Who Is Vinsmoke Sanji In One Piece? Powers Explained

One Piece is one of the topmost manga series of all time. It is a huge hit and fans from all over the world love the manga and is one of the hot topics that are constantly discussed in the Anime genre.

The presence of multiple characters and their execution being at the top level is a specialty of the manga on its own. Among the presence of many one piece characters, Sanji a widely popular character of one piece is what we are going to discuss in this article.

Introduction of Sanji


Sanji, also known as “Black Leg” Sanji is the cook of the straw hat pirates. He was born to the Vinsmoke Family. Sanji fled from his home and then headed on to Baratie, where he learned cooking from “Red Leg” Zeff. He then met Monkey D. Luffy and joined as the fifth member of Luffy’s crew.

Sanji had exceptional fighting skills represented through the use of his legs during combat. He acquired his fighting skill from Red Leg Zeff when he was in Baratie.

Sanji is considered to be one of the top three fighters of straw hat pirates. Sanji when accompanied by Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro is referred to as the Monster Trio.

He has a dream of finding All Blue, which is the rumored chef paradise, where North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue meet.

HEIGHT5Ft. 9 Inches
ORIGINNorth Blue
DEBUTChapter 43, Episode 20

Appearance of Sanji


Sanji appears to be the most propelling among the one piece characters. Sanji is a muscular slim man and has long legs. He has Blond hair which covers the right side of his face.

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Sanji has a black eye color. He was also seen having an eyebrow that sort of formed a spiral shape, with his right eye forming a spiral at the outer end and his left eye forming a spiral at the inner end.

Sanji is a character in one piece whose outfit is believed to change more frequently than the other members of the crew. Notably, he mostly appears in a suit wearing a long-sleeved buttoned shirt with a tie.


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Sanji’s personality analysis

Sanji is depicted as a kind-hearted person. He always remained calm and collected, and even maintains his cool in most terrible conditions.

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The character also integrated some elements of comedy as this side of his was mostly seen when he was around beautiful females or when he was enraged by his crew members.

He was also nicknamed “ero-cook” just because of his constant flirtation with ladies. When he was working in Baratie, he would get distracted by attractive female customers which led him to make mistakes in the process of cooking.

At certain times, Sanji would get jealous of the crew members who were perceived to be luckier than him with women.

There were also certain instances in the manga series, which made us assume that Sanji was truly talented and very intelligent.

The cleverness of Sanji was shown when he is seen deceiving Crocodile making him believe that he was Mr.3 who demolished the straw hat pirates, which made the crew reach Arabasta unharmed from enemies.

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Sanji had a character of his own when he was seen engaging in combat. Unlike many other crew members, Sanji would get into a fight in the hopes of rescuing or helping to get the victim out of trouble.

Sanji showed diversification in his personality. Oftentimes, he would be seen not wanting to confront his enemies or sometimes he seems to enjoy fighting when he was seen kicking a part of the building at Oars.

Sanji also seemed over-confident in his skills, which often led to getting him in trouble most of the time.


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Sanji’s Powers and Abilities


Sanji is one character in one piece that is considered among the top fighters of the crew. Sanji is a member of the Monster Trio. Sanji is a one piece character that is shown to have immense abilities.

Born to the family of Vinsmokes, he could not live up to the expectations of his father due to which he was constantly abused and had a rough childhood. He then fled and met Red Leg Zeff and joined his floating Baratie.

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Things took a turn as he met Zeff, as it is when he went on ahead to learn cooking, while also learning Kick-based fighting style from him.

Accompanied by his persuasive cooking abilities, his combat abilities, and strength also seemed to exponentially increase.

This can be evidenced as he before the time skip would end up getting his legs injured trying to break the neck of Pacifista by kicking whereas he is seen breaking the neck of the Pacifista with a single Diable Jambe kick.

Genetic Mutations of Sanji

Sanji was considered a disgrace by his father just because he was not what his father had expected him to be in terms of superhuman capabilities. Sanji was born unlike his siblings because his mother took a drug during her pregnancy, which made him born without having superpowers.

However, he notices later on when he fought the queen, which made his body feel different after three uses of the Raid suit which made him realize that his genetic modification has risen thus giving him a tremendous boost to his powers and abilities.

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Due to the rise of his genetic modifications, he could be seen surviving a death when he was crushed. Sanji shocked everyone by standing back up with all his bones broken while reforming his body by snapping them back into places.


Sanji had enormous strength. Sanji’s strength can be considered as the main significant factor helping him to successfully implement his combat skills.
Sanji’s strength is perfectly presented in multiple instances which made us believe that his strength was emphasized be one of the distinguishing features of the character.

The scenes that involved Sanji controlling the chopper easily in Heavy Point or he catching three cannon balls and making full use of his strength and throwing them back to destroy a Marine Battleship were the true depiction of his enormous strength.

Sanji’s Fighting Style

one piece

Sanji mastered his fighting style “Black Leg Style” with the guidance that he incorporated from Zeff. Sanji doesn’t use his hands during combat because he doesn’t want his hands to get injured as he needs them for cooking.

Additionally, he also could walk in the sky which facilitated him to attack his enemies from the sky and enabled her to travel at unbelievable speeds.

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Diable Jambe

Diable Jambe

Diable Jambe is the ability of Sanji that was introduced during the Enies Lobby arc. Due to this ability, he has made his attacks more powerful as it had led him to heat his lower legs to an extreme temperature that made them glow bright red, which eventually made the enemies get more damaged.

Ifrit Jambe

Ifrit jambe

Ifrit Jambe is the new enhanced version of Diable Jambe. Ifrit Jambe has significantly increased the strength of Sanji’s leg which made him resist even hotter temperatures.

Ifrit Jambe has become the topmost feature of Sanji’s fighting style as it can make him produce bluish-white flames thus making his kicks even more powerful.

Final Words

Sanji is one of the best one piece characters. All the features mentioned in this article about Sanji is what make him the topmost character of one piece. I hope that you had a good time reading this article and if you did do let us know in the comments.

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FAQ Section

Who is Sanji in love with?

Sanji was seen in love with Nami. He found her attractive and met her for the first time when he was in Baratie.

What is Sanji’s dream devil fruit?

Sanji does not have any devil fruit power as of now and has mentioned his dream devil fruit as Suke Suke no-mi which was considered to make its users invisible.

Who is the strongest enemy of Sanji?

The strongest enemy Sanji encountered in his life was during the Cake Island arc when he faced Big Mom.

Who betrayed Sanji in one piece?

During the whole Cake Island arc, Sanji was betrayed by Pudding.

Does Sanji love girls?

Sanji’s flirtatious nature seems to emerge very often when he is around attractive women. Perhaps, he also gets jealous of people who are luckier with women than him.

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