Who Is Carrot In One Piece? Powers Explained.

One Piece is one of the topmost manga series that dominates the genre of Anime. The reason behind this series becoming such a huge hit may be due to multiple reasons.

One such main distinctive feature of this manga is the presence of its many characters and how their story connected very well with the audience.

One such famous character of one piece known by the name of Carrot is whom we will discuss in this article.

Like many other one piece characters carrot remains to be a character that is loved and admired by many of the one piece viewers.

She plays one of the major characters in the one piece universe. However, she is also seen having a more deep relationship with the main protagonist Monkey D. Luffy, which is also why she becomes even more important to some of the one piece viewers.

Introduction of Carrot


Carrot is one of the important characters among the many one piece characters. In the manga, she is shown as a rabbit mink and the leader of the Mokomo Dukedom, a former member of the Inuarashi Musketeer Squad.

Carrot the character of one piece is blessed with many specialties in sort of every aspect and has many abilities, unlike others which makes her one of the topmost important members of her tribe.

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She is widely known because of her association with the straw Hat pirates and she also Sanji Retrieval Team to rescue Sanji on the whole Cake Island arc.

OriginGrand Line
OccupationRuler of Mokomo Dukedom
Age 15
Status Alive
Height161 cm
DebutChapter 804, Episode753


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Appearance of Carrot


Carrot appearance can be regarded as unique among many one piece characters. She resembles a lot to rabbit as she is a white-furred, blonde-haired rabbit mink with brown eyes.

She also a have a rabbit ear, a rabbit-like nose, and a large round fluffy tail. She also appears to have a short height.

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She exhibits a lot of change in her appearance when Carrot activates her Sulong form on a full moon. The color of her eyes changes to red with her ears growing larger. Carrot’s hair and tail also grow while turning snow white both emitting electro sparks.

Personality of Carrot

one piece character

Carrot is shown as a Multifaceted character with a mix of kind, loving, and protective features incorporated in her.

It is truly because of the character she possesses that makes her loved by many of the one piece viewers.

She is shown as a great leader as she would constantly care and always was ready to do anything to protect Mokomo Dukedom.

She also seems to care a lot about the people she liked or with whom she was associated. This can be seen when Carrot was ready to fight the evil army to protect straw hat pirates when they were met by Germa 66.

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She also had an emotional side which was perfectly reflected when Monkey D. Luffy was about to die by eating poisonous fish skin as she was seen begging Luffy not to die and was finally relieved when the poison was sucked out of him.

Much like her appearance having some resemblance to a rabbit he also likes to bite on things like a rabbit. She likes carrots and was also seen attacking Luffy when she saw him eating her carrot.

Despite her strong attitude, she also showed absurdity or childishness in certain serious conditions, as seen when she joined Luffy’s idea to crash at Big moms party despite not knowing the dangers.


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Powers and abilities of Carrot

one piece carrot

Carrot is considered one of the strong warriors among the main characters of one piece. Also, looking at her position being the leader of the Mokomo Dukedom having complete authority over its people, all we can expect from her is immense capabilities and strength.

Carrot also possesses a great ability to resist and also had shown a strong will in certain instances. She was also seen resisting a burst of Big Mom’s Haoshoku Haki.

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Carrot is an extremely well-skilled fighter and was very much durable. She can remain active throughout the whole day as she was a Kingsbird previously.

Carrot as a mink was very fast as her speed can be seen when she dodged a slash from Roronoa Zoro. She also could jump very high and showcased incredible reflexes. Her speed could also be justified through a scene where she is seen catching diesel who is considered to be great fast runner.

Carrot had a great endurance and also had a great strength. Her strength was witnessed when she was seen carrying two heavy objects while also running at the same time.

Sulong Form


The Sulong Form of the Carrot helps her to become more efficient and powerful. She awakes the Sulong transformation by looking at the full moon.

Carrot’s speed, agility, Electro, and overall abilities are magnified. Through this form, he was able to wipe out multiple members of the Big Mom’s pirates.

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This form also helps her make improvements, as can be seen when her gliding abilities have improved dramatically. This form is sustained by her for a long time and can cause severe exhaustion

Artistic Skill

Her character in one piece is also portrayed as a person who always had a certain amount of love for drawing.

Carrot also showcased her ability to draw where she was extremely skilled. It is through this skill that he was able to draw the faces of Sanji Retreival team. This skill subsided pretty well with the character as she was also very good at drawing maps.


Carrot weapon

Carrot became even stronger when she incorporated her weapons with her abilities. She is seen wearing a clawed gauntlets on her hands.

This weapon was assumed to be very powerful and was even comparable to Zoro’s sword and Electro could also be channeled through the clawed gauntlets.

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Final Words

So, it is because of almost all the features that are mentioned in this article about Carrot which makes her one of the topmost important characters of one piece.

Lastly, I hope you had a great time reading this article and if you did then do let us know in the comments.

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FAQ Section

Is Carrot in Love with Luffy?

Carrot and Luffy admire each other, and both have mutual respect, but they both were not seen engaging in a serious relationship.

Does Carrot have Haki?

Carrot is extremely powerful and her use of Electro is spectacular but unfortunately, she does not use Haki.

Is Carrot a member of the Straw Hats?

During the whole Cake Island and Wano country Arc, she was seen allying with the Straw Hat pirates and went on with the crew to Wano Country.

Does Carrot have a crush on Luffy?

No, Carrot does not have a crush on Luffy.

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