13+ Best Anime like Chainsaw Man (Ranked)

Chainsaw Man is inarguably one of the most popular anime on the planet right now. The popularity of the anime reaching new levels after Netflix decided to buy its streaming rights.

So in wake of that, we at MyAnimeGuru are making a comprehensive list of The 13+ Best Anime like Chainsaw Man (Ranked). This list is going to be based on the overall popularity, depth of the storyline, as well as how well the story goes, and the overall Likeliness of the characters.

So without further ado, let’s dive into this list of best anime like Chainsaw Man.

List of best Anime like Chainsaw Man

Let’s start our list of best anime like Chainsaw Man.

14. Jujutsu Kaisen

anime like Chainsaw Man - Jujustsu Kaisen
Jujutsu kaisen

Perhaps the only other anime that can give Chainsaw Man a run for its money is the ever-popular Jujutsu Kaisen. Even though it’s just 2 years old, it has become one of the best shonen anime out there.

One of the main reasons why the show is this popular is because of the great animation. The characters are also phenomenal with compelling backstories and overall development. It is also full of violent fights and bloodshed

AJJK has another thing in common with CSM, both are animated by Mappa Studios. The second season of JJK is scheduled for July 2022, so stay tuned.

Books Worth Reading:

One of the best anime like Chainsaw Man

13. Yu Yu Hakusho

anime like chainsaw man - Yu Yu Hakusho
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

This anime came nearly 30 years ago and even to this day, it has been the archetype of a battle shounen. I

From wonderfully curated fight sequences to compelling storylines, this anime doesn’t miss anywhere. Its long runtime of 112 episodes makes sure that every character gets sufficient screen time.

Books Worth Reading:

From the wonderful cast of main characters to the unique villains, I’m in love with everything about this anime. The romance between Yusuke and Keiko is my fav thing about it.

YYH also has many demons and devils just like CSM, with the MC and his friends using their supernatural powers to defeat the powers of the dark.

One of the best anime like Chainsaw Man.

12. Berserk


Perhaps an anime that needs no introduction. This is the godfather of everything dark and twisted. Author Kentaro Miura’s masterpiece, has been thrilling fans since the early 90s.

If you are looking for an anime-like chainsaw man, Berserk will give you everything cool and gory about CSM. The main character is the very definition of a badass.

Books Worth Reading:

From demons who will give you nightmares, to supernatural settings that will make you lose sight of reality, Berserk has it all.

The flawed romance between Guts and Casca is perhaps the most tragic aspect of the franchise, while Griffith, the Falcon of Light is a villain you would love to hate though at times you’ll find yourself getting raptured by his words.

One of the best anime like chainsaw man.

11. Gantz

Gantz: S1

Another anime like chainsaw man is the classic Sci-fi Thriller, Gantz. From great action sequences to a wide cast of cool characters with their unique circumstances, this anime makes a great impact.

From people getting sawed in half to straight-up crushed skulls, this anime is unmitigated in the bloodshed it shows.

Books Worth Reading:

But hey, it’s not just violence and tragedy in this anime. It also presents great philosophical ideas from the viewpoint of the MC as well as shows his internal struggles regarding his life. It also has lil romance.

In my opinion one of the best anime like Chainsaw Man.


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10. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan
Attack on Titan S1

Attack on Titan has one of the best storylines in the entire anime world. Combining that with a great cast of characters and great action sequences between humans and Titans gives you a masterpiece.

The anime is full of unexpected twists which will make even seasoned veterans feel like they were tricked. From the heroes to the villains, everything is just perfect about this anime.

The animation quality is as always untouchable with no strings loose. It is the best new-gen shonen anime but unlike its competition, it is much darker.

Books Worth Reading:

Perhaps the best anime like chainsaw man.

09. Angel of Death

Angel of Death
Angel of Death

One of the more underrated choices, this anime is truly a hidden gem and seems to follow the trope of a misfortunate main character going through various struggles.

This anime is unique, with an unusual storyline. It is full of gruesome scenes of people dying and has that overall mystery element that fans of thrillers simply adore.

Anyone who likes serial killer fiction or murder mysteries will love this anime with its short but unhinged cast of characters who are all prolific killers which result in our team facing some of the looniest scenarios you’ll ever see.

08. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

This is perhaps the best piece of vampire fiction I ever watched. Full of gore, blood, superpowered villains, and creatures who will give you nightmares. It is one of the best horror anime out there and is simply great.

Books Worth Reading:

This anime shows the mind of a man who is perhaps unstoppable and enormously powerful yet at the same time a victim with many scars on his broken psyche. It is perhaps the single best retelling of the classic Dracula story.

The overall dark theme is balanced out with comedic relief which prevents the story from being too monotonous. A masterpiece of the dark fantasy genre and everyone should give it a try.

07. Devil-man

Devilman Crybaby
Devilman Crybaby

For any fan that wants to watch an anime like chainsaw man, this is perhaps the most important one to watch. Why do you ask? Because this franchise was one of the main inspirations behind the CSM manga.

Devil-man Crybaby is easily the best anime from the Devilman franchise full of great animation, awesome fight scenes, and a great story that will keep you awake all night.

This version of the anime is full of emotion-filled outrage that you can’t prevent yourself from binge-watching. Full of blood, gore, emotions, and cool fight scene just like CSM.

Books Worth Reading:

06. Psyco-Pass

Psycho-Pass Season 1

It is one of the biggest anime of the mystery-thriller genre with twists and turns in every episode and for those who want an anime like chainsaw man, it is perfect.

Both anime have a secret service kind of team fighting against criminals and threats to society. It is an anime where you will be like what the hell did I just watch? The story is so ludicrous people will be left questioning their notions of right or wrong.

It is full of action and violence with many philosophical ideas making it a masterpiece. It is perfect for those who want to watch another anime like chainsaw man.


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05. Parasyte- The Maxim


One of the most popular horror action anime out there is the hugely popular Parasyte. I loved the anime and all aspects of it.

Parasyte is full of tearjerking moments and feel-good moments that will make you switch between laughing and crying at a minute’s notice. Many people say that the anime didn’t do justice to the manga.

Books Worth Reading:

As someone who has watched the anime as well as read the manga, it’s no doubt that the manga appears to be better. But the anime is still very good with top-notch animation.

I’ll recommend people who want to watch anime like chainsaw man watch and read both anime and manga. It is one of the best anime like chainsaw man.

04. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul
Season 1 of Tokyo Ghoul

Nothing I can say will be something that hasn’t been already said about this awesome anime. This anime is one of the best anime and every anime fan has watched at least one season.

It has everything from blood-curdling deaths to awesome fight sequences to the romance between Kaneki and Touka that will leave even the most stoic of fans satisfied.

The subliminal horror-action anime is perfect for anyone who wants to watch something extremely violent but with a great story. Everyone should watch this anime at least once.

Books Worth Reading:

Great story, cool fights, and a good cast of characters, it has everything. TG also has the police against monsters aspect to it.

03. Drifters


It is one of the most violent anime out there. But it also has one of the best samurai storylines of all time.

Anyone who wants to watch an anti-hero anime like chainsaw man should definitively give Drifters a try. The story has a great plot development and the hero and other characters are very endearing.

The story is very fast-paced and is part supernatural time travel and part gore-action so a variety of fans will like it.

The anime is full of substance with a great mind-bending storyline. This makes for a great story that everyone should at least watch once.

Books Worth Reading:

02. Elfen Lied

elfen lied
Elfen Lied

One of the most brutal and gut-wrenching gore anime out there is the cult classic Elfen Lied.

The whole anime is full of blood, guts, and psychics with unhinged power fighting each other. Not a single episode goes on without at least a few dozen people dying.

But behind this veil of blood is hidden an absolute masterclass of an anime with a great Shoujo-Horror storyline and a great female lead and the supporting male lead.

This anime navigates through trauma, action, battles, and emotions to one of the greatest gore anime of all time.

01. Dorohedero


The first horror anime to be produced by Mappa Studios is the cult classic Dorohedero. It follows the tales of the Reptile-head and his companion and is full of dead bodies, bloody violence, and an overall great story.

Books Worth Reading:

The anime has magic as well as a great fight sequence along with the perfect animation to make this an overall hit. Anyone who wants to watch a great anime like chainsaw man should watch this surely.


That was all for our list of best anime like chainsaw man. I hope you got what you were looking for. Check also – Chainsaw Man Live Action

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