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Introduction Of Angel Devil

Angel Devil is one of the strongest devils in the chainsaw man manga and anime series. He is a public safety devil hunter from Tokyo Special Division 4 manipulated by Makima. He is one of the most terrifying devils in the series because of his ability which we are going to talk about in this article.

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Backstory Of Angel Devil In Chainsaw Man

Angel devil

Angel devil was reincarnated on a tropical island on earth and blended with the villagers easily. As told in the series that devils who resemble the face of humans, do not go berserk easily and can control their thoughts of killing humans.

This was all true until Makima comes into the scene and forced him to kill all the villagers including his girlfriend. Makima was looking for Angel Devil because, in his past life, he was a disciple of Chainsaw Devil.

Astonished by seeing his power, Makima erases his memory and takes him to Tokyo where she has already gathered the past 7 disciples of Chainsaw Devil and Angel Devil being the 8th. Makima was using them as Devil Hunters for the Tokyo Special Division.

In Chapter 75, he recalls his past when Makima orders Aki for him to sign a contract. To fight Makima, the blade is created using 10 years of his life force. She says “Down”, and the Angel Devil falls to the ground. He kneels beside her, and she orders him to do his best.

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Possessed by the power of mental control, Angel Devil agrees to be Makima’s dog and obey her orders.

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Appearance and Personality Of Angel Devil

Angel Devil chainsaw man

Angel, a younger androgynous man, is seen wearing the Public Safety suit. His shoulder-length hair is depicted in red in the Popularity Poll artwork, Volume 9 cover art, and the Vol. 9 cover art. He also has a halo above his head and white wings on his upper back.

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The Angel Devil is an unusual case of devils showing almost no hostility toward humans. He doesn’t like being told what to do and is resentful of being forced to do so.

He enjoys soft-serve ice cream and will eat three cones at once and request another. However, he is open to eating zombie flesh and the corpses of other devils too.

His height is unknown but he seems to be around 5 Ft. 4 Inches and we can’t tell his age neither it is mentioned in the manga.

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Abilities and Powers Of Angel Devil

The Angel Devil is a devil with all the devil’s abilities. The Angel Devil can absorb the life spans of humans with a simple touch. This makes him very strong. The Angel Devil is Division 4’s second-strongest agent, after Captain Kishibe. However, his laziness keeps him back. 

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1. Enhanced Reflexes 

Angel has superhuman reflexes. He can block bullets with his wings, and keep up with Quanxi at an incredible speed.

2. Angelic Wings (Bulletproof) 

The Angel Devil can extend angel-like wings from its back. These wings can deflect gunfire and be used as shields. However, bullets can still cause severe pain to the Angel Devil. It’s unknown if he can fly. This is similar to the Bat Devil.

3. Life-Span Absorption

Aki was briefly able to grab his hand and the Angel Devil calculated that Aki had lost two months of his life span.

4. Life-Staying Weapons 

Angel Devil life absorption

Through his halo, the Angel Devil can turn siphoned lives into supernatural weapons such as Aki’s katana that can cut through the otherwise intangible Ghost Devil. He is afraid to use this ability often because of his nightmares about people who he has siphoned their lives spans.

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I) After five years of use (Wu Nian Yi Yong Gonen Schiyo)

The Angel Devil can summon a sword from his halo that can instantly kill anyone he cuts with it.

II) Ten years’ usage (Nian Shi Yo Junen Shiyo)

The Angel Devil can use ten years of his collected life span to create a sword out of his halo. Because it was used against Makima, its effect and strength are unknown. She quickly knocked him to the ground before he attacked.

III) A Hundred Year’s Use (100Nian Shi Yo )

The Angel Devil can summon a sword out of his halo by using up one hundred years’ worth. This ability is used to fight Power by Makima.

IV) A Thousand Year’s Use (1000Nianshi Yong )

The Angel Devil can summon a spear from his halo by using up thousand years of his collected life span. This ability is used to defeat the Chainsaw Man by Makima. 

Makima summoned three humanoid entities to throw the spear. This technique is powerful enough to defeat Chainsaw Man.

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5. Spear Proficiency and Swordsmanship 

The Angel Devil can use spears in combat and throw a spear through Reze from nearby rooftops. The Angel Devil is also able to use a sword with some skill and cut down five Santa Claus puppets in one swing.

Significance of Angel Devil in the Story

Angel Devil is one of the most important members of the public demon hunters and was integral in keeping everything in check when the Katana Devil and other members of the terrorists attacked. It is extremely strong and helped in fighting Makima.

He was keeping many things in check and after the death of Aki Hayakawa and Power, he along with Denji and Kobeni are probably one of the most important members of the public devil hunters.

When all the devil hunters along with Makima were taken to hell in an ambush by the hell devil as well as in the fight against the darkness devil, it was the power of the Angel Devil that led to the survival of the group and as such his very existence saved Deni.

So I can come to the conclusion that Angel Devil is very very important to both the plot as well as the overall feel of the story.

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Final Words On Angel Devil

chainsaw man angel devil

Angel Devil is one of the best and strongest devils in the chainsaw man manga but his laziness stops him from doing most of the work.

He doesn’t like being bossed around but Makima due to his mind compulsion can control Angel Devil and boss him around.

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