Top 20 Strongest Characters in Baki (Ranked)

Baki or Grappler Baki is one of the most popular martial arts anime and has been at the forefront of the underground fighting genre since the early 90s. Since its debut, it has released nearly 1300+ chapters and shown all kinds of crazy strong fighters and various fights which will leave you awed.

We at MyAnimeGuru bring to you this article on the Top 20 Strongest Characters in Baki (Ranked) cause I know that just like me, our readers too must be wondering that from the huge cast of fearsome fighters we have seen over the years in Baki, who are the absolute strongest.

This list will be based on the exploits of the fighter, their fight scenes as well as their overall importance to the story. So without further ado, let us start this list.

List of Strongest Characters in Baki

So thus we begin our ranking.

20. Speck


Speck is a sadistic killer and stands over 7ft 3 Inches tall. He is a heinous criminal who uses his pure brute strength to overpower his opponents and kill them. He used to be imprisoned in an American prison aboard a submarine 200m below the coast of Florida. He is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

He broke out of his prison along with the other criminals and came to Japan to taste defeat. He was ultimately defeated by Hanayama. Even though he looks so muscular and strong, in reality, he is 97 years old and after being defeated he regressed to a near-skeletal form.

19. Shinogi Kureha


The elder brother of Kōshō, Kureha is a genius doctor as well as a brilliant fighter. using his medical knowledge how he devised the perfect training regime and undertook it to build the perfect athletic body. In his own words, he is faster than a sprinter and can lift more than a lifter.

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He also has a muscular body and is very powerful. We first see him fight during his underground battle against Baki where even though he controlled most of the match, he was defeated in the end by Baki’s resilience. He also revived Doppo from his coma after his fight with Yujiro.

His medical knowledge and skills are otherworldly and he is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

18. Gaia


Gaia is a military combat genius who fought during the Vietnam War. During that time, he was once captured by the enemies and was about to be killed by the firing squad when the intense stress and fear of death caused all his hair to fall out and gave rise to a split personality.

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This personality makes him a combat specialist, skilled in all forms of ambushes, and great at taking advantage of nature to entrap opponents. He currently works as a mercenary and trained Baki when he was preparing for his fight. He is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

17. Mohammad Alai Jr.

Alai Jr

The son of Mohammad Alai, Alai Jr is a prideful and boastful young man who has not only inherited all the techniques of his great father but even improved it and made it into a complete pugilism-based combat technique that was good enough to fight people of any discipline.

Just like his father, he is primarily a boxer but he improved on that and uses lightning-fast moves like jabs and a more all-around style in which he challenges Baki. He also flirts with any girls he sees, as he did with Baki’s GF, Kozue. Despite his bratty attitude, he is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

16. Goki Shibukawa

Goki Shibukawa

Shibukawa is a very small-statured man and because of his physical limits, he developed his form of Aikido to use his bigger opponents’ strength against them and overpower them. Despite his fragile looks, he has given some of the behemoths like Jack and Doppo stiff competition.

He is over 75 years old and even lost an eye to the criminal Yanagi years ago yet is still fighting. He even made it to the semifinals of the maximum tournament where he was defeated by Jack. He was also a key member of the squad that fought the sumo wrestlers. He is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

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15. Izō Motobe


A jujitsu specialist, Motobe has spent most of his life studying and learning various forms of martial arts instead of dedicating himself to just one style. This makes him much deadlier because he has a diverse arsenal of techniques at his disposal. He is also adept at using weapons like hooked knives.

Despite his lackluster performance in the maximum tournament, he has defeated the likes of Jack albeit by deceit as well as fought head to head with Musashi who not even Baki and Retsu could defeat. All in all, he is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

14. Dorian Grey


Dorian is one of the criminals who came to Japan to taste defeat. He is a master of Chinese martial arts and many years ago dug a tunnel through a mountain with only his hands and feet. Because of this feat, he was given the title of Dorian Kaioh. At some point though, he lost his faith in martial arts.

After this, he never truly fought fairly and used trickery and gadgets to gain unfair advantages over people to defeat them. He fought against Katsumi and Doppo but in his final fight against Retsu, he understood true defeat. He is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

13. Doppo Orochi


Known as the greatest Kareteka alive, Doppo is also the founder of the Shinshinkai school of full-contact karate and has been one of the top fighters for decades. He was a quarterfinalist in the maximum tournament where he was ultimately defeated by Shibukawa.

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He has been a mentor figure to Baki as well as his Katsumi. Doppo is known for his extremely resilient body and honing normal karate attacks to the point where he can slice glass bottles with chops. He also survived fights with the Ogre twice which makes him one of the strongest characters in Baki.

12. Katsumi Orochi


The son of Doppo, he has been hailed as the perfect human to being a karateka having a unique mix of height, weight, and reflexes. However, due to his mental weaknesses and lax attitude, he often doesn’t care too much about training though he still takes pride in his martial prowess.

He was good enough to defeat Hanayama in the maximum tournament and even though he suffered defeat against Pickle, he gave him good competition. After losing his arm against Pickle, he gets a special operation to attach Retsu’s arm which makes him one of the strongest characters in Baki.

11. Retsu Kaioh


Retsu is a Chinese kung fu practitioner and is very proud of its 4000-year-old heritage. Initially very stiff and disrespectful of others he gradually becomes much more open-minded and starts learning other techniques too. He has mastered fighting to the point where he can carve a rock into a perfect sphere.

In addition to this, he has also mastered the art of armed combat such as knives, swords, and pole spears, and even got the title of Kaioh, which is only given to a master of Chinese martial arts.

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While he is very adept at new styles, due to his adamancy he lost against Baki. Because of this, he is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

10. Kaoru Hanayama


A young yakuza boss, he is known as the strongest of all Yakuza in Japan. Unlike others on this list, he doesn’t rely on any martial arts and simply uses the monster strength and his grip strength to incapacitate his opponents. Despite his over 300lbs frame, he is only 2 years older than Baki.

His body is durable to the point he can take gunshots and sword wounds directly to his body. He after getting his family’s symbolic tattoo fought and eradicated a whole gang to get the scars that he considered badges of honor. These qualities and feats make him one of the strongest characters in Baki.

9. Kaku Kaioh


This old man is 146 years old and fought toe to toe with the great Yujiro Hanma and even gave powerful blows to the Ogre. He is the strongest of all the Kaiohs and has been at the top of the Chinese Kung Fu. He is also the supreme grandmaster of the art and is superior to all others.

As someone who has perfected his craft for many years, he has high resilience and durability and was even able to survive Ogre’s attacks. His hands are so strong that he can slice off glass and bones with a chop. These qualities make him one of the strongest characters in Baki.

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8. Nomi no Sukune II


A sumo wrestler, Sukune is a descendant of the first Sukune and is even bigger and stronger than his namesake ancestor. Nearly 7 feet tall and weighing more than 200 kg, he also has immense raw power and grip strength that can put enough pressure on coal to turn it into a diamond.

Despite his heavy build, he is surprisingly flexible and as he practices ancient sumo, he can throw kicks and jabs while using traditional sumo moves. He is also very calm and polite and never really gets angry or agitated. He is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

7. Biscuit Oliva


Often lauded as the 2nd strongest man in the world after the Ogre, he is incredibly muscular. He works as a mercenary for the US Gov and also works as an unofficial prison guard for Arizona prison and is known as Unchained because of the many privileges he enjoys and can and out of his cell as he wishes.

He lives in absolute luxury. Even though he doesn’t practice any martial arts, his raw strength and muscle are so strong that most attacks don’t even affect him and he can easily deflect most attacks. He also seems to be an old acquaintance of the Ogre. He is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

6. Jack Hanma


The older half-brother of Baki, Jack is the son of Yujiro and Diane. Because of what Yujiro did with his mother, he lives for only 1 thing, that’s revenge on Ogre. Being a Hanma, he is extremely resilient and can tolerate the huge amounts of steroids that he took for gaining musculature.

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He is also extremely powerful and aftergoing surgery increased his already tall height of 6’4 to 7’11. He has fought and defeated Sukune and even scared Pickle despite being on the losing side. He was the finalist of the maximum tournament and often fights in a very brutal way with the use of biting.

Despite this, however, he is also very tactical and figured out a way to defend against Shibukawa’s Aikido and defeated him. He is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

5. Pickle


A prehistoric man found in Ice, Pickle lived during the Cretaceous Era and fought against dinosaurs and ate them. He looks much different than normal men, being muscular to the point where not even bullets can pierce his body. He is also huge, standing at 8 feet tall, and is completely savage.

His intelligence is very low compared to a modern human but his pure raw strength and incredible body allow him to defeat anyone. He defeated multiple strong fighters with much ease. He also seems to eat those he deems strong as he did with Retsu’s leg and Katsumi’s Arm.

The only people to fight him without losing are Baki, Musashi, and Yujiro. This makes Pickle one of the strongest characters in Baki.

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4. Yuichiro Hanma


One of the strongest characters in Baki is Yujiro’s father and Baki’s granddad. Unlike his son, he was very kind-natured and unless it was necessary, he didn’t care about fighting. It is however mentioned that he was incredibly strong and might’ve been stronger than even Ogre.

He uses a style of martial called dress, where he uses a human body as a pair of nunchucks and single-handedly drove off the US Navy from Okinawa by defeating 2000 soldiers alone. Not much is known about him except in exceptional strength.

3. Baki Hanma


Baki Hanma is one of the strongest characters in the Baki series and is the son of the Ogre. He just like other members of his bloodline is immensely powerful and has even manifested the demon back. He uses the style of grappling and developed the style himself to be used against any martial arts.

He has defeated every opponent he has faced only facing defeat against Yujiro but having given him an equal fight in their final confrontation. He is also one of the only fighters who survived a bout against both Pickle and Musashi. He is the underground champion and is often lauded as the strongest champ.

2. Miyamoto Musashi


Musashi is the reanimated clone of the original and was created by an artificial process by Tokugawa and had his soul brought back from the afterlife by a mystic. He is so strong that he can slice a man in half by simply swinging at him. He is also emotionless and doesn’t feel any remorse or sympathy.

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He is incredibly strong and fought Yujiro, Pickle, and Baki to an equal contest and may even call it winning. He couldn’t fit in the modern world and picked fights with authority to gain fame and glory. In the end, his spirit was sent back to the afterlife by the same mystic during his final fight with Baki.

He is one of the few undefeated characters in the franchise since he never lost properly against anyone except a tricked loss against Motobe. He is one of the strongest characters in Baki.

1. Yujiro Hanma

Yujiro- strongest characters in baki

The Strongest creature in the world and at the top of the pecking order, Yujiro is the main antagonist of the series and also its strongest fighter. Virtually undefeated, the only two people who came close to beating him were Baki and Musashi.

Growing stronger with each passing moment, he has defeated countless enemies before and even the US gov considers him a threat and tries to appease him rather than try fighting after he defeated an entire army. He is the No.1 among the strongest characters in Baki.

Capable of defeating wild beasts and entire armies, he works as a mercenary and lives in utter Luxury spreading his seed everywhere in hopes one day someone strong enough to defeat him will be born.

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And thus folks this was our list of the Top 20 Strongest Characters in Baki. It took much time to create this list of the strongest characters in Baki cause of the huge cast and the many hundreds of fights we’ve seen.

Such a large information was hard to process but we managed to narrow it down to this list of strongest characters in Baki. Hope you liked this list. Until next time.

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FAQ Section

Who are the strongest characters in Baki?

Yujiro Hanma also known as the Ogre is the strongest.

Tallest Character in Baki?

Pickle at 240cm or 8.0 Ft tall.
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