14+ Best Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC (Ranked)

Well, who doesn’t love romance in the action manhwa? Everybody does. And on top of that if we add a flavor of OP MC then that would be like a cherry on top.

Today on MyAnimeGuru, we are going to post a list of 14+ Best Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC (Ranked). The list is going to be ranked based on the reader’s ratings and the manhwa popularity.

Action Romance manhwa with OP MC has a lot of attention as of right now because of the amazing storylines and art. That is why we have compiled a list of the best action romance manhwa where an op mc is present saving his girl or the world.

So, without wasting any more time let’s get started with our list of Best Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC.

List Of Best Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC

This is our list of best action romance manhwa with op mc. Although it contains some of the manhuas too, they are super good to be mentioned so I couldn’t have ignored them.

Well, let’s talk about why we chose these titles to be on our list of Best Action Romance Manhwa With OP MC.

Books Worth Reading:


14+ Best Action Manhwa To Read (Ranked)

1. Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System (Novel)

scum villains self saving system action romance manhwa with op mc

My first impression was”omg, this is an amazing story! I am in love! It’s not longer than certain chapters.

What I love most about the story is that even when you are faced with difficult situations, there is the added pleasures and romance! 

This makes reading enjoyable as well as your attitude, even if it is not good, will improve as you change as you get older. 

Books Worth Reading:

I believe it’s very vital. For instance, in the Mausoleum’s Halls of Sorrow when it was extremely dangerous and they fled away from the blind designs they lay in a coffin.

Do recall what transpired then? If so, it’s more than excellent. It was because this was the very first contact with a physical object that added 1000 points!

It’s a book I absolutely love and have read it over and over again This novel is worthy of 10 stars on our list of best action romance manhwa with op mc.

There are times when I hear people believe that this is their first time they have read it and because of this, it’s not good however I do not agree. 

When the writer can describe the emotions and feelings you experience as your own, it creates a truly remarkable story. No matter if it’s the first or 10th.

Books Worth Reading:

2. The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor (Novel)

action romance manhwa with op mc

After having to put it down several instances, finally received an honest recommendation and decided to read the book. 

After the first few chapters, I realized that it was the best! It was funny, exciting, and hip. strong storyline, stunning artwork, fun pacing, and characters were not developed, but they were interesting.

Small details about the fineness of the artwork, the watercolor-like painterly frames that were placed on the pages The dynamic and creative use of panels were truly awe-inspiring.

I felt my stomach hurt because of the characters of the story. I also felt like I was being a fan of the main character in a way that is not typical of other stories. 

Books Worth Reading:

The first season was a far superior story but season two was a rollercoaster ride of highs and lows. A great, underrated read on our list of action romance manhwa with op mc.

3. Author Of My Own Destiny

Author of my own destiny

The plot is exactly what I’ve ever wanted to experience in a manhwa and I’m so thrilled that we get to witness a mage’s villainess in the form of a manhwa! 

The art style gives the viewer “(almost) Villainess Is A Marionette” impressions. It’s so gorgeous, I can’t believe it! 

The characters are memorable and memorable, particularly Fiona and Siegren, who had very sad backstories and Abel had a lot of interesting characters and incredible character growth! 

Books Worth Reading:

It’s hard not to love Fiona and Siegren when you read this! Although they might be in a relationship for the moment (I’m in chapter 20, so I’m a bit late, and I’m sure they’ve already been reunited). Their affection for one another will remain forever in their hearts.

Overall a great read if you are searching for action romance manhwa with op mc.

4. Villainess Level 99: I May be the Hidden Boss but I’m Not the Demon Lord

villainess level 99 action romance manhwa with op mc

The Mary Sue is OP however, I love the way it’s handled because she’s quite socially awkward and her power is used to create comedy effects, so she’s not an actual Mary Sue.

They didn’t stick to the traditional story that the prince is in love with her, instead of the heroine as well, and ML admires the MC’s character before he starts to fall for her. Their interactions are adorable and hilarious.

Books Worth Reading:

Do check it out if you want something like action romance manhwa with op mc.

5. Memorize


A man is a victim of an isekai-like world for 10 years. During this time, everyone else dies. He is eventually an isolated person and becomes the most strong “player”. 

He makes use of the power of his mind to reverse time to prevent the demise he suffered. In the present, he decides to be more than a lonely person.

I love the concept that the tale tells. In essence, it’s an op man who utilizes his experience and knowledge in his past to develop into a truly strong person. 

Books Worth Reading:

He also makes strong connections with his followers. The art is great.

Characters are excellent according to chapter 26. For instance, there’s tension between one character and the mc, because she’s worried that he’s not telling the truth since the mc knows so much.

Overall, it’s good and I would recommend it on our list of best action romance manhwa with op mc.

6. The Baby Isn’t Yours

The babu isnt yours

The artwork is stunning It’s absolutely stunning and so beautiful that I believe the entire budget was spent on the artwork (lol).

Books Worth Reading:

The characters are excellent. The FL is a lunatic, and the as is the ML but only with the FL. This is when his true crazy appears, but not before the FL (so far, but things could alter when they come together).

The only problem I’m experiencing is with the pace as well as the size of each chapter. I’m feeling like the chapters are getting shorter and the pacing is a bit off evident. 

We went through 3-4 chapters on her just leaving, five plus chapters on the FL beginning her new life in a hidden village, and three chapters of her exploring the woods to locate kids who went into the woods in a way they shouldn’t. 

The chapters are extremely specific and provide us with some information, but most of it could be reduced to a smaller chapter or one long chapter. I hope that this will get better.

But still one of the best action romance manhwa with op mc.

Books Worth Reading:

7. My Wife Is Actually The Empress?

My wife is actually the empress

The Manhwa is a fascinating story in which the principal character is the retired commander of the army who killed the emperor before him and went into hiding believing that his death was a sign that further death was not necessary. 

Overall, he is an intriguing character that shows how he regrets his past egocentric belief that because of his strength, he was unbeatable. 

While hiding, he becomes married to a lady which the empress is actually although he doesn’t realize it.

The story centers around their adorable relationship and relationship as unnoticed incidents happen since they both have a significant role to play as well as the people around them.

Books Worth Reading:

Through their past, they manipulate things happening around them, both unaware of the other’s power.

That’s what earns this one place on our list of best action romance manhwa with op mc.

8. My Wife Is The Demon Queen

My wife is the demon queen

This is one I’d recommend the book to anyone who loves overpowered or smart Mcs. 

However, with such a slow pace it appears to take three years to finish and the story is barely moving, but it does show certain side effects. 

Books Worth Reading:

He also shows something that he has but doesn’t want to use again as if you’re asking yourself why you’re using rubbish stuff, since you forced him to use the op weapon that you shortly after, don’t show him using it again. 

The only thing he needs is the weapon, but he doesn’t. It was originally 7/10 however I am a fan of Gundams and demon queen so much I’ve raised it to 9/10. 

Also, wtf Mc is god but does not act like it. If you are a fan of an action romance manhwa with op mc who won’t allow anyone to touch his girlfriend, then you’ve come to the perfect manhwa.

9. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years (Novel)

The great mage returns after 4000 years

an extremely interesting light novel. At first, it was just a normal “weak to powerful” sort of story that was not very interesting however, it got more interesting. 

Books Worth Reading:

As the story developed and more characters were introduced and new characters were introduced, the story transformed for the better. 

There were many surprises and twists which were extremely satisfying and appropriate and also excellent character development. 

It’s not very long and it’s a great novel, I’d strongly recommend you give this one a try.

10. Charlotte And Her 5 Disciples

Charlotte and her 5 disciples

It’s already fantastic. The pace may be a bit slow in the beginning however, it makes the story more enjoyable. She’s strong and sensible, and yet humorous and sweet. 

All of the characters introduced thus far are relatable and entertaining to read. 20 chapters in, and I already know that I’m going to be a part of this series over the next few years.

It’s really enjoyable. The basic idea is that she wants to commit suicide after having lived for a very long time in the** but her magic vanished and she was transformed into an infant. 

Through the assistance of her closest friend, she created an identity that was fake and was living her normal life until all her followers started causing chaos looking for her, causing her to return to that life.

Try this story if you are into action romance manhwa with op mc.

11. Marriage And Sword

Marriage and sword

When my family was hit by difficult times I Hergenes Targael was able to disguise myself as a mercenary male is known as Herge to earn money. 

In the process, I saved and met Shaun Kyroxus, a formidable friend who I abruptly departed to be able to return home. A few years later, I am now in an arranged marriage with no but… Shaun?! 

He’s desperate to see Herge back And it’s only a matter of time until He is discovered! It’s not clear if the relationship will be successful and what I should do if he learns?!

Enjoying the story! It’s got romantic suspense, a hidden identity that is on the brink of being exposed, and a touch of action with swords! 

I would recommend trying it out to see if this is up to your standards of action romance manhwa with op mc.

12. Martial God Asura

Martial god asura

If you’ve read about martial peak, this story will be quite familiar.

it’s a classic story in which the mc is weak at first but is extremely skilled in cultivation. Over time, the mc gets stronger until he’s among the best people in the region.

At that point, the mc moves to the next region, where the average person is stronger. The story is very entertaining, especially if you’re new to manhuas in cultivation or simply want to know more, then I would suggest the book. 

If you’ve been through several cultivation tales and want something fresh and different, this isn’t the right book for you.

But if you are searching for action romance manhwa with op mc then you can try it.

13. The Laid Off Demon King

The laid off demon king

This manhwa focuses on the adorable romance between a former demon king Lucifer3 and her former warrior Alice. ML is a tyrant and FL becomes more powerful over time. While it isn’t as fast in the growth of romance, it does have action. 

The action is enjoyable. The comedy is enjoyable. Overall, they created a charming couple. I would highly recommend it if you are into action romance manhwa with op mc.

The story is fantastic and unlike other MCs that are overpowered, it’s got romance. Although Merlin and Alice always disagree, they are in love with one another. 

The characters are extremely well-written, and so are the minor characters. The comedy timing is excellent, making this worth taking the time to read.

14. Metropolitan System

Metropolitan system

Metropolitan system is likely to be the most popular isekai manhwa that exists, it’s only downfall is that it becomes repetitive, but unlike other repetitive manhwas that are rehashed, this one follows a great plot structure repeatedly that will leave you wanting more each time.

The artwork is excellent everywhere, however, there are a few places where the scanlators and artists slack just a bit. Certain characters lack depth or have a sense of purpose However the majority of situations, the characters are well-rounded.

All and all, I recommend this to anyone looking for an action romance manhwa with op mc.

15. Back From Immortal World

back from immortal world

elements of light management to the mix. This is quite commonplace in manhuas that cultivate but taken one step further in this.

The story never reaches the point of a deadlock. It keeps up a steady pace all through and has a lot of items that are waiting to be discovered, without feeling like it’s an unreasonably long way from the horizon. I like the pace.

They’re neither good nor bad. One thing worth noting is that girls continue to fall for the male character, while there is no (romantic) interest in any of them. 

I don’t mind, however, I can understand why some people might be unhappy with this. All-around, I would recommend you to read it if you are searching for action romance manhwa with op mc.

16. A Villain Demands To Be Loved

a villain demands to be loved

Overall, I found the unexpected dramatic twists and turns and backstory interesting. It was easy to read that wasn’t boring once you’ve gotten past the beginning chapters, where you aren’t sure the reason why ML is crying and/or appears to be smug. 

After the 50th chapter, things become more interesting because you discover more motivation as to the reason for what is happening and the new characters and scenes are introduced. 

The art is great. The relationships between sub-characters are nice. The relationships between ML and MFL improved and I was pleased with the conclusion.

The story was engaging with a plot line that progresses until the final. The growth of the character of her character was inconsistent, but enjoyable once it did happen. 

My biggest issue is that her last name is Sunsethill. It appeared that the author was unable to come up with a name, so they gathered random words. 

Excellent dialogue and art. Last but worthy read on our list of best action romance manhwa with op mc.

Final Words

Last but not least we have reached the end of this article and our list of Best Action Romance Manhwa with OP MC. I hope you got what you were looking for.

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