Top 10 Best Manga Like Seoul Station Necromancer (Ranked)

You probably loved this manga and came here searching for manga like Seoul station necromancer. Seoul Station’s Necromancer is an “iseka returns back” manga.

Here our protagonist gets a minor nerf to start and starts exploring Earth’s shiny new dungeons. In that sense, it’s exactly what you expect.  As for me, I find a lot of not-so-interesting things.

If you are into and like leveling systems, dungeons, great fighting and action scenes, and op mc’s, then you will love this manga. And that is exactly why you are searching for manga like Seoul station necromancer.

Well, today we have compiled a list of 10 Best manga like Seoul station necromancer.

10 Best Manga Like Seoul Station Necromancer

  • The Lone Necromancer
  • Solo Leveling
  • The Druid Of Seoul Station
  • Knocking On Dungeon Door
  • The Divine Twilight’s Return
  • PathFinder
  • Return Of The Frozen Player
  • Leveling With The Gods
  • Hyper Luck
  • The Return Of The Disaster Class Hero

We will now discuss each of them in detail so that you can better understand why these are included in the list of manga like Seoul station necromancer.

1) The Lone Necromancer

manga like seouls tation necromancer


Seongwu, a former soldier in the special forces, has returned to college following his national service. Seongwu’s normal life as a student is disrupted when he and other students face a mysterious prompt asking them “select role.” Seongwu selects the necromancer to gain rare abilities that allow him to control the undead. Seongwu is forced to use his newfound abilities to save his classmates and defeat terrifying monsters on campus. But can they survive?

The Lone Necromancer: Reasons why you might enjoy it

Although the storylines vary, each character is a necromancer and the world has become a game. The plot is similar in that they are necromancers who live in a game-like environment with a leveling-up system. Their personalities are very different, and you won’t be bored, as they all have their Og-like streaks. It is amazing, and it is beautiful.

Books Worth Reading:

Similar Premise, but different executions. One suits the Korean Player/User, who is granted powers and joins a GOV-run org. Necromancer is more of a survival game. You have been placed in a place where you must live. This is definitely the one manga like Seoul station necromancer.

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2) Solo Leveling

manga like seoul station necromancer


Jinwoo Sung, an E-class hunter, is the most vulnerable of all. He is looked down upon by everyone because he doesn’t have any money or other skills. He is determined to make a change in his life when his party discovers a hidden dungeon. But the reality is that he doesn’t have the plans he thought.

These are some reasons you might like

Seoul station’s necromancer is hosting events that are very similar to solo leveling. Both feature guilds, hunters, and dungeons. Both feature amazing artwork. They share the same powers and use the same catchphrase, “arise”, when summoning the undead. This deserves to be in the list of manga like Seoul station necromancer.

Books Worth Reading:

3) The Druid Of Seoul Station

The Druid of seoul station manga


An ordinary day was turned upside down by an unknown catastrophe that swept Earth. It transported Suho Park from Earth to another planet. Suho learns to adapt and fight to survive in this alien world. But one day, just like he was pulled into the new planet, he is brought back to Earth. As he quickly realizes, that a return to normal life is impossible as Earth is constantly being attacked by monsters. What will Suho do to fight the invaders on Earth? And what will his skills be this time?

The Druid of Seoul Station: Reasons why you might enjoy it

The MCs of Seoul Station is The Druid and The Druid from Seoul Station. They travel to another world and return to an entirely different planet. They can use their power to travel into dungeons and other places. Both art and drawing are very good.

Seoul Station Necromancer is the same person who imagines returning to Korea. However, their personalities differ. The Necromancer is more susceptible to emotional drama and emotion while the druid is calmer, and never expresses emotion. He also lived for over 1000 years before he was isekai and returned to his homeland. This could explain why.

Seol-Woo is the author of both mangas. JIN. These mangas have not shared any similarities. However, I do hope that there will be a collaboration between them soon. One of the best you won’t regret reading in the list of manga like Seoul station necromancer.


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4) Knocking On Dungeon Door

knocking on dungeon door manga


A day passes and Hyeonbok Kim, a faint-hearted man, opens his apartment door to discover a dungeon filled with monsters. He hides at first. When all else fails it is up to Hyeonbok, who must defeat the dungeon bosses. He’s not the only one. He learns about friendship and bravery with the help of his skeleton friends. Hyeonbok appears ready to take on any challenge the dungeon throws his way… but is that true? It should definitely to be added in the list of manga like Seoul station necromancer.

Books Worth Reading:

There are many reasons you might enjoy Dungeon House

  • Both are necromancers.
  • Focuses on dungeons.
  • A group of side characters are assigned to the mc and oversee the business side of things to increase resources.

5) The Divine Twilight’s Return

The divine twilights return


Thanatos is the king of the underworld and offers the job to the deity, once called “The Divine Twilight”, after he has been put on trial. The fallen deity, Lee Changsun, is now back on Earth and is assigned to protect those who are trying to invade from the beyond. Changsun is preparing for a new start and gathering the skills and gear to do the job. But he is feeling some surveillance… Will the Divine Twilight be able to see a new day or will the sun set on his second chance? A must-read if you are searching for manga like Seoul station necromancer.

6) PathFinder

Pathfinder manga like seoul station necromancer


Tomorrow Garam will be 25 years old. Her parents have forgotten about her and she has yet to find a job. She lay there wishing for another existence, but the clock strikes midnight, and suddenly a window appears in front of her. She enters and finds that she is a pathfinder or a traveler between worlds. Her family and everything she knew from the earth disappeared when she stepped into the other world. Garam must learn everything she can about being an explorer to reunite her family and bring things back to normal.
You would love this piece in the list of manga like Seoul station necromancer.

7) Return Of The Frozen Player

The return of frozen player


Five years later, the final boss of the area Earth appeared. The Frost Queen is the final boss of area Earth. The final boss! Our lives will return to normal if we can defeat her! The Frost Queen was defeated by the top five players worldwide, including Specter Jun-ho and Specter Seo Jun. o. But they fell into a deep sleep. 25 years had passed. “A second floor?” “It didn’t end when Frost Queen died.” Specter wakes up from his slumber. This manga is definitely a manga like Seoul station necromancer.

8) Leveling With The Gods

Leveling with the gods


He was stronger and faster than everyone else… but he lost. Kim YuWon was left with nothing but despair. He was granted another chance in his final moments… His fate wasn’t sealed by the sacrifice of his comrade. He returns to the past and tries to climb the Tower with his unparalleled talent. To defeat the evil ancient spirits that threaten to destroy Tower. One of the best in the list of manga like Seoul station necromancer.

9) Hyper Luck

Hyper luck manga


My life was not blessed with the best luck, but it exploded in one shot just before I quit the game. Lee Ki-ho was about to change his life in the first virtual reality game on the planet. This rare item was not available to the other 400 million players. This is a game-changer! Smoothest art in the list of manga like Seoul station necromancer.

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10) The Return Of The Disaster Class Hero

manga like seoul station necromancer


They are often called “calamities” by humans, which is an acronym for the unknown, destructive creatures that suddenly appear on Earth. Twelve people were named saints by the zodiac gods to challenge these calamities. Geon Lee, an unchosen hero but the greatest of all, was also awakened. He was betrayed by his allies and left for dead. But now, twenty years later, he is more powerful than ever and ready to teach the “saints” of his world a lesson they will never forget. You would love this in the list of manga like Seoul station necromancer.

The Disaster Class Hero: Reasons to Like It

Both main characters are trapped for a long period in a place and then return to it. I think the personalities of the MC are nearly identical, they are both big assholes.


So we have concluded the list of Top 10 Best Manga Like Seoul Station Necromancer (Ranked).  And all these mangas show us some amazing visuals and cool MCs. Most of the mangas are underrated among the fans, so give it a try like other animes.


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