What is Blue Spider Lily in Demon Slayer? Explained

There are many mysteries in the world of Demon Slayer. But the most mysterious of them all is the Blue spider lily in demon slayer. The single cause of woe for the Demon King Muzan has been finally mentioned in the Anime.

You must be wondering what exactly is the blue spider Lily and why is Muzan so obsessed with it to the point where he’s losing his cool. The mysterious flower and its relation with Muzan have been shrouded in mystery.

But don’t worry because we at MyAnimeGuru have prepared an article on What is Blue Spider Lily in Demon Slayer to give you an exclusive report on the elusive flower. We will tell you everything about the mysterious flower.

So without further ado, let’s start on what is the Blue Spider Lily in Demon Slayer.

What is the Blue spider Lily in demon slayer?

The blue spider lily was the cause of Muzan’s woes and since becoming a demon a millennia ago, he has used everything in his power, every resource available to the point where he even created demons all over Japan to try to find it.

So why is Muzan so desperate over the Blue Spider lily? let’s discover.


Blue spider lily in demon slayer
Blue Spider Lily in Demon Slayer

Muzan‘s obsession with the Blue spider lily started nearly a millennium ago. Those who have read the manga know that at one point in history, Muzan was a human himself.

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Yes, the demon king who was responsible for the deaths of numerous people and turned thousands of people into demons was a human himself.

As a human, Muzan was a very frail human being and was suffering from a terminal illness that was so serious that he was assumed to die by the age of 20.

To save himself, he tried many treatments and many medicines to no avail. Finally, as he had nearly given up, he found a doctor who was able to formulate a medicine to treat him.

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This medicine contained Blue Spider Lily in demon slayer as an ingredient.


This doctor continued to use the medication which used the blue spider lily. However seeing no improvement, Muzan became more and more paranoid and impatient until he finally got too angry and killed the doctor in a rage.

But something miraculous happened. Soon Muzan came to know that the doctor could cure him and that the Blue spider lily in demon slayer was the ingredient that helped him get cured.

In addition to a healthy body, however, Muzan also got an immortal body along with supernatural abilities with his blood. He got everything he wanted but there was a major problem.

Sunlight was his weakness.

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Even though he was blessed with multiple supernatural abilities, the medicine had left him vulnerable to sunlight and this made Muzan terrified and irritated.

Even though once he simply wanted a healthy, now that he got an immortal body, he craved even more power and the weakness of sunlight erred for his likeness.

Since the treatment was not completed, the immortality gifted to him was not complete and thus Muzan in pursuit of true greatness became obsessed with finding the Blue Spider Lily in demon slayer.


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Muzan’s Pursuit for the Blue Spider Lily

Muzan near Tanjiro’s home

Gradually Muzan learned more about the powers his imperfect immortality had gifted. He learned that he now had the power to make other humans into demons with the help of his blood.

This blood also gifted him the ability to would wield Blood Demon arts that gave him and other demons like him the ability to control various unique powers.

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This was all the result of the blue spider Lily in Demon Slayer. In addition to that, he also developed a hunger for human flesh.

Thus in his desperation, he started 2 methods to hunt for perfect immortality. One was the hunt for the blue spider Lily said to bloom only for 2-3 days a year in a location hidden from everyone.

The second method was to continue to expand his lineage until one day, a demon finally appears who is resistant to sunlight.

Only the heavens know what tragedy will happen if Muzan succeeds in his ventures. Only time will tell. As the Season 3 of the Anime heats up, so does our anticipation.


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This was in our comprehensive article on what the Blue Spider Lily in demon slayer was and what is Muzan-Sama’s obsession with it.

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FAQ Section

Is blue spider lily rare in Demon Slayer?

The doctor used an extremely rare flower known as the Blue Spider Lily as a base ingredient in Demon Slayer Muzan’s treatment.

Why did Muzan never find the blue spider lily?

Since the Blue Spider Lilly was found to only bloom during the day, that may explain why Muzan never found them after spending so long looking. As a demon, Muzan would not be able to go out and find them due to the devastating effects of sunlight on his body.

Did Tanjiro’s mom know where the blue spider lily was?

Tanjirou’s mother Kie knew where the blue spider lilies bloomed. She showed them to him when he was very little, so that was why he briefly recalled them when his life was flashing before his eyes in the battle against Rui.
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