Top 20 Best Black Hair Anime Girls (Ranked)

You might think that black hair is common in Japan, and Asia, Yeah! but it is not suited for anime. The best black hair anime girls are only in a countable amount but they possess an enormous amount of dark and secret powers. Despite the powers, black hair is one of the best options to obsess the fans with how graceful these women look.

So we at, MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 20 Best Black Hair Anime Girls (Ranked). You can see in most animes the character with black hair plays a vital role in the plot. So, do you want to know which anime girl with black hair is deserved to be called the best?

To make this ranking easier, we have decided to use Anilist as our source to get the characters without any subjective bias.

Best Black Hair Anime Girls

Let’s see the list of Top 20 Best Best Black Hair Anime Girls (Ranked) without wasting time.

20) Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

Flame Haze Shana

Favorites: 822

Even though Shana has Black hair while transforming as a Flame Haze her hair transforms into fiery red which makes her flame beauty. Shana shows tough and cold nature to others except for Reji who is the male protag of the series, both of them’s objective is to fight and defeat the Denizens.

Her hair in its normal state is black which is long and voluminous with her striking red eyes which are often described as burning, reflecting her fiery nature and personality. With her uniform and cute appearance, she tamed the hearts of the fans and makes her the best girl with black hair.

Books Worth Reading:

19) Mei Misaki (Another)

Charming beautiful girl mei

Favorites: 2.5k

Mei is a charming, mysterious, and beautiful girl but her curse makes her an untouchable and ignored girl among her classmates and friends. We can see her often observing nature and listening to the things around her. Mei is one of the characters who are difficult to communicate and mingle with.

Although her hair is short it perfectly suits her age and personality. Her doll eyes and which is deep blue and the other is hidden behind an eye patch giving her a unique and unsettling appearance. Overall Mei’s personality and appearance combine to create a mystery and make the best girl with black hair.

Books Worth Reading:

18) Yaoyorozu Momo (My Hero Academia)

Amazing Qurick girl

Favorites: 3.1k

Yaoyorozu has a Quirk called Creation and can create different objects from her skin by understanding their molecular structure. The objects’ size that she creates depends on how much material she uses and this ability requires a lot of focus and intelligence which shows her intense training to practice it.

Yaoyorozu Momo’s slender build complements her average height. Her long, flowing black hair usually remains untied and reaches her waist. Momo has reddish-brown eyes that are large and expressive. Her gentle looks and impressive abilities make her the best girl with black hair.

17) Chitanda Eru (Hyouka)

Named beauty

Favorites: 4.0k

If you are searching for a curious and active girl with black hair Chitanda is the best pair for you, indeed her catchphrase is “I’m Curious” too. She has an excessive thirst to acquire more knowledge and learn new things. With her unwavering curiosity and emotional depth, she makes the best girl with black hair.

Books Worth Reading:

Despite her curiosity, she has an amazing and adorable look with her long and glossy black hair which reaches down her waist. In the traditional uniform of her school, you can see her more beautiful, and makes the fans die for her.


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16) Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

Brave beauty Rukia

Favorites: 4.1k

Are you searching for a brave girl with black hair? I think Rukia satisfies your needs, she is a girl who possesses a strong sense of duty and has a spirit of no give-up personality. Her multifaceted and essential character in the Bleach series makes her the best girl with black hair.

Rukia craves love which made a relationship with Ichigo and she turned to sacrifice herself to save him. She may take stubborn decisions but once she sets her action she won’t come back from it. Rukia is a complex character and took muti emotions throughout the series, you can see her in a depressed state too.

15) Akeno Himejima (High School DxD)

seductive queen Akeno-chan

Favorites: 4.3k

Books Worth Reading:

Leave it to our Lady Akeno to seduce anyone with her amazing attributes, Akeno is a supporting character from the High School DxD who is Rias’s first company and had a great love and interest in the MC Issei, who just enjoys the large company of hot girls including Akeno. She may even give her life to save Issei.

Akeno’s black hair is long and flows well in the air which makes the mind of viewers follow her. In her uniform from Kuoh Academy, she looks damn hot and I’m sure sometime she is even prettier than Rias in both personality and looks. Even with a lot of trauma, her care marks her as the best girl with black hair.

14) Hinata Hyuga (Naruto)

Dream Waifu

Favorites: 4.8k

I don’t have much to give much explanation for our lady Hinata, a dream girl for most of the weebs and Naruto fans. Initially, introduced as a shy character, but later she gets inspired and motivated by Naruto’s words and emerges as the best Kunoichi to make the fans heartbreak.

Despite being a great ninja, she is also cute and has a damn structure which makes the other characters jealous of her. Her Byakugugan eyes and her dark blue hair with her cute smile make her the best girl with black hair.

Books Worth Reading:

13) Mio Akiyama (K-On)

A best musician?

Favorites: 4.9k

Are you looking for a cute girl who sings very well? Then Mio is a perfect choice, with her straight black hair that reaches below her waist which is equipped with a headband that perfectly blends with her slim and petite figure with expressive brown eyes.

Mio serves as a bassist and main songwriter in the music club and spends most time practicing songs. Despite her strong character and personality, she has the cons of being embarrassed by teasing her in the spotlight. Her irresistible smile, paired with her eyes, undoubtedly makes her the best girl with black hair.

12) Suzune Horikita (Classroom of the Elite)

Just a tool or more?

Favorites: 5.0k

Horikita is a strong girl with high dedication and the spirit to move from class D to class A with her intelligence and seriousness in academic excellence. She is initially depicted as a total introvert who hates her class but later on, our MC Ayanokoji leads her on a victory path to class A.

Books Worth Reading:

By looking at the interaction of Ayanokoji with Horikita may seem like a relationship, but you are wrong, she is one of the tools for Ayanokoji to acquire his needs. But her long black hair and striking sharp blue eyes make her the undisputed best girl with black hair.


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11) Nana Osaki (Nana)

Expert in music and rugged Nana

Favorites: 5.1k

Here comes another musician from our list, Nana a lead vocalist and talented musician of the Blackstones. Nana’s funky fashion style includes her signature black outfits and piercing and distinctive makeup surely solidifying her as the epitome of the best girl with black hair.

She has been abanded in the streets of Tokyo feeling lonely and depressed all time, she decided to start her music career on the same streets where she is abanded. Later she found her boyfriend and reunited with him and formed a band and in a path to achieve her dreams.

10) Akame (Akame Ga Kill!)

Formidable opponent, no compromise

Favorites: 5.7k

Books Worth Reading:

Looking for a strong formidable opponent? Akame is coming for you… A highly skilled assassin with a lot of combat skills to make you compromise to tell that she is the best girl with black hair. She wields a powerful weapon called “Murasame” which is more than enough to kill anyone.

Just imagine an assassin with long voluminous black hair and possessing Sharingan-like red eyes, Great right? She even deeply cares for her comrades and values their comments and emotions which shows she is deserved for the best girl with black hair title.

9) Kurumi Tokisaki (Date A Live)

expert in manipulative girl be safe

Favorites: 5.8k

Long, flowing dark hair and piercing red eyes make Kurumi Tokisaki look striking. Frequently, Kurumi can be observed wearing an eyepatch on her left eye. However, she sometimes takes it off to expose a clock-like symbol that indicates her distinct capabilities.

Kurumi is presented as a calm character and an easy-to-communicate one. Yet, beneath her poised exterior lies a more sinister and manipulative nature Her irresistible nature, paired with her luscious black locks, undoubtedly makes her the best girl with black hair.

Books Worth Reading:

8) Yumeko Jabami (Gambling School)


Favorites: 7.5k

Are you guys ready to face a beauty obsessed with risk and gambling? Yeah, your guess is correct, she is Yumeko. With her alluring beauty and amazing gambling skills, she rules the gambling world. She is playful and uses exaggerated expressions, but don’t get too close she may switch to an intense character.

Yumeko’s hair is long and black and she is known for her seductive red eyes and her facial expression, really she shows over-excitement and intense emotions during gambling matches, the combination of her stunning smile and ebony mane makes her the undisputed best girl with black hair.

7) Shouko Komi (Komi Can’t Communicate)

Komi-san cant speak  :(

Favorites: 7.7k

Shouko is regarded as an extremely beautiful girl but she is incapable of socializing with others because of her social anxiety called communication disorder. She used to think all day about if she speaks how would her peers react if they will reject her. However, it doesn’t last forever.

Books Worth Reading:

What is the purpose of the MC? Yeah, he is the first person she talks and with his help of him, she decided to make 100 friends and make out of her social anxiety. It’s hard to resist her charming cuteness and lovely black hair, making her the best girl with black hair.

6) Kochou Shinobu (Demon Slayer)

My damn queen Shinobu

Favorites: 7.9k

The beauty of the insect Hashira is beyond the limit which makes her a unique character in the series and she is good at stealing everybody’s attention without leaving a sweat. But how beautiful she can’t even decapitate a demon as a demon slayer, lol. Shinobu just paralyzes the demons using her insect poison.

There are no cons to Shinobu’s appearance and personality, when it comes to caring and cheering leave it to Shinobu, the best cheerleader you can see in the rehabilitation center episodes who cheered up our boys. Truly a beautiful character with black hair makes her the best girl with black hair.

5) Nico Robin (One Piece)

Robin the archeologist

Favorites: 9.8k

Books Worth Reading:

One of the finest characters from One Piece is Robin. She is one of the main characters from One Piece and has a major role in the flow of Luffy’s story and dream to become a Pirate King. With her large eyes and shoulder-length hair, she steals the shows and proved as the best girl with black hair.

Initially, appeared as an antagonist working for a criminal organization then joined the Straw Hat Pirates to defeat her former boss of the organization. As an enthusiast in archeology, she gave information about old artifacts and helped in uncovering many secrets of the world.

4) Yor Forger (SpyxFamily)

best mom or assassin

Favorites: 11.3k

Dont need much explanation about our Yor mon, definitely, she is a good mom and a dangerous assassin. Trying to balance her new role as a mother and wife with her secret assassination work is really challenging work for Yor.

She is agreed to act as the wife of Loid Forger, to relieve her marriage pressure and she is the adoptive mother of a telepathic child, Anya. The total family is set up their goal to destroy or rule the earth, just kidding. They perfectly blend their secret works with their daily chores.

Books Worth Reading:

3) Mai Sakurajima (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai)

caring, cute waifu

Favorites: 17.3k

One of the best waifu and lead female characters of Bunny Girl Senpai is none other than our Mai Sakurajima. And there is no cap, she is quite an epitome not only hot but also loving and caring and adorable too… With all these amazing qualities we can easily say she is the best girl with black hair.

Although she has all these qualities she has no ego or pride which makes her the perfect waifu and anime girl in history. Definitely, she is a tough opponent for the other waifus existing and most of the fans will die for her caring and beauty.

2) Kaguya Shinomiya (Love is War)

Cute multifaced girl

Favorites: 18.5k

With a multi-faced personality and the main female lead of Love is War is Shinomiya and it makes her stand out so much in the show. As I said she is multi-faced, yeah she has a cute side, a serious side, and more importantly loving and carrying side.

Books Worth Reading:

When all these faces appear overlapping each other continuously makes her a unique female character from this list. Her dress and hairstyle show her elegance and respective nature. If you are looking for the best girl with black hair and a wave of cute anger, then Shinomiya is a perfect choice.

1) Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

mikasa the 1st place holder 
Best Black Hair Anime Girls

Favorites: 20.1k

You guys have already guessed by looking at the title itself, who will be at the top of this list. If your guess is Mikasa then you are correct! Being part of Ackerman’s family shows her talents and makes her character so good.

Initially, she is portrayed as a stoic and reserved character, she is fiercely protective of her loved ones. Later her loyalty and love toward Eren drive her actions to fuel her desire to eliminate the Titans. Mikasa deserves to be at the top of this list of best girls in black.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 20 Best Black Hair Anime Girls (Ranked). Every character from this list shows us how much they play a vital role in the story and their stoic appearance with black hair makes the fans easily love them. Every character is Iconic and their skills also differ at various situations and stages.

Credits: Anilist


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FAQ Section

Why do anime characters have black hair?

Relatability and Practicality Give Most Anime Characters Their Black Hair. Japanese people tend to have black to dark brown hair, with the former being the most common. Thus, it’s no surprise that their artistic representations would reflect this.

What does black hair anime girl mean?

Black hair may be another default hair color, especially in anime, but it carries a deeper meaning. Characters with black hair often have had a dark past. These characters are intelligent, powerful, and refined which makes them the best girl with black hair.

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