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Generally, when a manga series becomes too popular, it is followed by a TV anime. While mostly it is to simply elevate the status of the manga and make it more well-known sometimes, it’s also for catering to the audience who want more such content.

The same seems to have happened with CSM too, as it was recently announced that we will be getting a Chainsaw man Live action that will be coming in the form of a stage play that is titled Chainsaw Man The Stage. Many popular Anime and manga get such Stage plays and it seems CSM is next.

Chainsaw Man Live Action: Cast, Release date, Story

We will tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Chainsaw Man Stage Play.


The Story will cover till all the major characters have been introduced so it might go on till the Bat Demon arc or Time Demon arc. The story of Chainsawman goes like a young impoverished boy under debt named Denji, becomes partners with a demon dog with a chainsaw on its head.

He works as a devil hunter in order to pay back the debt that his father owed to the Yakuza. After he was betrayed by them under the control of Zombie Devil, stabbed and left to die, Pochita fused with him. he replaced Denji’s heart, in turn transforming him into the Chainsaw Man.

After getting revenge on the yakuza and the Zombie Devil, he was recruited by Makima of the Public Safety Division 4, where he was joined by fellow hunter, Aki Hayakawa and Fiend Power. Thus the Chainsaw man Live action will probably cover all these stories.


Chainsaw man live action

While the cast is yet to be announced for Chainsaw Man Live action, we know that the director who will be directing the stage play is Fumiya Matsuzaki who has previously directed the live action adaptations of the Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It is said that the cast will be decided somewhere during the summer.

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But for now we know that artists will be required for Denji, Makima, Power, Aki, pochita among others. Generally a stage play runs for the same time as a film so it might have anywhere between 10-20 characters.

Release Date

screen play

The release date is said to be in autumn somewhere between September and October and will be taking place at Tokyo and Kyoto. No other places have been announced as of now and no news of any shows taking place outside Japan have been noted. If any information is put forth, we will keep you updated.

What you can expect in the meantime is you can either read the manga which is currently in its second act or alternatively you can stream the anime which is available for streaming on Cruncyroll.

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Is the Chainsaw Man Adult Film Official?

An adult film has also been made but it is not an official Chainsaw Man Live action and is simply a parody of the popular series made simply to capitalise on the fame of CSM. As such it has been produced by a popular AV production house however since it doesnt violate any IP rights, nothing can be done.

While those who might be interested can check it out, but it is by no mean an official Chainsaw Man Live action and simply a flight of fancy for those who want to cash in on a show’s popularity.

More about CSM

Chainsaw man is the second popular work by Tatsuki Fujimoto who has previously written and illustrated Fire Punch. CSM debuted in December 2018 in Monthly Shonen Jump and concluded the Public Safety Saga or Act 1 in December 2020 with 97 chapters being collected in 11 Tankōbon Volumes.

The second act also known as School Saga started in October 2022 and 33 chapters have since been released with the chapter 98-120 being collected in volumes 12-14 respectively.

An anime adaptation was also released and streamed globally by Crunchyroll as part of the Fall 2022 season colcluding in 12 episodes in December 2022. Since then this Chainsaw Man live action will the newest adaptation.

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Final Words

So this was all about the Chainsaw Man live action and all the news that is available as of now. Any new information we get, we will update our readers and fans of CSM in the meantime.

Till the stage play comes, you can catch up on the manga or watch other anime like CSM from the below list.


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Till then see you.

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