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Chainsaw Man is one of the best manga of all time and Reze is one of the most powerful characters in the manga. In this article, we are going to know all we need to know about chainsaw man Reze.

Introduction Of Reze

Reze Also alluding to the Bomb Girl or Bomb Devil is one of the major antagonists from the Chainsaw Man series, serving as the main antagonist in the Bomb Girl arc. She is a half-human, a hybrid between the devil and human that first appears as a beautiful girl beauty.

She seems to be in love with Denji and has a close bond with him. Reze is later revealed to be an assassin from Russia who was allegedly assigned to Gun Devil. Gun Devil to capture Denji’s heart. To achieve this she was joined by a devil named Typhoon Devil to achieve her goal.

Chainsaw Man Reze
Height5 Ft. 4 Inches (Fan Theory)
Waitress (Ex)

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Reze Personality Analysis

At first glance, she appears to be a sweet and gentle woman who is in love with Denji because she is determined to give Denji an ordinary life, such as taking her to school or instructing him on how to swim, which led to Denji becoming increasingly enthralled with her charming personality and charm. 

This was due to Reze being concerned for Denji’s health because of the horrific lies that he was told in the past. Even though his life appears to be improving due to Makima however, she believes that Denji is living an unhappy life because of his being treated as an instrument of manipulation, more than anything else.

Reze personality analysis

He doesn’t even have a routine, like attending school. The way she treated Denji was justifiable as she doesn’t seem to live a normal existence due to being manipulated by the Russian government to develop into the ultimate soldier.

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In reality, she is revealing herself to be a Gun Devil, her true nature is brutal and manipulative when she is seen murdering several Devil Hunters without care or mercy. However, she does dislike killing and avoids killing unless it is necessary to fulfill her job. 

However, she admits to Denji that her romance with him was fake but, in her heart, she loves Denji and is amazed at how Denji was able to save her despite trying to murder him first and inventing their relationship. 

This was demonstrated when she tries to reconcile with Denji by going to the cafe, as they had promised until she came to her tragic end due to Makima and the Angel Devil.

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Reze Background In Chainsaw Man

According to the most powerful of devil hunters, Kishibe, Reze was one of the children held by the USSR Military in the Secret Ammunition Room and then brutally tested by them to be the Super Soldier which resulted in her becoming a bomb devil. 

Reze Background in Chainsaw man

At first, it was thought to be a legend. Still, it was later discovered in the end that there was Secret Room itself was real following the investigation of an American journalist that became an important problem. 

After being released, years later, Reze then made allegiance to the gun-slinger to steal Denji’s heart.

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Reze’s Appearance In Chainsaw Man

Reze is a young lady who is believed to be mid-to-late teens. She has green eyes that are slanted as well as long black hair part-way put into a bun and she wears a choker that appears to be a pin that is on the side. 

In her debut appearance, she wears a white t-shirt with long black sleeves and short black trousers. In the cafe, she is wearing an apron.

Reze appearance in chainsaw man

In her next appearances, Reze wears white sleeveless shirts with a black ribbon that adorns her neck, and black shorts that reflect her character as a bomb demon as a naked woman who wears a variety of dynamites, which look like an apron.

It is a reference to her profession as a waitress at a cafe and is wearing a bomb that looks like a “Fat Boy” bomb on her head. In the event of an escape, she is wearing a normal white T-shirt and a white hat.

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Reze Human Form

Reze seems to be an attractive young woman and is slim in the frame. She is a shoulder-length black with eyes with emerald-green hues that resemble felines. 

She’s shown to be often blushing. While pretending to be an officer, she is shown wearing a choker to hide the grenade pin in her neck of her, which she then uses to transform into.

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Human form of reze

In her first appearance, she wore a loose-fitting shirt featuring a stylized illustration of bells on her front, as well as a unisex backpack. 

On her visit to a high school along together with Denji, her outfit was a simple blue shirt, shorts, and a white shirt. When working in the cafĂ© Crossroads she wore an apron.

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Reze Hybrid Form

Her transformation is an airship-shaped black head with multiple fins at the top, resembling Atomic bombs. 

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As with other hybrid transformations, her teeth are visible and appear to be remarkably sharp and sharp. Bomb fuse covers her arms as sleeves, and also forms part of her apron, along with dynamite sticks.

Hybrid form of Reze

Her outfits change when she tries to rescue Denji. She initially wears her usual clothing, but then she goes naked except for her apron she is dynamite, and she wears pants off-screen.

Reze Abilities

Let’s talk about the real deal, powers, and abilities of Reze in chainsaw man.

Physical Powers

  • Enhance Strength: Even though she’s only a teenager, Reze has impressive physical power; she can break an assassin’s arm easily and smother the assassin to death.

    Likewise, with a single knife, she could slash cleanly through her wrist of Denji with one swipe. She’s also powerful enough to chew Denji’s tongue, and then throw her head with enough force to smash the glass of a window.

  • Accelerated Speed: Reze could cut through their throat of Denji before he reacts and cut straight through his wrist of Denji’s before he pulled off his chainsaw.

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Hybrid Powers

When she pulls a pin on her neck, similar to a grenade would, Reze could trigger her to explode and change into a hybrid. 

She can also perform the same trick, but instead of transforming the head, she blows it off and uses her body in place as a disguise to distract her adversaries. 


This decoy could hold its head in its own hands and throw it. The head explodes like a bomb and reveals the transformed Reze. The headless decoy’s body can be controlled remotely and behave like a bomb, taking the target off guard.

1. Augmented Durability

Reze becomes drastically more durable when she is in this version as she can stand up to a full-force kick of the Fiend without sustaining any injury. She can also resist her explosions, without sustaining any injury and even fall off the top of the mountain at a high speed.

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2. Explosion Creation 

When she pulls the pin from her neck Reze gets the power to produce explosions. The explosives are strong enough to destroy structures, vehicles, and roads made of asphalt. 

Her blasts are also effective against other Devils and are capable of damaging the Shark Fiend and Denji as a hybrid. Additionally, Reze does not take any injury from her blasts, unless she chooses, allowing her to unleash her power without fearing that she might harm herself.

3. Explosive Propulsion 

In releasing explosives from her legs and arms, Reze can enhance her physical strength and agility by utilizing the explosive force generated by the blasts. She is also able to travel in the air, causing continual and repeated explosions, and capable of keeping pace with vehicles.

4. Augmented Strength 

Infusing your attacks with explosive strength the punches and kicks of Reze are more destructive. Her explosive, unnamed attacks have also been proven to be strong enough to demolish vehicles and even send Denji flying for a few feet into the air.

5. Augmented Speed:

Reze can make use of the force generated by her blasts to boost her speed of movement. When she released a huge blast, Reze was able to fly some feet high into the air. Reze was also capable of using her explosions to get to Aki’s vehicle within a short amount of time.

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6. Explosive spark

Reze can release a spark that explodes when struck. This is an extremely long-range projectile and can be deadly enough to kill human beings.

7. Self-Detonation 

Apart from her power to let off explosions from her body Reze can also be a bombmaker. to transform portions that are her own body into explosives. 

Contrary to her normal explosions which are quicker and immediate, the flesh that explodes is more like the remote of a bomb. The body components that Reze loses by making explosives do not seem to cause harm, as she is capable of regrowing the body parts without drinking blood.

8. Torpedo Transformation:

Reze can transform the limbs of her body into torpedoes making her punches and kicks more deadly. Reze does not appear to be harmed by the detonation of her similar torpedo legs.

9. Blood Consumption 

As a hybrid Reze can get her back to health by eating blood. In the event of drinking the blood of Typhoon Devil, she could regrow her injured leg immediately.

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10. Nigh-Immortality 

As a hybrid Reze can live forever and is near-invulnerable. She can withstand being beheaded or bitten, and endure any kind of injury which would kill most demons. Even if she does die if she is not pulled by someone else, Reze can come back to life in perfect shape.


Let’s talk about the skills Reze learned on her own by training herself. Reze has a vast set of skills but we are talking about some major ones here.

  • The art of Blade Combat: Reze is skilled in the use of knives. She was able to cut through the wrist of Denji in just one swift motion before Denji was able to draw his chainsaw’s cord.
  • Hand-to-Hand Fighting: Reze is skilled in combat without weapons. When she was in her normal human state, she can effectively disarm and wound an assassin and outwit him completely by maneuvering around him before putting him in a stranglehold. She also managed to cut off Denji’s neck without any effort, and then paralyze his body immediately.
  • Multilingual: Reze has demonstrated the ability to communicate in both Japanese as well as Russian.

After all these abilities and skillsets, Reze has a weakness too. Water is her weakness and she can’t use her water when she is wet or in water. Because she needs a spark for the explosions, she can’t use her powers when she is wet.

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Final Words

That was all for our post on Chainsaw Man Reze and her powers and abilities. I hope you liked the article and if you did then let us know by commenting or sharing the article with your friends.


Does Reze like Denji?

Reze shows a little part of affection towards Denji despite faking a crush on him. You can say that Reze probably likes Denji.

Is Reze alive in Chainsaw man?

Yes, Reze is alive in Chainsaw man.

What happens to Reze Chainsaw man?

They initially mistake her actions for suicide but Reze’s decapitated body picks up her head and throws it into the Division 2 headquarters where it explodes.

What is Reze height?

There is no official record for Reze height in chainsaw man. But, the fans speculate the height of Reze to be around 5 Ft. 4 Inches.

How old is Reze in chainsaw man?

Reze is 20 years old in chainsaw man.

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