14+ Sad Anime Girls With Depressed Personalities (Ranked)

Sadness comes with depression but what happens if someone becomes depressed all time? They might be suffering from some trauma or there might genuinely be something wrong with their mind due to which they always feel pessimistic and simply can’t be happy at all making them gloomy.

Mostly these anime girls are quite beautiful and introverted and feels very hard to interact with other characters which makes the fans love them.

List of Sad Anime Girls With Depressed Personalities

So let’s look at the 14+ Sad Anime Girls With Depressed Personalities (Ranked).

15)Hanabi Yasuraoka – Scum’s Wish

Scum wish

Hanabi is highly emotionally vulnerable because in her childhood she is deeply affected by an unrequited love in her childhood friend, and she has maturity beyond her age. She can easily understand the pain undergone by an adult and relationships.

She loves and cared for others, and this leads her to fall into unhealthy relationships and her desperation for love is the central theme of the story.

I think she is one of the few girls who suffered from unrequited love because it is a rare case of one-sided love in a female character.

14) Moeka Kiryu – Stein’s Gate

hot looking girl

The cuteness of an introverted girl is on another level, Moeka is an introverted girl filled with social anxiety and finds it hard to communicate with others. She mainly relies on her phone because she feels more comfortable in text than in face-to-face communication.

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Behind her stoic personality, she is emotionally fragile and struggles a lot with her insecurities and bad trauma. Later she gradually opens up with certain characters.

She is a loving and addictive character with cute looks and all these make her one of the sad anime girls with a depressed personality.

13) Mizore Shirayuki – Rosario to Vampire

cool  and calm

She is a calm and composed girl and always speaks in a monotone which makes her hard to approach. She has a passion for music and loves to play musical instruments. She expresses her emotions through her music rather than her words.

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One Mizore forms a bond with anyone she is very loyal to them and she goes to any extent to save them from any danger she is the sad anime girl in the series.

Later the story progresses she learns to overcome her insecurities and become open with others which makes her a sad anime girl to a normal girl.

12) Rei Ayanami – Neon Genesis Evangelion


Rei is mostly calm and in a depressed state. She rarely shows her emotion when she blows up in some situation and always likes to spend her time alone. When it comes to her commander she is completely loyal and attached.

She is a pilot of EVA units, she even sacrifices her life for the greater good or to protect humanity. This made her a good personality than other sad anime girl characters and loved by the fans of this anime series.

Overall, she is a loyal character who takes on a journey of self-discovery and growth. By judging, she is one of the sad anime girls with depressed personalities.

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11) Shirahoshi “Mermaid Princess” –  One Piece

sad anime girls with depressed personalities.

Shirahoshi, the Mermaid Princess from One Piece, lacks confidence and is a shy character. Her innocence, purity of heart, and deep compassion lead her always towards seeking opportunities that allow her to help others while spreading joy.

Being naive and trusting makes her susceptible to manipulation. Inner strength, determination, and resilience are qualities that Shirahoshi possesses despite her shyness. Later, she learns to face and overcome various challenges with a childlike wonder for the world.

She is a good waifu also with her childish behavior makes her a sad anime girl with amazing adorable cuteness all these shows she is one of the sad anime girls with a depressed personality.

10) Rukia Kuchiki – Bleach

 sad anime girls with depressed personalities.

She is a brave girl who possesses a strong sense of duty as a Soul Reaper, in any hard situation she doesn’t give up. She has strong reflexes and many strategical moves.

She craves love and cares which makes her make a relationship with Ichigo and she even sacrifices herself to save him. She may take stubborn decisions but once she sets her action she won’t come back from it.

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Rukia has a mix of strength, intelligence, caring, and seriousness but the only red flag in her is she becomes sad and depressed sometimes.

9) Yukari Yukino – The Garden of Words

garden of words

The ‘Garden of Words’ Yukari Yukino is an introverted and secretive character who loves literature deeply. Her independence and strong will do not diminish her deep feelings of loneliness and desire for connection.

Despite her strength, there are occasions when she feels vulnerable and questions herself. Nature and rainy landscapes provide Yukari with a sense of peace due to her artistic sensibilities.

The journey of her character investigates ideas like loneliness, self-discovery, and finding important bonds with others which makes her a sad anime girl with a depressed personality.

8) Hayami Kohinata – H2O Footprints in the Sand

talented and skilled

Hayami is one of the mysterious characters of the series because she often hides her emotions and thoughts within her. She is talented and skilled in various areas and particularly she is good at music.

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With the help of music, she could make some friends. She is a vulnerable person with a fragile side in the past and she is on a journey to find the meaning and purpose of her life.

She has good character development and strong independent nature makes her a strong sad anime girl with cuteness.

7) Sakura Matou – Fate/Stay Night

good hearted

Sakura Matou from the “Fate/Stay Night” series is one of the kind and good-hearted people in the entire series even though she is reserved and timid. As with every character she too carries deep emotional scars.

This makes her feel bad sometimes and also depressed, later by her self-confidence she grows both emotionally and spiritually, finding ways to come out of her past trauma.

Overall, she is kind, heartedness, and reserved nature and her determination towards her hope makes her the best sad anime girl character.

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6) Hotaru Tomoe – Sailor Moon

suffered a lot

By undergoing several hardships, she is one of the most mature and wise characters of her age. And she is known for her compassion and gentleness which makes her a complex and intriguing character.

Her past was filled with sorrow and deep conflicts and she possesses the power of destruction and rebirth which makes her feared and respected by all. Her loyalty and protectiveness for her loved ones were amazing.

She is a mysterious and compassionate character with a bad traumatic experience and she is on a journey for the protection of the world. Judging by her character she is one of the sad anime girls with a depressed personality.

5) Enma Ai from – Jigoku Shoujo

sharingan girl

The Hell Girl of Jigoku Shoujo is Enma Ai, a cool and mysterious character that executes her responsibilities with great resolve. Despite being responsible for taking souls to Hell, she displays moments of compassion and empathy towards those whom she serves.

Loneliness and isolation are experienced by Enma Ai due to her role prompting introspection and contemplation. By questioning her morality and justice, her character increases the complexity of the series.

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She is a cute-looking attractive girl with eyes similar to Sharingan which even makes her fans fall in love with her.

4) Haruka Kotoura – Kotoura San

cuteness overloaded

Haruka is the main character of the series. She is known for her straightforward nature and she speaks without any filters in her mouth. She had experienced bad trauma in her past.

She is kind and shows empathy toward others who are in hardships. She possesses an optimistic and energetic spirit which makes it hard to defeat any kind of tough situation. As the story progress, she learns to master her abilities and find the strength to open up with others.

Overall, she is independent and optimistic in the Kotoura San series and her behaviors make her one of the sad anime girls with a depressed personality.

3) Violet Evergarden – Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

The main character of the anime series with her namesake, Violet Evergarden, is emotionally detached but driven to success. She experiences self-discovery, growth, and healing throughout the series.

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She started out being diligent and curious. However, she gradually developed the capacity to empathize with others’ feelings. Her character’s development centers on growth and comprehending the difficulty of affection and grief.

Overall, she is a stoic and emotionally detached character who takes on a journey of self-discovery and growth. By judging, she is one of the sad anime girls with depressed personalities.

2) Annie Leonhart – Attack On Titan


Annie is stoic and reserved in nature and she rarely shows her emotions. She doesn’t like to rely on others and likes to handle things on her own. She is a skilled fighter known for her hand-to-hand fights and is good at analyzing the enemy’s moves by observing them.

Annie is good at maintaining her secrets and mystery about her. She fights with her inner conflicts most of the time and is good at making decisions.

Overall, she is a reserved, independent and skilled fighter in the Attack on Titan series and her behavior makes her one of the sad anime girls with depressed personalities.

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1) Shouko Nishimiya – A Silent Voice

A silent voice

If you have watched ‘A Silent Voice’ movie, I am damn sure you fell for this girl because she has such a kind and caring personality even though she is deaf. Feeling lonely and isolated is something that Shouko experiences because of her disability.

Using sign language as the primary form of communication makes Shouko’s character unique and significant. Sign language enables her to communicate and bond with individuals.

She is the best kind-hearted character but unfortunately, she is deaf, even though she is cute and gorgeous and this makes her one of the sad anime girls with depressed personalities and deserved to be the top of this list.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 14+ Sad Anime Girls With Depressed Personalities(Ranked). All these characters show us their past hardships and difficulties undergone by them. All of these make the fans to fell in love with them.

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FAQ Section

What can viewers learn from these characters?

Viewers can learn about the complexities of mental health, the importance of compassion and understanding, the significance of seeking help when needed, and the potential for growth and healing even in the face of adversity.

Are there any trigger warnings or considerations when watching anime with these themes?

Yes, it is important to be aware that anime featuring sad and depressed characters may contain sensitive and triggering content related to mental health, self-harm, or suicide. It is advisable to approach such content with caution and prioritize self-care while watching.

Why are these characters depicted as sad and depressed?

These characters are often portrayed as sad and depressed to explore themes of loneliness, loss, trauma, or internal struggles. Their emotions and experiences contribute to the overall narrative and character development.

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