Top 20 Best Jojo Poses Of All Time (Ranked)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one of the most popular anime and manga franchises in the world with the manga going for more than 35 years and has been the inspiration of many other series as well. It is known for its high-octane action, flamboyant characters as well splendid story.

Another thing that appeals to all the JoJo fans is the poses done by these characters which are both cool and quirky at the same time. These poses may be used before fighting as an intro, can be a move in itself, or maybe an initiation for their Stands.

At MyAnimeGuru today we rank the Top 20 Best JoJo Poses of All Time(Ranked) to see which poses are undisputed coolest and quirkiest.

Best JoJo poses of all time

This list of Best JoJo poses of all time will be based on the importance of the character doing it, how cool the pose is, and how iconic the pose is. So let’s start.

20. Zeppeli and Joestar Hamon Pose

Zeppeli and Jonathon

From: Phantom Blood

We go back to the basics with this one as this is among the first poses introduced in the series. When Jonathon realizes the evil nature and the reality of Dio’s dreams, he has to stop him at any cost. To defeat the supernatural powers of Dio and the Stone Mask, he needs help.

Zeppeli brings that help as he teaches Joestar about how to use Hamon and trains and assists him, in his battle against his adopted brother turned archnemesis. During their training, Zeppeli and Joestar would hit the Hamon pose together. It is one of the best JoJo poses of all time.

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19. Jack The Ripper’s Knife Pose

Jack the ripper

From: Phantom Blood

One of the first major foes encountered by Jonathon & Co. Jack was a deranged serial killer in London who had killed a lot of people before he was approached by a wounded Dio, who turned him into a zombie and his loyal servant and unleashed him upon Jonathan.

In his new form, he inserted sub-dermal scalpels and knives all over his body as secret weapons. When he flexes his body in his signature pose all these knives are thrown out of his body at blinding speed which makes it both deadly and one of the best JoJo poses of all time.

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18. Kakyoin Pose


From: Stardust Crusaders

A proud and introverted individual, we are first introduced to him as a ruthless and malicious villain as he goes on to fight Jotaro but we later come to know that he is a righteous person and was brainwashed by Dio into becoming his servant.

Once freed from his mind control he also joins the stardust crusaders in their quest to find Dio and save Jotaro’s mom. He is also a stand user using Hierophant Green during which he makes his iconic pose which gives a sense of power and superiority. One of the best JoJo poses of all time.

17. Will Anthonio zeppelins Pose


From: Phantom Blood

Jonathon Joestar’s friend and teacher who taught him Hamon and assisted him in fighting Dio Brando, Zeppeli might look like he is bad but he is a very good-natured man and is the person who firsthand experienced the perils of the Stone Mask.

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He is also a master of Ripple, otherwise known as Hamon, and uses it to fight the zombie minions of Dio. He has his signature “Come at Me, Baby” pose which he does to signify, that he is ready to face his enemies. This pose exudes power and is one of the best JoJo poses of all time.

16. Dio vs Jotaro Pose

Dio vs Jotaro

From: Stardust Crusaders

One of the most iconic scenes in ani-manga history this pose is all about glamour and the conclusion of years of enmity. Jotaro finally faces Dio who has plagued his family for nearly a century and wants to finally finish him off.

Dio on the other hand can be seen as supremely confident and simply walking towards Jotaro without any fear knowing that he would win. Jotaro is also nonchalantly waiting for Dio cause he wants to finally end the battle. This pose is full of power moves and one of the best JoJo poses of all time.

15. Pillar Men’s Group Pose

From: Battle Tendency

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An ancient race who hail from Central America and were responsible for the creation of the Stone Mask, the pillar men are the main villains in Battle Tendencies. They show up as the opponents Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli have to face.

When they first show up, they strike a group pose that is both extravagant as well as exudes authority and strength and makes them accepted as strong opponents who cannot be taken lightly. The pillar man pose is both scary and one of the best JoJo poses of all time.

14. Lisa Lisa’s Beauty Pose


From: Battle Tendencies

One of the main characters from the second part of JoJo is the Ripple(Hamon) teacher of both Caesar and Joseph. When we are introduced to her for the first time, she strikes her signature pose which shows just how beautiful she is and is shown glowing.

She also shows an air of authority and power about her and is a strong fighter in her own right. She is later revealed to be the mother of Joseph and the baby Jonathon saved in his final battle with Dio on the boat. For her beauty and strength, her pose is among the best JoJo poses of all time.

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13. Josuke Higashitaka’s Curvy Pose


From: Diamond is Unbreakable

Joseph Joestar’s illegitimate son is the protag of the 4th part of JoJo. After the death of their father, he takes it upon himself to protect the town of Morioh from all kinds of Malevolent Stand users. He is also assisted by Jotaro in this. He is a noble and kind man.

He is also a stand user himself and his pose is full of confidence as well as fashion sense since Josuke is a man of expensive tastes and his pose is full of curves, his pompadour hairstyle, and his flexibility. One of the best JoJo poses of all time.

12. Joseph Joestar’s Handsome Pose

From: Battle Tendency & Stardust Crusaders

The second protagonist of the series, Joseph is one of the few characters who can use both Hamon as well as Stand. He is the grandson of Jonathon the grandfather of Jotaro and the the illegitimate father of Josuke. As such a character, he is very important.

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He is also very good-looking and always gets the much deserved attention from girls he is also somewhat of a playboy and his handsome pose with his hand on his face accentuates his good looks and confidence and emphasises his handsomeness. One of the best JoJo poses of all time.

11. Jonathon Joestar’s Hamon Pose


From: Phantom Blood

The Mc of the first part, Jonathan is the embodiment of the JoJo spirit. When he learned the reality of Dio Brando’s goals and how he was planning to use the Stone Mask to turn himself into a ruler, he went to oppose him. But to fight Dio who was now a vampire, he also needed special powers.

So he started learning Ripple or Hamon from Zeppelin and used wave energy powers to fight. His Hamon pose tells how serious and strong he is and he will stop at nothing to defeat Dio. This pose is majestic and is one of the best JoJo poses of all time

10. Yoshikage Kira’s Killer Queen Pose

Killer Queen

From: Diamond is unbreakable

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Yoshikage Kira is a serial killer and an extremely smart and thorough one at that. His planning was immaculate and he did everything in such a meticulous way that no loopholes would be left for his kills to be found by anyone and he also was a stand user.

His Killer Queen pose gives a sense of terror and a sense of impending doom which also makes sense cause he is a heartless killer and the main enemy of Josuke in Morioh town. His pose is one of the best JoJo poses of all time.

9. Joseph Joestar and Caesar Zeppeli Group Pose

caesar and Joseph

From: Battle Tendency

The duo of Joestar and Zeppeli is reunited as Jonathan and Will’s grandsons band together to fight the pillar men under the joint tutelage of Lisa Lisa under whom they both learn to control Ripple and fight against Kars, the original creator of the Stone mask.

Throughout the series, we see their bromance numerous times and as they fight against their enemies they often strike up this iconic pose signifying their strength and their friendship as well as their confidence. It is one of the best JoJo poses of all time.

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8. Kars Ultimate Lifeform Pose


From: Battle Tendency

The main villain of the second part, Kars is part of an ancient race of men known as pillar men and is also their leader and is from 100,000 BC and is the one who created the Stone Mask. He is immensely strong and after becoming successful in his plans becomes the ultimate lifeform.

In this, he strikes his distinct pose when he claims he has become the ultimate lifeform which is attested by the fact that there is a unique godliness about him and he looks so imposing and glorious as the saviour of mankind as he claims to be. One of the best JoJo poses of all time

7. Jolyne Kujo’s Jail Pose


From: Stone Ocean

The daughter of Jotaro Kujo, Jolyne is falsely accused of a crime she didn’t commit and was sent to prison. Here she takes her prison sentence photo with a swag and nonchalance, that is unparalleled and it is even cooler to see her attitude.

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From this pose, you can see how she doesn’t care about the sentence and isn’t bothered the least knowing she will get free one way or another, which she eventually does and that makes this pose even more appealing. One of the best JoJo poses of all time.

6. The Stardust Crusaders Group Pose

stardust crusaders

From: Stardust Crusaders

Jotaro and Joseph are accompanied on their journey to defeat Dio in Egypt and are helped by Allies such as Polanreff, Avdol, and Kakyoin who are just about to leave for Egypt to finally settle all their scores with Dio for once and all. One of the best JoJo poses of all time.

This Pose that they strike just before they leave for Egypt shows their resolve and solidarity that no matter what happens they will not back out. They also look cool with their stoic expressions and Jotaro at the centre makes for even more interesting adventures.


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5. Jean Pierre Polnareff’s Gravity-Defying Pose

From: Stardust Crusaders

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One of the most iconic poses, the Frenchman Polnareff is an important member of the Stardust squad and is also quite powerful with his ultra-fast Silver Lancer Stand ability. He hits people swiftly and makes lots of cool poses but his best is his gravity-defying bent pose.

He does this pose which shows that he is in complete control of the situation and is as flexible as anything and is also very suave and bursts with personality making it one of the best JoJo poses of all time.

4. Giorno Giovanna’s Intimate Pose


From: Golden Wind

Giovanna is Dio Brando’s son and just like his father, he has that swag and male appeal of utmost quality. He is also a gangster and that’s not just his occupation but also his way of living. His Golden Experience is his stand and matches his personality.

The above pose he hits is full of appeal and an erotic and intimate feel while also showing the immense confidence he has in himself. It is one of the best Jojo poses of all time because of his coolness, suave hot looks, and unique posture.

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3. Caesar Zepelli’s Swag Pose

caesar Zeppeli

From: Battle Tendency

Jospeh’s partner in crime and fellow fighter against Kars and pillar men, Caesar is the grandson of Will Zeppeli and is also a Ripple user like him. Whenever he is getting serious in a fight he shows his single hand in front of his face pose.

This pose shows his determination and also shows that he is ready for the action. He fights toe to toe with anyone and is a very capable fighter. The serious expression in his pose means it’s game over for the opposition. One of the best Jojo poses of all time.

2. Jotaro Kujo’s Yare Yare Daze Hat Tug


From: Stardust Crusaders

One of the most famous anime poses, it shows Jotaro’s disdain at what happening in front of him and he expresses it by tugging his hat and sighing. This even though is not related to any fight still shows the signature pose for arguably the most popular JoJo character.

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For the popularity and the coolness and nonchalance that Jotaro shows in this pose, it is one of the best Jojo poses of all time.

1. Dio Brando’s “Wryyyy” Pose

Dio best jojo poses of all time

From: Phantom Blood & Stardust Crusaders

The single most famous JoJo pose, features Dio bending unfathomably low in reverse and shouting Wrryy which is simply his battle cry and a taunt to make everyone understand his superiority and how he is more strong than anyone else.

This is his pose before any big battle and oozes strength, confidence, and ego but that is what makes it co-cool. The number 1 of the best JoJo poses of all time.

Final Words

I hope you liked this article on the best JoJo poses of all time. We curated this article by taking all the iconic poses the various characters, friends, or foes made throughout the story of the 30-year-long saga. We have kept Steel Ball Run and JoJoLion out of this since they have yet to receive any anime adaptation

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FAQ Section

What is the strongest stance in JoJo?

Wonder of U has a case of being the strongest Stand in the series. It is a sentient Stand that can function on its own. Wonder of U possesses several abilities that make it an extremely dangerous stand.

Who has the best JoJo poses of all time?

Dio Brando is responsible for some of the best JoJo poses of all time like “Za Warudo”, “Wrrryyy” and “It was me, Dio, the whole time”.

Are JoJo poses possible?

Yes, but they might require some stretching and exercises before.
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