage mechanical shape, with jagged fangs that are long as well as a chainsaw handle at the back. 

Chainsaws of enormous size will appear on his head, arms, and legs. He is capable of retraction and extraction of any one of them at will. If Denji’s chainsaw cord is pulled when there isn’t enough blood, the blade of a chainsaw may appear on his face.

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4. Devil Form

After losing the will to live and giving his body to Makima, Pochita takes control of Denji’s body. She then exposes the real Chainsaw Devil, completely losing his human consciousness, giving Pochita control of the body. 

Before changing, the intestines pop out from his stomach and are wrapped around his neck, like an apron or a collar. When he is transformed the body becomes black and appears to be covered in plates with armor or scales. 

There are spikes appearing on his shoulders, and the back of his head and the handle that is on the rear of his head disappears. He gets bigger and bulkier, standing taller than the typical human. His arms are split at the elbows and each has two forearms with their chainsaw blades.

Personality Of Denji

chainsaw man denji

Denji is extremely brash and ignorant because he is not able to receive an education or socialize due to his the midst of extreme poverty. His personality is brutal and rude in a childish manner. 

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But, he does have an innate sense of compassion towards others and is determined to help people in danger in any way he can and prove he’s an empathetic person despite his flaws. 

Although Denji does not necessarily have the most advanced intelligence, he’s skilled at coming up with clever ways to defeat demons, for instance, setting himself on fire and using the heat to reduce the strength of Santa Claus enough to make her die.

Denji is also concerned that his apparent absence of empathy and attachment following his transformation could be an indication of losing his humanity.

In his hybrid form, Denji transforms into a brutally violent, bloodthirsty, and sadistic, unleashing his most insane side when confronting other demons, even to the point of the process of killing them. Denji also has a wicked and humorous way of expressing humor. 

As the story develops and the characters grow more aware it becomes clear that Denji is emotionally wounded, and is desperate to feel love and to be appreciated by someone. 

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He is a slave to Makima as a way to deal with his feelings and even goes as far as to declare that his dream for her is to be an unmindful dog so that he wouldn’t be hurt by losing things or people he liked. 

Yet, Denji later demonstrates the real motives behind these actions which shows that he has matured after the devastating consequences of being a slave to Makima manipulating, grooming, and dominating his relationship with Makima, becoming more self-reliant and asserting his rights and not letting others control his actions. 

Abilities Of Denji

Denji’s power changes as he changes form. So, let’s discuss his powers one by one depending on his forms.

Physical Powers

Increased Strength And Speed

Although Denji generally transforms into his hybrid form while in combat, the fact is that he’s extremely strong prior to forming a bond with the Chainsaw Devil. 

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As a human, Denji has enough strength to stand up to being hit by Power by a hammer and being squeezed by the Bat Devil, despite both people being extremely strong. He’s also very powerful and can even sever the savage with just one swing of his Axe.

Enhanced Endurance 

Based on his difficult life, Denji has developed a high tolerance to the stress and pain that he endures, and is capable of functioning as a devil hunter in the Yakuza, despite having several organs not functioning at the moment. 

The mental toughness of his character has enabled him to battle for three straight days even when he was constantly injured in addition to remaining alert even after having numerous organs removed or cut off.

Hybrid Powers

Hybrid Transformation 

In pulling the cord that is emerging from his chest, Denji could transform himself into a blood-sucking Chainsaw Devil. 

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Denji requires blood to make use of his powers, therefore when he doesn’t have enough blood within his body of his, then he may not fully transform and instead transform into a pseudo-hybrid. 

Although Denji retains access to certain powers in this version, they are significantly weaker, and his chainsaws are shorter. If Denji is depleted of blood while fully transformed his chainsaws will instantly retract.

Augmented Strength 

When he enters the hybrid version, the strength of Denji increases by an exponential amount. He can knock down barriers and take out most devils with just one blow. 

One time He was able to take a car thrown out of the air and not fall and throw it back using the same amount of force. And on another occasion, the man was capable of lifting the car, then throwing it back with enough force to cause it to explode.

Augmented Durability 

In this hybrid state, Denji’s physical endurance increases to levels that are inhuman. He is able to fall from high postures and hit Devils through walls, all without being injured. 

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He has also endured a point-blank explosion from the Bat Devil which caused a house to collapse behind him, numerous explosions caused by his Bomb Hybrid, being on burning for prolonged times, and living close to the Typhoon Devil’s tornado which has been proved as strong enough raise cars. 

The chainsaw and his head are much more durable than the rest of his body because they are made of steel and capable of absorbing the bullets.

Enhanced Stamina

Denji was capable of fighting the Eternity Devil for around three days. For a length of time, Denji continues drinking blood to recover from injuries, he’s the perpetual motion machine.

Chainsaw Manifestation 

In the course of his transformation, Denji develops fully functional chainsaws from his legs, arms feet, and head. Chainsaws are highly efficient in cutting the flesh of the devil which allows Denji to cut off legs and split his enemies. 

They are also extremely efficient at cutting other types of substances, like concrete and stone. However, they have been proven to be ineffective at cutting through the metal. 

The chainsaws that are in his feet and legs are not normally active but Denji can use them by choosing to. Similar to the other parts of his body, these chainsaws get renewed each time Denji pulls his cord, and completely transforms.

Chainsaw Retraction

If he requires the full range of his legs and arms for certain tasks in his hybrid form Denji’s chainsaws may be pulled into his body which allows him to do simple tasks such as grasping things. As Denji can retract his chainsaws, they could be automatically retracted by his instincts.

Chainsaw Wallcrawling

Denji can manifest chains that are short under his feet, which he could be used to attach to walls, and even walk on the walls. The ability was used once to get away from a bunch of dolls created to be possessed by Santa.

Chain Entanglement

Denji can separate his chainsaws from his chains to make use of them in battle. He can wrap his chain around the body of his adversary and then bring them closer. 

Denji can put his chains on objects to cut them up, throw them away, or either. If Denji’s arms break off but remain connected with his body, then he could continue to use his chain as tissues to wrap enemies around. 

Chains are also able to be used as grapple hooks, which allows Denji the ability to wrap them around an object and then move his body closer to the object.

Devil Transform 

after having renounced the contract he had signed with Pochita, Denji changed into the form of a Full Devil. In this state, Pochita displays incredible speed and power, easily taking down several hybrid devils in a matter of minutes. 

While he’s been reported to have sustained injuries and even been slow-moving by being taken to Hell and then blasted into Space However, these actions only held him back for a couple of minutes until his return was unharmed. 

The power of his superhuman strength is demonstrated in Hell in Hell, where it is claimed that He defeated every Demon that resided there. Makima said that he’s defeated her 26 times while in the form he is in. 

The form appears to lack Denji’s personality or awareness although it is known to have some memories, and often acts in line with the memories. 

After being defeated at the hands of Makima for saving Kobeni and then being rescued through power, Denji transformed back to normal and then regained consciousness.

Consumption of Blood 

Denji can recover completely from almost any injury that is fatal, and, in certain instances, recover from death as long as he drinks enough volume of blood. 

When he loses his arms, Bat Devil The arm of Denji re-attached after receiving an injection of blood. In his combat against Santa Claus, He ate one of her doll’s blood to keep fighting and he was still in flames. 

Being a complete Devil Regenerated only his heart following the time Pochita dropped it into space. After discovering this way to regenerate, he’s capable of removing Pochita from his body, and re-create it as an independent entity that permitted him to slay Makima.


Because he is a hybrid Denji has immortality and is almost invulnerable to killing. He can withstand being shot, being thrown off buildings, and sustaining all sorts of injuries that could cause death to most demons. 

Even if he does die when somebody pulls the cord around his chest Denji will resurrect in excellent health. Even after being slain and cursed through his Devil’s Curse Devil as well as having the majority of his body destroyed, Denji still managed to return to life with no permanent damage.

Devil Contracts

  • Chainsaw Devil Contract In exchange for a “normal existence”, Pochita was Denji’s heart and transformed his body into a hybrid. The hybrid abilities of Denji originate from the deal.
  • Blood Devil Contract In exchange for finding Reincarnation Blood Devil and becoming friends with them. Power All of her blood was donated to help revive Denji.
    • Blood Chainsaw In the wake of blood derived via Power, Denji is able to make a chainsaw out of her blood. It is similar to the Power’s horns. With the help of her ability to manipulate blood, Denji is able to interfere with the regeneration process of Makima which enabled him to beat Makima.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat Even with the transformation Denji has the ability to be an without a weapon and is a skilled fighter. When he faced the Leech Devilwhich was a lot bigger than his weight and size and weight effectively block her attacks while delivering punches and headbutts that had enough force to harm her. The skills he developed further were enhanced after his sessions with Kishibe and Kishibe, where he was taught to depend more on strategies instead of blind strength.
    • Strategic Intelligence: Although she never received formal training, Denji is very perceptive when it comes to identifying the weaknesses of his adversaries and exploiting the weaknesses of his adversaries. He was able to disable Reze by exploiting her vulnerability to water and defeated Santa Claus by making use of her weakness to light and fire. He also defeated Katana Man by taking the knowledge he gained through Kishibe in the course of his training. He also tricked the Katana Man by falsely asserting that he removed the chainsaw from his head, even though the chainsaw was also inside his legs.
  • Swimming After meeting Reze, Denji learned how to swim. He used this ability to his advantage in his fight with her.


  • Anemia or Insufficient Blood Although he has been transformed into a devil-devil hybrid Denji will be afflicted with anemia if he is seriously injured due to an unintentional cut or massive blow that hinders his transformation to Chainsaw Man. To combat the effects of anemia, Denji must consume many quantities of devil blood to replenish his strength.

Denji as a Protagonist

Denji has many vices without a doubt and he simply works for his own benefit and for the promise of sexual encounters with Makima in the start of the series. These things clearly show how self-serving and shallow Denji was at the start of the series.

But gradually he starts becoming more aware of his powers and the responsibilities he has as a devil hunter and starts putting in efforts in order to become a better person as well as using his motivation to help others rather than simply personal gain.

Despite losing so many close friends he never really grew bitter and continued to help strangers and allies alike and even went on to take some hard decisions when he started talking care of Nayuta in the hopes of giving her a better life.

While at times he is no doubt amateurish and self serving and maybe even outright dumb, he is without a doubt also the perfect Protagonist for a series like Chainsaw Man and any long time reader or watcher of the Anime can tell how far he has come.

Real character development there everyone.

Final Words

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How old is Denji in chainsaw man?

Denji is 17 years old in chainsaw man.

How tall is Denji?

Denji is 5’7 inches tall.

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