Top 15 Most Powerful Old Men in Anime (ranked)

Anime is full of strong individuals. May it be kids, old men or aliens, everything seems to be overpowered in anime. So in that regard, I’m sure just like me, you must wonder who are the strongest old men in anime.

Unlike in other media, Old men are sometimes the focal point in anime. This trope generally makes the old men, mentor figures or leaders so strong that they are untouchable. They generally are close associates of the MC, but sometimes you’ll even see ones in antagonistic roles.

Since we here at MyAnimeGuru are also just as curious as you, we decided to concoct a list of the strongest and most iconic old men in anime.

So without wasting any time, let’s start this list of old men in anime.

Strongest and Iconic Old Men in Anime

Anime is full of old men who are the show’s central focus, so let’s watch some of them.

15. Mr Yoshimura

Old men in anime

From Tokyo Ghoul

Mr Yoshimura is the owner of the coffee shop Anteiku. While he may appear docile and kind at first, in reality, he is a ghoul and a very vicious and powerful one at that. In the past, he was known as the One-eyed ghoul which resulted in the deaths of multiple policemen of CCG.

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Nowadays he manages the cafe while also acting as a protector for the ghouls and providing all of them safely and eating supplies which are human flesh. Generally benevolent he is capable of great violence making him one of the toughest old men in anime.

14. Joseph Joestar


From JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure Part 2:Battle Tendency & Part 3:Stardust Crusaders

While many of you have seen his young days as the eccentric stand user in Battle Tendency, he is also an integral part of the team that travelled to Egypt to defeat Dio in Stardust Crusaders. He is a capable Stand user and can use Homon as well.

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He is also much more knowledgeable compared to his younger days and now is even better at dealing with problems. His Magic Photographs is a powerful technique and you shouldn’t take him lightly lest you are left bamboozled by one of the strongest old men in anime.


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13. King Bradley


From Fullmetal Alchemist/Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

The Fuhrer of Amestris, King Bradley was its supreme leader and military dictator. Incredibly strong and trained to be the king since childhood, Bradley in reality is a homunculus created by Father decades ago in order to keep Amestris in check and fulfil his goal of domination.

Bradley while seeming benevolent is absolutely merciless and devoid of any humane feelings except the sin that he symbolises – Anger. He got otherworldly swordsmanship skills and is also armed with the Ultimate Eye, a skill that allows him to predict his opponent’s movements.

12. Hiruzen Sarutobi

#rd hokage

From Naruto

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One of the strongest old men in anime, and the 3rd Hokage, he is very strong. Though he was even stronger in his younger days, even as an old man, he was capable of using all basic chakra nature and even combining them. He excelled at sealing jutsu and saved the village from Orochimaru.

Trained personally by both Hashirama and Tobirama, he was prodigious and had mastered hundreds of Jutsu and was known as the God of Shinobi by those who witnessed his strength. He also trained Jiraiya and Orochimaru and protected Naruto in the aftermath of the Kyubi attack.


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11. Bang “The Silver Fang”


From One-Punch Man

The 3rd strongest of all heroes as well as an S-Class hero, he is incredible for all means and purposes. Fang doesn’t even use any superpower and is simply strong because of martial arts and his innate strength. He is able to destroy meteors with simply his hands.

His incredible strength combined with his reflexes and his morals has made him one of humanity’s strongest heroes. He also has a Dojo where he trains other students in martial arts. He is also a great teacher since he made Garou an S-Class hero. Truly one of the strongest old men in anime.

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10. Makarov Dreyar


From Fairy Tail

Makarov Dreyar is the Third Guildmaster of Fairy Tail and is powerful beyond relief. He is a Great Wizard Saint which means he has incredible amounts of magic power at his disposal. He is also a master of all 3 of Great Fairy Magic and excels especially at Fairy Law.

This move allows him to attack everyone in his vicinity who he doesn’t see as a friend. Despite all his powers, however, he is incredibly kind and sees all the guildmembers as his family and will sacrifice himself in order to protect them.

He is treated by all members as a grandpa figure, which just shows how much love he commands. Truly an example of gentle strength, Makarov is one of the strongest old men in anime.


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9. Silvers Rayleigh


From One Piece

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The vice-captain of Roger Pirates, The Dark King, is immensely powerful to the point where he can easily face off with admirals. Despite his old age, he still has uncanny stamina and reflexes which allow him to travel between islands by simply swimming.

Despite his old age, he is a force to be reckoned with and having reached Laugh Tale alongside Roger, he has uncovered many secrets while also possessing great knowledge. He also trained Luffy in the art of Haki, which is a testament to his strength and makes him one of the strongest old men in anime.


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8. Zeno Zoldyck


From Hunter X Hunter

The patriarch of the Zoldyck family and one of the oldest yet strongest assassins in the world, he is often considered the 2nd strongest Nen user in the world. despite being an assassin, he doesn’t believe in unnecessary bloodshed and is generally very laid-back.

But when it comes to show-time, his strength and reflexes are off the charts and he is able to fight and overpower anyone. A skilled assassin, his intelligence and analytical skills allow him to fight anyone making him one of the strongest old men in anime.

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7. Principal Gakuganji


From Jujutsu Kaisen

Principal of the Kyoto branch of Jujutsu High, Gakuganji is a traditional man who doesn’t make self-made decisions and follows orders without question. He expects complete control and no insubordination in the chain of command. This strength makes him one of the best old men in anime.

Many will think his scrawny appearance is a sign of his weakness but he is easily one of the strongest sorcerers and has control over vast amounts of cursed energy. He uses an electric guitar to amplify his energy and hit his opponent.

6. Monkey D. Garp


From One Piece

Known as the hero of the Marines, Garp has often been hailed as the only man who could equal the Pirate King, Roger. Incredibly strong, and that too without the use of any devil fruit, but simply Haki, Garp is also Luffy’s Grandfather and Dragon’s Father.

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Kind-hearted and laid back but with a strong sense of justice, Garp chose to remain a vice-admiral so that he can continue to take part in active battles and also because he couldn’t digest the cruel Celestial Dragons. These qualities make him one of the toughest old men in anime.


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5. Isaac Netoro


From Hunter x Hunter

The chairman of the Hunter Association as well as the Strongest Nen user, Netoro is simply indomitable. Training and honing his abilities for decades, even as a 110 year he was able to fight any individual. He is able to use multiple special abilities and is immensely fast.

His strongest technique, 100-Type Guanyin Bodhisattva is so strong that he was able to overwhelm even Ant-King Mereum with it. In fact, it was his final move Poor Man’s Rose which dealt the killing blow to Mereum. This shows that he is easily one of the strongest old men in anime.

04. Zeus


From Record of Ragnarok

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The most supreme in the universe, Zeus is unilaterally seen as the king of all gods and is respected and feared by everyone. Capable of reversing the power of creation, he can dismantle anything and destroy his opponents.

In addition to having great strength, he also has great speed as well as wisdom and knowledge which comes with age. He is also incredibly proud, not allowing any disrespect towards himself and lets everyone know that he is the strongest. This makes him one of the strongest old men in anime.

3. Muten Roshi


From Dragon Ball

One of the most iconic old men in anime, Roshi trained Goku and is also the inventor of the Kamehameha. The turtle hermit is a skilled martial artist and for years was one of the strongest beings on earth. He has been alive for centuries and has been honing himself.

Despite paling in comparison to the Saiyans, androids and gods, he is still far stronger than most humans and for a long time the upper limit of a human’s natural strength.

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2. Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate


From One Piece

Called the strongest man in the world, Whitebeard was a former Yonko and one of the few men who could match Roger in strength. Captain and founder of his namesake pirates, even in old age he was so strong and was said to have the power to destroy the world.

Shown to easily overpower an admiral, he had astounding physical strength. Ruling the oceans after the death of Roger, Edward Newgate even in death didn’t fall and died standing up, making him one of the strongest old men in anime.

1. Genryuusai Shigekuni Yamamoto


From Bleach

The founder of the Gotei 13, and its captain-commander, Yamamoto is strength personified. He forged the present-day soul society with his powers and brought stability. He also is one of the top fighters and possesses incredible swordsmanship and raw strength and his Riatsu could kill people.

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He is also the master of the strongest Zanpakuto, Ryujin Jakka whose bankai is so strong, that it can plunge the whole soul society into hellfire. Even Yhwach considered him a serious obstacle and was in fact nearly killed and sealed by Yamamoto.

For a thousand years, no Soul Reaper was able to surpass him in strength and even Aizen was scared of him. He is without a doubt the strongest of old men in Anime.


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And thus this was our list of the Top 15 Most Powerful Old Men in Anime. This list was based on their exploits, their importance to the story, feats of strength mentioned in the anime as well as their overall personality and likeability.

If you agree or disagree with this list please connect. And if you like it, consider following us.

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Oldest Character in Anime?

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