Who Are The Four Horsemen In Chainsaw Man? Explained

Hardly anyone doesn’t know about Chainsaw Man nowadays. The Smash-hit manga by author Tatsuki Fujimoto has become a global success since it was first serialized in Weekly Shounen Jump in December 2018.

With the story getting more intense with each new chapter, there is one question on every fan’s lips. Who and what are the Four Horsemen?

MyAnimeGuru brings you an article on the Four Horsemen In Chainsaw Man. In this article, we will talk about the devil’s powers, abilities, personality and so much more. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the four Horsemen, keep on reading!

Chainsaw Man follows the ill adventures of the Devil Hunter Denji who was working for the Yakuza to pay his father’s debts. Accompanying him on this dangerous job was the chainsaw devil Pochita.

After being betrayed by the Yakuza, Pochita merges with a half-dead Denji to revive him and take his revenge on the Yakuza. Later Denji is recruited by the Public Safety Commission Division 4 cause of certain reasons.

Denji as part of public safety faced off with numerous devils along with his friend’s Power and Aki in order to protect the public.

These devils are highly powerful and near-immortal and only devil hunters who themselves are in contract with different devils can pose any real chances of defeating them.

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The series even spawned a 12-episode Anime in 2022 which was produced by Mappa Studios

One of the primary reasons why action-horror manga became so popular was the unique way in which the antagonists were presented. The devils are residents of hell and are manifestations of humanity’s fear of different things or concepts.

The strength of these devils depends on the depth of fear that humanity has. The older and stronger the fear, the more powerful the devil.

The Four Horsemen are a group consisting of some of the oldest fears of humanity: death, war, famine, and conquest. Throughout the story, Denji encounters one or all of them.

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Who is Denji in Chainsaw Man ?

Who are the Four Horsemen in Chainsaw Man?

four horsemen in chainsaw man
The Four Horsemen (source: We Got This Covered)

The four horsemen are an ancient group of devils who are extremely strong due to being associated with some of mankind’s oldest fears. Because the fear of famine, war, death, and conquest has been present since the dawn of civilization, these devils wield massive power.

Only beings stronger than them are the primal fears, such as the Falling Devil, Darkness, or Chainsaw Devil, who can erase the devil and thus its associated fear by killing and eating it.

All four horsemen incarnated on earth in the form of women with golden irises with red circles. This is a trademark of all four horsemen other than being extremely strong.

As a statement of their power, they are the only devils who still remember the devils and fears that were erased after being eaten by Pochita, such as the Nuclear Weapons Devil and the Nazi Devil before the beginning of the story.

Despite such power and a common theme, these four horsemen aren’t a cohesive unit and have vastly different goals that range from chaotic neutrality to straight-up destruction of the world as we know it.

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Their last joint effort was when they battled Pochita in hell along with the weapon devils, which resulted in Pochita being reduced to its dog form. After the battle, the four split up and got incarnated on earth to pursue their own goals.

Control Devil: The 1st Member Of The Four Horsemen

Control Devil- Makima and Nayuta
Makima and Nayuta

The Control Devil was the first of the four horsemen to make an appearance, and it was revealed that the Devil was none other than Makima. She was born from mankind’s fear of being conquered. This reveal shocked readers around the world.

Makima, who was first introduced as the head of public safety’s division four, is the incarnation of the Control Devil. After the battle in hell with Pochita, Makima separated from the other horsemen and became obsessed with controlling the powers of Pochita to eliminate the other three horsemen.

Initially shown as kind, gentle, and friendly, we eventually see that it’s all a facade, as Makima is incredibly shrewd, cold, and manipulative.

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She recruits Denji and manipulates him with the promise of a romantic relationship while also threatening to purge him if he disobeys her.


Who is Makima in chainsaw man ?

After the Control Devil arc, Denji finds a loophole in Makima’s powers and exterminates her instead. Despite dying and being an ancient devil, the control devil reincarnates as a young girl called Nayuta in China. Nayuta has no memories of her life as Makima.

Kishibe locates her and brings her to Denji, who hopes that Nayuta can live a fulfilling life with others, which she lacked as Makima. Denji sees Nayuta as his sister and wants to raise her with affection.

Powers and abilities

  • Immense Strength as well as being a proficient hand-to-hand combat specialist. She also is extremely intelligent making her capable of complex schemes.
  • Since she’s the control devil, she has the powers of domination, essentially making her enemies and allies alike puppets to her wishes.
  • She also seems to be capable of using force manipulation to use an invisible force to remotely crush her opponents.

War Devil: The second member of the four horsemen

War Devil Yoru

The second of the four horsemen to be revealed is the war devil, also known as Yoru. She was born from mankind’s fear of war and conflicts.

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Just like Makima, the war devil too fought Pochita in hell but was partially consumed by Pochita, thus reducing mankind’s fear of war and reducing Yoru to a near-death state in the form of a bird, similar to chainsaw man’s Pochita form.

After the battle, it comes to earth and takes over half the brain of Denji’s classmate Asa Mitaka, turning her into a fiend. This is a rare case since, generally, fiends are made by taking over corpses, thus making Asa a live fiend. Yoru occupies half of Asa’s mind and can sometimes take over her senses.

She is the only known case of there being an alive fiend yet. This makes Yoru and Asa together occupy her consciousness, with Asa mostly in control. Due to being a fiend, Yoru is weaker compared to its devil form, but it is a much better approach for her plan.

This is because Yoru knows that the chainsaw man is at Denji’s school, and it is much easier to stay hidden in this form.


Who is Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man ?

Unlike Makima, the war devil is much more flawed, impatient, petty, and naive. Her reason to want chainsaw man is also different since she wants chainsaw man to vomit the Nuclear Weapons Devil and bring back this fear to the world.

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Yoru has also been shown to be much more caring and capable of affection. This is partly because Asa is an alive fiend, thus making her more susceptible to human emotions. The War Devil was introduced in Part 2 of the Chainsaw Man manga.

Powers and abilities

  • Yoru has the power to create flesh weapons for those beings that “belong” to her. She can make parts of their bodies into weapons with or without killing them such as a spinal cord sword.
  • She is also capable of making non-living objects into weaponized versions of themselves such as pencil spears and ruler swords.
  • In addition to this, Yoru is also gifted with knowledge of many weapon-wielding skills and is great at planning and making meticulous strategies.

The Famine Devil: The third member of the Four Horsemen

The Famine devil

Also introduced in Part 2 of the Chainsaw Man manga, the third of the four horsemen to be revealed was the Famine Devil. She represents mankind’s fear of pestilence and starvation. She incarnated as Fami, a tall girl with unique scale-like earrings that symbolize the nature of her abilities and origin.

She also goes to the same school as Denji and Asa and is a member of the Devil Hunter Club. There is not much known about her goals so far. For the time being, Fami seems willing to do anything to help Yoru, whom she sees as her sister.

This might result in the Fami assisting Yoru in the future to revive the nuclear weapons devil. While Fami’s endgame has yet to be understood, many speculate it has something to do with the fulfillment of the prophecy by Nostradamus about the end of the world.

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Powers and abilities

  • While the full extent of Fami’s power has yet to be seen, it’s known that she can heal any devil or human alike. This healing also makes the recipient stronger and increases their abilities.

The Death Devil: Fourth member of the Four Horsemen

Death Devil CSM

The last of the four horsemen is the Death Devil, who has yet to make an appearance. Being born from the fear of death, one of mankind’s most fundamental fears, it would be, no doubt, incredibly powerful.

Since fear of death is also a primal fear, the death devil might rival the darkness devil in terms of strength.

There are many theories on who or what might be the Death Devil, but two things are sure. First and foremost, it’ll have an awesome plotline that will lead to its reveal, and it will most likely also be a girl with golden eyes, following the theme of the others.

Nonetheless, a character this strong will probably be introduced as some sort of ultimate boss because people have feared death ever since the dawn of time.

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Each of the Four Horsemen is a formidable force, and they all leave a terrible trail of peril in their wake. Denji is in the center of the horsemen in all his nave ignorance;

The Control Devil is his “sister,” he is the love interest of the War Devil’s host, Asa, and the Famine Devil prowls the school’s hallways. It wouldn’t be unexpected if the death devil were right beside him.

That was all for our article on Four Horsemen In Chainsaw Man. Let me know if you got any questions or any theories of yours. Don’t hesitate to comment down below.

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FAQ section

Is Makima one of the 4 Horsemen?

Makima, a former member of the Four Horsemen, intended to use Pochita’s power to eradicate her fellow Horsemen despite previously battling alongside them against Pochita, whilst the War Devil wants to avoid the Famine Devil and its main goal is to make Pochita throw up the Nuclear Weapon Devil and revive him.

Who is the villain in CSM?

Makima is the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man Part 1: Public Safety. She serves as the overarching antagonist of the Gun Devil Arc.

Is Pochita the most powerful Devil?

He is later revealed to be the most feared Devil in Hell known as the Chainsaw Devil, the devil who embodies the fear of chainsaws.
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