Top 10 Best Zombie Manga To Read (2023)

Zombie mangas are one of my favorite things to read even now. I read every manga related to zombies I find online.

Zombies are a topic of interest for everyone and having a zombie manga couldn’t be much better.

They have a thrilling storyline and a brutal bloodshedding while others have a comic touch in them too.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best zombie mangas that you should read. If you like reading fantasy mangas then you will definitely love Zombie-related mangas.

Let’s get started on our list of the 10 best zombie manga to read in 2022.

List Of Top 10 Best Zombie Manga

Let’s start talking about zombie manga in detail

Books Worth Reading:

10. Zombie Hunter

The undiscovered Zombie Island lies deep within the ocean. It is a brutal, deadly experiment in which many people attempt to survive among predators, grisly traps, and the wrath of each other. 

Toshio Tamura, a Japanese ex-grand Prix driver, is one of the survivors. He has been chosen to hunt otherworldly Zombies that pose a threat to all mankind. Toshio will soon be confronted with a grim future, surrounded by violence and tragedy.

9. Magical Girl Apocalypse

Kii Kogami desires a boring, normal life. Kii’s dream of a normal, boring life is ruined when a group of murderous magical girls attacks and kills nearly all of his classmates. 

Books Worth Reading:

Can Kii, his childhood friend Tsukune, the busty Yoruka, and Ren, escape a horrible death while uncovering the truth about the invading force? If you are a horror genre fan this zombie manga is the best option to read.


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8. Is this a Zombie?

zombie manga

A serial killer murdered Ayumu, or at least he thought so. To his horror, Ayumu becomes a zombie after Eucliwood Hellsythe, the mysterious Eucliwood Hellsythe, revives him. 

Ayumu can now not die and must follow the lead of his silent, supernatural companion. But things only get worse. Ayumu accidentally takes Haruna’s magical powers and is now faced with the unpleasant task of being a boy (or girl) in her place. Ayumu is now faced with the challenge of keeping his home, fighting against the attacking monsters, and finding the culprit.

7. Sankarea: Undying Love

zombie manga

Chihiro, a high school student who loves macabre and collects horror movies, thinks that living with a zombie girl would be a great idea. Although death sounds appealing, Chihiro is devastated when he learns that his cat has died. 

He sneaks away to an abandoned building every night to try to make a resurrection potion. It’s there that he meets Rea Sanka, the beautiful daughter of the wealthy Sanka family. The girl has her own problems and ends up being zombified after a mix-up. The horror fanatic now lives the dream with his zombie girlfriend. But how will they deal with Rea’s new diet and the onset of rigor mortis?

Books Worth Reading:

6. Hour Of The Zombie

Akira is a typical high school student. Akira has aspirations and dreams like everyone else and a crush on Kurumi, his childhood friend. He is more attracted to Umezawa, Akira’s best friend. 

Their innocent love triangle is nothing compared to the horrors that they are about to face, even though it may be their saving grace. Students suddenly become frenzied zombies and attack each other, gorging their flesh. The school is being torn apart until suddenly they stop. 

The school now has a divided population of zombies. But will this peace last for long? What is the reason students turned to each other in the first instance? A friendly face can be the most frightening thing in the room if it seems like one of your classmates will suddenly offer to take you out for lunch

5. School Live

Yuki Takeya is a huge fan of her school. It is so special that she now lives there. She is part of the School-Living Club, a group that consists of girls who live in the school’s club room at night and then grow their own food under the school’s roof. Why is Yuki still attending classes? Why is it that no one ever feels the need to return home?

4. I Am A Hero

I am a hero manga

It’s impossible to believe that the zombie apocalypse will ever happen! Unsane manga artist who is mentally unhinged witnesses the start of the zombie outbreak in Tokyo. He knows only two things: He’s the city’s hero and he has a rare Japanese weapon!

Books Worth Reading:

3. Apocalypse No Toride

Fort of apocalypse

Yoshiaki Maeda, along with other juvenile delinquents, has been falsely charged and taken into custody at the Shouran Institute juvenile correctional facility. Yoshiaki is as normal as a boy could get. He can’t imagine anything worse than being locked up in this violent prison. 

Yoshioka is soon drawn into a feud between Yoshiaki’s cellmates Yamanoi, Iwakura, and Yoshioka. Then, suddenly, a van from prison crashes into the facility. What emerges from the wreckage is flesh-eating zombies.

2. My GF Is A Zombie

Ling Mo is believed to be confronted with doomsday. He discovered that he could control zombies. Ling could walk among the zombies without fear of using his power.

He eventually met Ye Lian, his beloved girlfriend. However, he discovered that Ye Lian had been turned into a zombie. Ling Mo began his survival in doomsday to help Ye recover her memories.

1. The Last Human

the last human

Zuo Tianchen, the last human living in a zombie-infested city, is Zuo Tianchen. He was certain he had died but his soul is returned to the day before. He vows that he will protect those who are important to him and reunite with his former lover. You can see his struggle to survive with his memories for the next ten years!

Books Worth Reading:

Final Words

That was all for our list of Best Zombie Manga to read. I hope you liked the list and got what you were looking for.

Let us know in the comments what you think and you can also follow us on social media too.

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FAQ Section

Is the zombie genre dying?

Yes, it’s as bizarre as it sounds and shows the genre has never really taken itself that seriously. But the zombie film is in near terminal decline. Romaro’s recent efforts haven’t furthered the genre at all and there has even been a remake of his first film, a sure sign that ideas are at an all-time low.

Who is the master of horror manga?

Junji Ito’s career in horror manga really took off in the mid-’80s when he submitted a horror short story to a magazine called Monthly Halloween. That story was later serialized as Tomie, a manga that would end up running for 13 years.

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