Demon Slayer Every Nichirin Swords Colors | Explained

Demon Slayer Corps mostly use Katana to fight demons. These katanas aren’t regular swords but rather are special swords made in the Swordsmith Village called Nichirin Swords. These swords are very powerful and can kill demons.

The only way to kill a demon is by decapitating them and normal swords will break from their tough hide. Thus these special swords are the only way.

Each sword is made specifically to suit its user and gradually takes up different colors depending on the breathing style of the user. With so many colors, I’m sure you’ll be worried about which Nichirin sword colors mean what.

Well, we here at MyAnimeGuru have made a conclusive article on the various colors of swords and their meanings. So without wasting any time, let’s start.

The colors of Nichirin swords explained

The Nichirin swords are sometimes referred to as, color-changing Katana because they change their color depending on their user.

The reason these swords can kill demons is that the Scarlet crimson ore used in these swords is exposed to sunlight for a long time and because of that, they absorb the sunlight. When swords are forged from this ore, the swords have the power of sunlight inside them.

But these materials and ores are very hard to acquire since only mountains which stand above clouds, i.e basked in sunlight even during dark skies can deliver the purest ores.

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These are then transported to the secret location of the Swordsmith Village where the wordsmith forges special blades that are unbreakable and capable of slaying any demon.

Nichirin swords

Thus when they slash a demon’s neck with the sword, they can’t regenerate anymore and eventually turn to Ash. Many demon slayers have unique colored blades or handles, which reflect their fighting style.

They may be colored fully or simply colored patterns will appear. The nichirin weapons don’t have to be bladed in themselves or swords, since Mitsuri’s weapon is shaped like a whip while Gyomei uses an Axe while Kenya doesn’t use a bladed weapon at all.

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Sword colors of derivative breathing styles are also in tone with their base breathing form. Well enough talking, let’s get into it.

Black Nichirin Sword


The most elusive of the sword colors, Black nichirin blades are extremely rare with only two users shown so far. These users are Tanjiro and Yoriichi. Both are Breath of Sun users and thus black may signify users with Sun breathing.

Black also means misconceptions and prejudice as all previous wielders of a black blade died early. Black is also a symbol of the absorption of all colors. This means the user is not limited by one style and has a fluid nature that migrates.

Grey nichirin Swords


A grey blade represents that the user has broken the prerogative that the nichirin weapon has to be a sword only. It is also a symbol of the Stone breathing style. Stone-style users often use non-bladed heavy weapons.

An example of this would be Gyomei Himejima who wields a massive chained axe and flail as well as the first Stone Hashira who also wielded a Kusarigama (A Chained sickle).

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The grey symbolizes Stoic nature, Objectivity in life, and detachment from emotions. Ironically Gyomei is very emotional and doesn’t shy away from voicing his feelings.


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This color symbolizes Beasts and is very appropriate since the user of this color blade is the Beast breathing user, Inosuke Hashibara.

Inosuke developed the style himself when he lived alone in the mountains. These blades symbolize the wild and the pride of wild animals. Inosuke also uses a very unorthodox style with 2 blades and he chips them to have a serrated edge.

These quirks perfectly go with Indigo-grey Nichirin Sword.

Red Nichcirin Sword


Red symbolizes Intensity and Flames, something that goes perfectly with Flame breathing and Flame Pillar Kyojiro. The Hashira is the epitome of enthusiasm and energy and that makes the red color perfect for it.

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Sometimes instead of just coloring the whole blade or handle red, the sword develops a red flame-like pattern as seen with Kyojiro’s sword. It might have something to do with him being a Hashira but no concrete reason has been given.


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Amber Nichirin Swords

Amber-colored blades represent the flamboyance and Sound Style. It is used by the Sound Hashira Tengen who uses a pair of giant cleavers to fight his battles which is a very unorthodox choice of a weapon.

Amber-colored blades have only been seen once and seem to be exclusive to the sound Hashira which means it might have something to do with sound breathing.

Yellow Nichirin Sword


The Yellow Nichirin sword symbolizes the lightning and thunder of the Thunder style. The color corresponds with the color of lightning. A prime example of this would be Zenitsu Agstsuma’s blade.

Instead of the usual yellow, his blade has a thunder-like pattern on his sword which is yellow. It goes well with his fighting style which is often times incomplete because of his cowardice but when he becomes serious he can be lightning fast.

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Blue Nichirin Sword


A blue-colored Nichirin sword symbolizes Water Breathing and fluid motion. Both of these are signs of Water Breathing. Blue nichirin swords were the first ones to be introduced in the anime. The Water hashira, Tomioka also uses this blade.

Tomioka’s water-like movements and fluid disposition have dyed his sword with a wave-like pattern in blue color which perfectly fits him.

Green Nichirin Sword


The green color symbolizes mastery over Wind Breathing and the wild typhoons that come with those who use it. Sanemi Shinasugawa is the user of the only green blade shown in the anime and it suits his nature.

He is bloodthirsty for the death of demon-kind and uses sickle-like winds at his disposition to cut everything to shreds. His blade has a unique green sickle-like pattern on his blade which summarise his nature.

Pink Nichirin sword


A pink blade symbolizes love and Love breathing. Both of these are wielded by the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji. She developed the love of breathing herself from fire breathing and thus the color is reminiscent of that of the flame style’s red.

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The pink color also symbolizes uniqueness since Mitsuri instead of using a sword uses a Whip structure which helps her use strength along with flexibility in a unique match. Only Mitsuri can wield this blade cause of her body composition.

This is mostly because Mitsuri has muscle density 8 times that of a normal person which makes her extremely strong while still being flexible. That’s why she has such a unique nichirin sword.

White Nichirin Sword


White nichirin swords symbolize Mist and Mist breathing. Just like Mist has an almost transparent feel about it with a sense of calmness and tranquillity so does the white Nichirin blade.

It is wielded by the Mist Pillar Muichiro Tokito who is always calm and collected, rarely showing his emotions, and is very strong despite his physique. He is mostly aloof and withdrawn from the world but just like Mist, he is always present.

Since the Mist Style is derived from the wind style, sometimes it has a translucent green glow which appears to be more prominent during attacks.

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Lavender nichirin sword


The Lavender color is associated with serpents and the Serpent breathing style, which was developed by Obanai Iguro the Serpent Pillar. Since it is derived from water breathing, it is nearly purplish which is reminiscent of the blue-colored water blades.

Obanai has used his lavender blade to win hard-fought battles against nearly everyone and was alive till the final moment when Muzan was finally killed.

Light Pink Nichirin Sword


Pink-colored blades or light pink ones to be exact symbolize Flowers and Flower breathing. They are the trademark of Kanae Kocho and her protege Kanao Tsuyuri.

Both of them were the sole practitioners of the style and as the motive of their breathing styles says, their swords also turned pink just like the Wisteria flowers that Kanae had in mind when she developed the style.

Kanao can be said to have surpassed her mentor as not only she was able to survive the battle with Muzan, but she also killed Doma, the killer of both Kanae and Shinobu.

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Violet Nichirin sword


Violet-colored blades symbolize insects and Insect Breathing that is used and invented by the Insect Pillar Shinobu Kocho.

Since it has been developed from the Flower style it carries the pink undertones while since it uses poisons from insects and is a sub-style of water breathing also has blue hues.

Its unique color also makes for a unique sword that instead of a typical katana, Shinobu instead uses as a Rapier-Needle-like Sword infused with poisons.

Purple Nichirin sword


The purple nichirin blade stands for the moon and the glow that it gives during the crescent moon. It is used by the developer and sole user of the Moon breathing, Kokushibo, the upper-rank one.

Before he became a demon, Kokushibo was a demon slayer and thus even after being turned into a demon continued to use the Nichirin sword, that he once used to kill other demons.

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So this was our conclusive article on the Nichirin swords and their colors explained. If you liked this article then keep tuned for future articles on your fav topics. Till then you can follow us.

FAQ Section

What is the best Nichirin sword color in Demon Slayer?

Tanjiro’s Black Sword. Of course, the one who takes the top spot in terms of the best swords in Demon Slayer is Tanjiro’s black Nichirin blade.

Is a red Nichirin good?

Yoriichi Tsugikuni’s bright red Nichirin sword is the most potent out of all Demon Slayers, being able to burn on a cellular level and leave scars that even the Demon King himself can’t heal even after centuries.

Why is Yoriichi’s sword red?

Nichirin Blades can turn into virtually any color dependent on the user and their Breathing Style, however, there is one color that cannot be accessed, which is a bright red color. This color was first discovered by Yoriichi Tsugikuni when he became a Demon Slayer due to his Sun Breathing.

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