Why is Nico Robin The Famous One Piece Character? Explained

One piece is a manga series where it mainly emphasizes the characters that it comprises. There are thousands of characters present in one piece, and some of the characters are very much successful in winning the hearts of the audience.

Nico Robin as a character of one piece is no exception when it comes to winning over the hearts of its viewers. It went on to become one of the main characters of one piece. MyAnimeGuru brings you an article about one of the very popular One piece character, Nico Robin.

Nico Robin also known as Devil Child was the captain of the Straw Hat pirates appointed by Monkey D. Luffy. She joined in as the seventh member of the pirate’s crew. She is also the crew’s archeologist. Robin temporarily left the crew and rejoined during the Enies Lobby Arc.

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The Appearance of Nico Robin.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin is a tall young woman having black hair length up to her shoulder. Robin is quite tall and happens to have a dark eye with a long, thin, and defined nose. She seems to wear revealing clothes that had dark color.
Robin also is seen wearing a gold arm band with the letter N, which basically symbolizes her family.

Powers of Nico Robin.

Nico Robin

Nico Robin is one character out of many one piece characters who have great abilities and powers. She is also extremely intelligent and her clearing the archeological exam just at an age of eight truly depicts it.

At an early age, Robin ate hana hana no mi, a devil fruit that gave her the power to sprout duplicates of any of her body parts or the entire body from any surface.

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Additionally, being the lone survivor of Ohara island, Nico Robin remains the single character in one piece having the ability to read Poneglyphs, which are ancient stones.

This ability of Robin is extremely considered threatening by the World Government which is why it is prohibited.

Before Joining Straw Hat Pirates.

Nico Robin is a character that is discussed and loved by many. One of the main reasons for this character from one piece receiving such huge appreciation also might be accompanied by the history that this character possesses.

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Nico Robin was raised on the island of Ohara, where she acquired all her skills. When Nico Robin was in Ohara, she learned how to read the ancient stones.

As these skills were extremely considered threatening by the government, warships were deployed on the island to stop the practices that were happening on the Island.

As a result of the attack, people living on the Island were wiped out completely except Robin who managed to escape the attack.

After she escaped from the attack, she joined Sir Crocodile’s Baroque works under the codename Miss All Sunday, where she became the vice president. She continued her goal of finding Rio Poneglyph which was said to tell the true history of the world.

Nico Robin on the escape.

Nico One piece

Nico Robin was born on the Island of Ohara and her parents were archeologists. As the story kept on continuing she knew her ability to read Poneglyphs.

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As a person who escaped the attack that was initiated by the Government, she was constantly on the run and lived her life in the fear of getting caught.

The government put out a notion that alleged the scholars of Ohara that they were going to destroy the world by finding Ancient weapons, which was actually not true. Since Nico Robin was on the run from the government, she was also called the Demon of Ohara.

The government was successful in making the public believe that Nico was evil and an extreme threat to the world. Due to this, she was called various names like Devil Woman. She was hated, and feared by the public, and was believed her existence is sinister and even considered a terrorist.

Robin spent twenty years running, often meeting new people, who were dishonest to her. She was seen working for the old farm lady whom she thought was kind.

However, it turns out that the old farm lady was trying to put her in by bringing in visitors who were government agents. Later in the scene, the old lady was seen yelling at the agents asking for money that she should receive by helping them to nab Nico Robin.

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After she manages to escape from the old lady, she again was betrayed by the couple, whom she worked for them very hard. She once overheard a conversation about turning her in, which again made her flee.

During her travel to Arbasta, she met crocodile, who was the warlord of the sea. He needed her ability to read Poneglyphs, due to which Nico Robin was able to join the Baroque Works organization. Crocodile needs her because he was in search of an ancient weapon called Pluton.

During her time working in the Baroque organization, she successfully managed to hide from the government for four years.

After joining Straw Hat Pirates

one piece Luffy

After the collapse of Baroque works, Nico Robin joined Straw Hat pirates. She was very much insecure and deeply impacted because of her previous experiences when she was living in Ohara.

After joining Straw Hat Pirates, she felt comfortable around them and liked them so much. When Robin was saved from Enies Lobby she felt more welcomed and accepted by the crew members. In fact, the crew’s hospitality towards her made her trust in the group even stronger. She even surrendered herself to the government.

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Robin even further realized that she found people that she can trust after Straw Hat pirates declare complete war against the government just because of bringing her back from captivity.


Nico Robin plays an important character being the member of the Straw Hat pirates crew in one piece, which is why it is also one of the characters that manage to remain a fan favorite.

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FAQ Section

Why is Nico Robin so popular?

Being the lone survivor from the Island of Ohara, the character portrayed through Nico Robin and the abilities and power she exercises, all contribute to Nico Robin being so popular one piece character.

Who does Nico Robin love the most?

Nico Robin being the crew member of Straw Hat pirates seem having great admiration for the main character Luffy.

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