Who Is Monkey D. Luffy In One piece? Powers Explained

One Piece is a manga series that constantly manages to top the charts. So, there is no denying the importance that the main character, Monkey D. Luffy puts on making one piece as successful as it is today.

Monkey D. Luffy being the character that is being portrayed as the main protagonist of the manga series is hugely admired and loved by many fans across the globe.

The main reason behind this character from one piece receiving such huge appreciation from people across the globe is due to the versatility that he frequently shows and the personality that he is presented to possess.

Monkey D. Luffy is a character that keeps the wheel of the Straw hat constantly moving. This article brought to you by MyAnimeGuru will help you to get into discussions of Monkey D. Luffy in more detail.

Introduction Of Monkey D. Luffy


Monkey D. Luffy is the son of leader of the Revolutionary Army Monkey D. Dragon. He is also known as Straw Hat Luffy and he founded Straw Hat and is the captain of the straw hat pirates. He is considered as one of the top fighters among the straw hat pirates.

It was under the influence of Red Haired Shanks that he decided to become a pirate. Luffy accidentally ate a devil fruit called by the name of Gomu Gomu no Mi that belonged to Shanks. After consuming the devil fruit special attributes were added to his body that turned his body into Rubber.

He wants to have a lot of freedom, that is why he desires to be a Pirate king as it can give him a lot of freedom. He also dreamt of finding the legendary treasure, one piece which was left by the late Gol D. Roger.

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There were multiple instances where Luffy was shown battling many global superpowers mostly defeating all of them. He is considered the leader of Straw Hat Grand fleets that mostly consist of seven pirate groups.

He also officially became one of the four Emperors announced by the government after he defeated Kaidou during the Raid on Onigashima.

   Name  Monkey D. Luffy
  Origin  East Blue
  Debut  Chapter 1, Episode 1
  Age  19 (After timeskip)
  Height  174cm (After timeskip)
  Status  Alive
  Devil Fruit  Gomu Gomu no Mi
  Occupation  Pirate Captain, Emperor

Appearance Of Monkey D.Luffy


Monkey D. Luffy appearance was so compelling in the one piece that instantly made the character a top hit among many other characters.

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Luffy is a slim muscular man with shaggy black hair. He was seen having black hair and also had a scar underneath his left eye. He also have a massive scar of the shape X inn his chest, which he had it since he was badly injured by Akainu in Summit War of Marineford.

Luffy is seen mostly in blue shorts with the cuff on a red vest without sleeves and also appears to wear sandals. Additionally, he also wears a straw hat that Red-haired Shanks gave to him when he was young as a promise that one day, they will both meet again when Luffy becomes a pirate.


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Monkey D. Luffy Personality

one piece Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy’s personality in the manga is created with an intent that suits him externally and the combination sort of work very well as evidenced by Luffy having huge fans following from different parts of the world.

Monkey D. Luffy was shown as an ambitious person that believed in himself and showed having the traits of a fearless human being. However, there were also negative traits that were integrated into the character like him having little to no common sense at all.

The character was successful in being direct to its viewers which is why the viewers of one piece connected more with this character than the rest. His character was muchly influenced by Red Hair Shanks as he admires him the most from his childhood.

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Luffy was also seen having childlike personality as he in some cases becomes greedy as well as even going to the extremes by trying to sacrifice himself for the greater good of his friends or his crew members, etc.

Luffy was also pretty much straightforward in giving out opinions as he directly told Koby that he does not like people like him because of his cowardly nature. In contrast to this he was also seen appreciating Koby for putting his life at risk.

Monkey D. Luffy Powers and Abilities

Luffy's powers

Monkey D. Luffy had immense strength and powers. Accompanied by his extreme endurance made his fighting scenes more prominent than most of the one piece characters.

It is also expected that being the main protagonist and captain of the most powerful straw hat pirates, all we can expect from him is his extreme power and the ability him defeating powerful enemies while perfectly implementing his power.

Monkey D. Luffy is considered one the of strongest characters of one piece and is also the member of the Monster Trio alongside Zoro and Sanji.

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Devil fruit

Devil fruit Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy at the age of 7 accidentally ate one of the devil fruit which was paramecia-type devil fruit called Gomu Gomu no Mi which originally belonged to Red Hair Shanks.

After he consumed the devil fruit, his body acquired the property of rubber making him capable of transforming his body into rubber. Due to this power, he was able to bend, stretch, and bounce like rubber and he could even inflate any part of his body.

This power added many more attributes to his fighting style. He can now stretch his legs to extend his kicking zone or else he could also extend the length of his hands making his punches travel to more long distances. He also became immune to lightning through this specialty.

Eventually, during the Wano Country Arc, the devil fruit was type of Hito Hito no Mi which would enabled its users to become the incarnation of Nika. Nika is also known as the “Warrior of Liberation” and was believed to be the Sun God known for liberating slaves while bringing smiles to people faces.

Gear 2

Luffy was seen activating Gear 2 for the first time in the Enies Lobby. This feature lets his fist ignite, which he calls Red Hawk. Gear 2 enables him to execute his speed at greater speed and force, thus becoming more powerful and causing more damage to his opponents.

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Gear 3

Like Gear 2, Gear 3 was also seen for the first time in Enies Lobby. Through this ability, he could make any part of his body grow hugely into a size that was capable of causing large-scale damage. He would do this by inflating air into his body.

Gear 4

Gear 4 was first seen in the Dressrosa. Through this, he would inflate the muscles of his body, by blowing air into them and covering them with Busoshoku Haki.

Gear 5

Gear 5 was first instantiated during the Raid on Onigashima. Through this, his abilities grew further and he would be seen modifying the shape and size of his body.

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Final Words

With some of the features mentioned in this article about Monkey D. Luffy, he manages to remain one of the topmost characters of one piece. I hope you had a great time reading this article, and if you did then do let us know in the comments.

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FAQ Section

Who is Monkey D. Luffy in love with?

Monkey D. Luffy is seen having a relation with Bao Hancock.

Who is Luffy main love interest?

Pirate Empress and the captain of Kuja Pirates Bao Hancock is the love interest of Luffy.

Who is Luffy’s hardest Fight?

Sir crocodile can be considered Luffy’s hardest opponent as he was shown defeated by him twice.

Why is Monkey D. Luffy so popular?

Monkey D. Luffy being the main protagonist of the very famous one piece manga is the main reason why Luffy is so popular.

Who has defeated Luffy?

Luffy was seen defeated by Sir Crocodile twice.

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