Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Wiki 2022 (Spoilers)

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Chainsaw Man is one of the best modern manga, and it features some of the most badass characters who are far beyond our imagination. That is why we are writing articles on the best of them for you. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man Wiki 2022.

Introduction Of Asa Mitaka

Asa Mitaka is one of the main characters of Chainsaw Man Part 2, and her manga debut happens in chapter 98. So, if you haven’t read it yet, then this post is going to have some spoilers.

Asa Mitaka Introduction

Mitaka is a 17-year-old high school student and a Fiend in chainsaw man manga and she is also the host of War Devil.

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Appearance Of Asa Mitaka

Asa is an aspiring high school student with a normal build and height. The blonde has dark brown eyes, which are often shaded with a purple tint. 

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The hair falls just over shoulder length, and her hair is arranged in long twins that are low. If she is taken over by the War Devil, her appearance is altered. 

Her hair is generally loose, numerous scars are visible on the left side of her nose and cheeks and her eyes are an angular pattern that is similar to Makima’s.

Asa Mitaka

It is the same uniform as the other students in the class. The uniform is a long-sleeved shirt that is worn under pinafore-style dresses with an elongated skirt that is pleated to the knees and a bow on the collar.

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She also wears a broad belt around the waist, and black knee-high socks. Additionally, she is wearing sneakers.

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Asa Mitaka Personality

Asa is at first a shy and unsocial girl. She is not a fan of her peers and often wishes they’d die and ignores any invitation to be friends and would prefer to concentrate on school instead of making friends. 

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She is not a fan of the idea of Devils due to her parents’ deaths by one. Asa is later aware that she was insecure about her peers and was determined to be with them too. 

She is determined to live more in the present and achieve the things she’s always dreamed of such as friendship and a partner. 

Mitaka chainsaw man

After becoming one of them, she becomes War Devil, and gets a second chance at life when she is given a second chance at the hands of Chainsaw Man, she is not as hostile toward other people or all Devils. 

She is grateful for Chainsaw Man saving her life however, she is eager to join forces with Yoru to stop the devil. 

While she wants to live more self-centered, Asa is fairly altruistic and puts herself in danger to save others, even when she’s afraid. As she has her heart in the right place, it’s fine for her to fail.

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Asa Mitaka Chainsaw Man

Asa is aware of the fact that she’s a wobbly individual. She has been shown numerous crucial moments in her life where she would slip and fall.

The most notable was if her family’s home got destroyed by Typhoon Devil and her mother gave herself up in the aftermath of Asa’s fall while trying to save her cat. 

Asa suffers guilt and immense sorrow over the death of her mother and the circumstances around the incident.

She is also prone to embarrassment and can become agitated when faced with uncomfortable situations, like her as well as Yoshida had joined each other shortly after Yoru was possessed by Yoshida and attempted to attack Yoshida.

Mitaka’s relationship with Denji

Mitaka has a major crush on Denji and wants to be in a relationship with him, and because of her timid personality, it all comes down to Yoru, the war devil, who is in control of her body at times and plays the wingman in order for her to man up and take decisions.

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While timid most of the time, she is also very passive-aggressive with Denji and gets very jealous whenever he spends time with other girls, which is again a very hard thing for him to ignore as he is a high school student and has to interact with his classmates.

Denji also considers her a close friend and says she is fun to watch, and as such, he has gone on dates with her frequently and spends much time with her. However, unbeknownst to them, Yoru is secretly planning Denji’s subjugation as revenge for nearly killing him in hell.

Let’s see what the future holds for this odd couple.

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Powers And Abilities Of Asa Mitaka

After receiving her body and half of her brain subjugated from the War Devil, while still being conscious, the War Devil can switch to Mitaka and take control of her body. This is the state in which the War Devil can use its power.

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Let us look into what powers Mitaka gains when War Devil takes over her body.

Enhanced speed

Upon becoming the official host for the War Devil, Asa`s speed has increased to the point where she can be extremely fast, quickly moving around and avoiding attacks by the Class President contracted.

Enhanced Strength 

After being made a host of the War Devil, Asa`s strength has increased to the point where she can take Tanaka’s head off his shoulders and pull his spinal cord from his body. This requires an enormous amount of force. She is also capable of easily carrying objects that are as large as her using just one hand over her head.

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Femur Weapons

As a host of the War Devil, Asa is capable of using the capabilities that the War Devil to manipulate the body parts of others and transform these into weapons. 

The War Devil’s abilities do not seem to instantly kill the victim because they can cry in pain after removing their head from their bodies. 

This is only the case when the body part of it is believed to be belonging to the War Devil in the event of being taken through force, such as being cut off and taken or if a person is so devoted towards this War Devil to consider it their own.

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Final Words

Asa mitaka

So, Asa Mitaka is pretty much all this based on the info that is revealed until now in the manga. Apart from her powers, she is also a master swordsman and carries a katana of her choice with her.

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Who is Mitaka Chainsaw Man?

Asa Mitaka is a high school student and a fiend in the Chainsaw Man manga. She is also the host of the war devil and makes her appearance in the second part of the manga as an antagonist.

Is Mitaka a Devil or a Fiend?

Asa Mitaka is a fiend in Chainsaw man manga and a host of War Devil too.

What is the height of Mitaka Chainsaw Man?

The height of Mitaka has not been made clear but she seems anywhere around 5″4′ to 5″6′.

How old is Mitaka?

Mitaka is 17 Years Old ~ in chainsaw man manga.

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