Top 20 Best Black Hair Anime Boys (Ranked)

The black color represents elegance, power, mystery, and so on. These characteristics are ideally suited to all characters with black hair because most guys with black hair are fearless warriors and possess a unique backstory. If you are a fan of black then this list is perfect for you.

So we at, MyAnimeGuru bring you an article on the Top 20 Best Black Hair Anime Boys (Ranked). Whether they are heroes or villains they possess unique abilities and traits which make them memorable in everyone’s heart.

To make this ranking easier, we have decided to use Anilist as our source to get the characters without any subjective bias.

Best Black Hair Anime Boys

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20) Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)

the pokemon world champion Ash

Favorites: 900

Ash doesn’t need much explanation about himself and his journey to becoming the world’s best Pokemon trainer. With the help of his buddy Pikachu and other allies Pokemon, he won the “Pokemon World Champion” title by battling with seven elite Pokemon trainers.

His journey inspires everyone in our childhood. Although he has a bad start, he ends up as a good trainer to Pokemons and catches up with a lot of friends. Even if Ash’s journey has ended he was still in our minds which makes him the best character with black hair.

Books Worth Reading:

19) Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

Muzan Jackson

Favorites: 1.7k

Also known as Muzan Jackson for his looks similar to Micheal Jackson and Muzan is the central antagonist of the series. With his distinctive character and sick personality, he plays a vital role as the head of all demons and Twelve Kizuki.

Tall in height and possessing a definitive physique, his cold aura, and his sharp strategizing mind he still stands as the greatest villain of all time. Muzan works a lot to preserve his reign in darkness. Judging by all these we can tell he is the best character with black hair.

Books Worth Reading:


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18) Byakuya Kuchiki (Bleach)

Captain of 6th Division

Favorites: 2.1k

As a well-known character from Bleach, he serves as the captain of the 6th division of the Soul Reaper organization. He is known for his long black hair which is tied up to a topknot and a few strands hanging down and falling on his face which makes him the best character with black hair.

Byakuya has a cold and stoic personality and prioritizes his duty above all while maintaining a calm and composed demeanor. As the story progresses, Byakuya’s character develops and starts making more relationships and shows loyalty and compassion towards his friends and allies.

17) Yuu Otosaka (Charlotte)

yuu,Ability to shift bodies

Favorites: 2.7k

Yuu is initially portrayed as an average high school student who has an incredible ability which is called “Plunder”, which allows him to temporarily possess anyone’s body for a short time. Otosaka uses it in copying exams, taking advantage of hot women, etc…

Books Worth Reading:

His life turns after he meets Tomari, who leads a special council. She teaches him to use his abilities in proper and legal ways. In an incident, he focused on his abilities and helped Tomari eliminate a dangerous organization. With his ability and black hair, we can tell he is the best character with black hair.

16) Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler)

black butler 10 facts you didnt know about sebastian michaelis 7

Favorites: 4.1k

Sebastian is one of the handsome and elegant characters in the Black Butler series, and he serves his young master Ceil Phantomhive efficiently and manages the household. He carries out every task in the household and everyone knows about his constant commitment to Ceil.

As a demon, he possesses a lot of supernatural abilities in various fields including combat, cooking, and household management. And throughout the story, he plays an important equal to the main protagonist and he is also the best character with black hair.

15) Baji Keisuke (Tokyo Revengers)


Favorites: 4.4k

Books Worth Reading:

One of the lovable and cool characters in Tokyo Revengers is Baji. Although he died, he still stays in every fan’s heart. As the former member and co-founder of Toman, he is one of the central characters in the story. Under certain circumstances, he left Toman and joined another gang.

Baji is portrayed as a complex character with emotions and motivation and his strong physique with long black hair gives him a handsome look. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and his fighting and combat skills make him a formidable opponent for the enemies. Overall, he is the best character with black hair.


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14) Rin Okumura (Blue Exorcist)

Self trained Exorcist

Favorites: 4.9k

Ao no Exorcist’s Rin Okumura is one of our top picks for favorite anime boys with black hair. He was a regular boy 15 years old. After some time passes by, he uncovers the truth that he is related to Satan as his son and holds control over Gehenna while unleashing his dark powers.

Yukio, his brother, was already knowledgeable about it and actively trained to be an exorcist. Joining his father in governing Gehenna was not something Rin desired. So he started his training as an exorcist. The combination of his black hair and striking blue eyes make him the best character with black hair.

Books Worth Reading:

13) Hyakkimaru (Dororo)

Humble Hyakkimaru

Favorites: 5.4k

With a unique black hairstyle and story, Hyakkimari is a powerful samurai who is cursed by a group of demons and takes his body parts at birth, leaving him physically incomplete. His father abandoned him and a doctor saved him and replaced his body parts with prosthetics.

He severely suffered from his traumatic past, so he started his quest to regain his body parts from the demons. Even though Hyakkimaru is initially depicted as silent and stoic afterward he develops emotions and starts understanding people. Well, this makes him the best character with black hair in the animeverse.

12) Son Goku (Dragon Ball)


Favorites: 5.9k

I don’t need to explain much about Goku because his powers and his role in Dragon Ball make him a popular character among the fans. He has an incredible amount of strength, speed, and endurance and has a large skill set in energy attacks.

Books Worth Reading:

Goku undergoes various hair transitions in the overall series but initially, he has short spiky black hair with two large bangs hanging down over his forehead. This hairstyle sustains until till early teenage years and transforms while he becomes super saiyan and he is the best character with black hair.

11) Kazuto Kirigaya (Sword Art Online)

Krito, the black swordsman

Favorites: 6.9k

Here comes the MC of the popular anime Sword Art Online Kirito, who is depicted as a skilled player with exceptional combat abilities and strategic thought and known for his dual-wielding talent. Kririto earned his nickname “The Black Swordsman” through his exceptional combat style and unmatched ability.

His hair is both black and relatively short in length. In a spiky manner, he styles his hair with the bangs swept to the right side of his face. The spikes on his hair are sharp and distinct, adding to his slightly edgy and cool aesthetic look and making him the best character with black hair in the series.

10) Tomioka Giyu (Demon Slayer)

Love of shinobu, giyu

Favorites: 10.3k

Books Worth Reading:

Giyu’s important role in the first few episodes is the reason for the continuation of the series because he saved Tanjiro and inspired by Nezuko’s protective nature, Giyu sent them to Urokodaki, a former Demon Slayer. If he killed Nezuko in the first episode itself, the series would be ended.

The appearance of Giyu makes him a notable Hashira. He has long black hair that extends up to his shoulders and falls smoothly which gives him an elegant and attractive look to him and elevates him to the status of best character with black hair in both series and animeverse.


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9) Jotaro Kujo (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Distinctive hairstyle guru, Jotaro Kujo

Favorites: 11.1k

The only character who is known for his distinctive hair and hairstyle is Jotaro Kujo which is styled in a unique and iconic manner is his short, black hair. The top of his head features three prominent, long tufts, and his hair combed back elevates his look and makes him the best character with black hair.

Jotaro’s fashion choices are highly recognized, in addition to his hairstyle. He is frequently observed wearing a jacket with a high collar that is dark in color and matches his pants. In addition, he wears a cap with a small anchor emblem, which enhances his fashionable and unforgettable look.

Books Worth Reading:

8) Kageyama Tobio (Haikyu!!)

King of the Court

Favorites: 11.8k

Haikyu is one of the popular animes among the weebs and Kageyama is an important deuteragonist in this anime, he is also known as the “King of the Court” because he is talented as a setter and a key member of the Karasuno High School volleyball Team. He is depicted as a calm and composed character.

But when it comes to his hair and appearance he has a significant role. He has dark black hair which is naturally straight and characterized by a neat and clean cut with a split of three bangs, two at the sides and one at the center and it is relatively long. Overall he is deserved as the best character with black hair.

7) Megumi Fushiguro (Jujstu Kaisen)

The calm Megumi

Favorites: 13.8k

By looking at his personality Megumi appears as a stoic and aloof type and constantly maintains neutral facial expressions most of the time but he can handle any hard situation even if it is hard. Even though Megumi is young he possesses lots of exceptional talents and is a tough competitor for Yuji.

Books Worth Reading:

His hairstyle provides him an even more enigmatic look and his hair is black and slightly long and falls above his shoulders which provides it a tousled and messy look. He is kind and cares a lot about his friends and allies which makes him the best character with black hair.

6) Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)

The mass murderer Itachi

Favorites: 17.5k

There is no anime fan without knowing Itachi. The most popular and well-known character among the weebs even if they have not yet watched Naruto. The elder brother of Sasuke possesses incredible Mangekyo Sharingan and is also called the “Clan Murderer”.

Itachi shows his coldness and stoicism in the show but he has a lot of emotions buried inside him. Itachi is damn! handsome and his hair and its style even more elevates his look. His complex character development and recognizable appearance make him the best character with black hair.

5) Guts (Berserk)

No guts No glory!

Favorites: 17.9 k

Books Worth Reading:

Guts is depicted in the beginning as a quiet and lone figure because his haunting memories make him frequently appear as a hard and stoic character but he is not! he has a profound sense of loyalty and care for others and loves to create new bonds. The best character with black hair and a bad past.

Guts’ hairstyle is rough and unmaintained compared to other characters in this list even though he occupies 5th place which shows his good personality and his struggles. As the series moves he acquires many gears and is called by an amazing nickname “The Black Swordsmen”.


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4) L (Death Note)

The psycho looking L

Favorites: 19.5k

Here comes another popular character from the series Death Note who is highly intelligent and prefers to stay anonymous. He is known for his highly analytical and logical mind which helps him to outsmart any of his opponents even though he has a childlike demeanor he is the best character with black hair.

L has messy black hair that hangs down around his face and partially covers it all over it. The hair of L is intentionally messy and points around in all directions. The hair on the sides and the back is evenly grown until his neck and covers his ear. This hairstyle adds a mysterious look and psychotic look to him.

Books Worth Reading:

3) Lelouch Lamperouge (Code Geass)

The intelligent Lelouch

Favorites: 20.5k

Lelouch is one of the most liked characters by the fans who is known for his intelligence and leadership skills with professionalism in strategic thinking and tactical knowledge. His talks and actions will inspire you at another level which promote him as the best character with black hair.

Short and black with a slightly messy and layered look describe Lelouch’s hair. Some strands of hair fall over his forehead as he parts it to the left side. Styling the front section with a slight upward sweep creates a confident and determined look.

2) Monkey D. Luffy (One Piece)

Continue sailing, Luffy

Favorites: 25.6k

Let’s continue our list by adding Luffy, an iconic and beloved male character with black hair. “Straw Hat Luffy” is his famous alias and he serves as the central character in the popular anime One Piece. Luffy is a young boy who unintentionally ingested a Devil Fruit and gained the ability to stretch his body like rubber.

Books Worth Reading:

His relentless pursuit of becoming the Pirate King drives his determination and growth throughout the series. Luffy’s strength and epic adventures keep becoming more awesome with each new arc making Luffy the best character with black hair in the series. Continue sailing, Luffy!

1) Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

Best Black Hair Anime Boys

Favorites: 31.0k

, Levi is at the Top of this list showing his popularity among the fans and his important role in AOT, His skills are beyond his age as a young man and become a number one soldier and the toughest human alive. Levi undoubtedly makes the best character with black hair in anime history.

The hair and its style make Levi more elegant and handsome In a neat and sleek manner, Evenly cut just above his eyebrows, his dark black hair gives him a distinct look. The notable feature of his hair is that it is undercut because the sides and back are trimmed significantly.


With this, we have concluded our list of the Top 20 Best Black Hair Anime Boys (Ranked). Each of these best characters with black hair shows us how much they play a vital role in the story and their stoic appearance with black hair makes the fans easily love them. Every character is Iconic and their skills also differ at various situations and stages.

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FAQ Section

Why do anime guys have black hair?

With elder characters, black hair denotes mystery, dignity, elegance, etc… Sometimes these characteristics are applied to younger characters, but this seems to be rare. It tends to be associated with age and the best character with black hair.

Why is anime hair so colorful?

Like with manga, assigning different hair colors to different characters allows the viewer to recognize which character is which. Hair color has also traditionally been used to indicate some part of the character’s personality.


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