17+ Best Comedy Anime To Watch (Ranked)

Sometimes we get exhausted from all the action of shounen anime and are not in the mood for the suspense and drama of seinen or shoujo anime. At such times, we don’t need any complex storylines. Instead, we just need something to relax and feel chilled while watching.

MyAnimeGuru brings you the list of the 17+ Best Comedy Anime To Watch (Ranked) so that you will get something funny to watch as you unwind from your day full of work to relax, or just watch something that makes you laugh to help you forget the stress of daily life.

List of Best Comedy Anime

This list of best comedy anime will be based on overall popularity, how good the overall story is how likable the characters are, or maybe their stories are just that relatable. So without further ado, let’s start.

19. Assassination Classroom

Assassination Classroom

Episodes – 47 + 1 Movie | Year – 2015

A fun series, it is both comedic, as well as has a great story with a unique plot. When a tentacled alien creature destroys part of the moon, the outcasts of the society, the Class E of a junior high school are tasked with the responsibility of killing this creature who also happens to be their new teacher.

A series that teaches about how a good teacher can help even the most troublesome students and help them get a good life. It has many emotional moments too but it also manages to balance the emotions by giving us plenty of comedy too. One of the best comedy anime

18. Konosuba


Episodes – 20 + 1 Movie

Books Worth Reading:

When Kazuma, a shut-in dies, he is not given the usual Isekai treatment but is rather the butt of all jokes and instead gets mocked by the goddess Aqua for his pathetic way of dying by getting scared to death of a tractor. However, he gets reincarnated with Aqua in tow.

The show is a literal parody of all isekai anime and is full of laughable things like the explosion magic of Megumin and the masochistic nature of Darkness. Each episode is bound to make you make you laugh, so when you get bored you might as well watch one of the best comedy anime.

17. Teasing Master Takagi-San

Takagi san best comedy anime

Episodes – 36 + 1 Movie | Year – 2018

Books Worth Reading:

A quirky yet fun tale about a boy and girl who attend middle school and go through all kinds of silly things together as they discover their friendship and live their school lives in a small town. While it might at times be a little stagnant, it sure gives that slice-of-life feel.

It tells the story of Nishikata who is always teased by his next seat partner Takagi-san and despite his best efforts to fluster her, is always the one who gets teased. It is full of comedic moments and makes you laugh a lot. One of the best comedy anime.

16. One Punch Man


Episodes – 24 | Year – 2016

A parody superhero manga, it packs the perfect combination of action and slapstick humor and makes for an overall enjoyable experience. The titular main character, Saitama otherwise known as One Punch Man is simply far too strong.

We see how he struggles to find a place for himself in a world that is dominated by insanely strong monsters and heroes alike where unbeknownst to all, he is the strongest. Filled with plenty of fun moments, it is easily one of the best comedy anime.

Books Worth Reading:

15. Mob Psycho 100

Mob psycho

Episodes – 36 | Year – 2016

Another anime by OPM’s creator One, is also as hilarious as OPM. Filled with goofy scenes and funny exchanges, this manga is chock-full of hilarious fights but also has its fair share of action sequences that make this an overall great watch and one of the best comedy anime.

It tells the story of Shigeru Kageyama or Mobu who is a powerful psychic but has always been lacking confidence because of his unique powers. When a conman, Reigen takes him under his wing, things become much better for him.

14. Daily Lives of High School Boys

High school boys

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2012

If you really wanna see the mundane daily struggles of high school, then go no further. This right here is a comedic powerhouse that is gonna be next-level relatable and also is funny as well and tells us that the life of high school ain’t as glamorous as pop culture makes it to be.

Books Worth Reading:

Telling the lives of Tadakuni, Hidenori, and Yoshitake and their boring regular days spent lazing around and doing nothing is as regular life as it gets and there is no romance or sports. It’s simply the daily lives of high school boys and one of the best comedy anime.


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13. Laid Back Camp

Laid back camp

Episodes – 24 + 1 Movie | Year – 2018

If you like camping and school life, then you’ll love it because it blends both of these marvelously and gives you a great experience. It is full of actual camping-related adventures and if you like the outdoors, you’ll learn many cool things from it while it is also fun.

We see how Rin, a high schooler who loves camping, and Nadeshiko, a girl who loves cycling and watching Mt Fuji meet each other and simply click and go on a flurry of funny but realistic camping adventures which makes for a nice watch. One of the best comedy anime.

12. Spy X Family

Spy x Family

Episodes – 25 | Year – 2022

Books Worth Reading:

A spy, an assassin and a psychic all live under the same roof living false lives while trying to portray to the world that they are one happy family. This is what happens when Loid Forger is tasked with the mission of creating a fake family to get close to his target.

To achieve that, he quickly bonds with a psychic girl named Anya and a deadly assassin Yor Briar. What will happen next? Well, their daily lives are full of hilarious situations that will leave laughing like a maniac, all while giving you a great wholesome story. One of the best comedy anime.

11. Slam Dunk

Slam dunk

Episodes – 101 | Year – 1993

The author of Vagabond, Takehiko Inoue outdid himself on this sports classic. Telling the high school-school delinquent Sakuragi, who to win the heart of his crush, uses his exceptional height to be a part of the basketball club. But slowly he develops a genuine passion for the sport.

While it is primarily a serious storyline, matching the 90s vibe, it has plenty of comedic moments mostly centered around Sakuragi and his antics along with his hoodlum friends. It is one of the best sports manga as well as one of the best comedy anime.

Books Worth Reading:

10. Great Teacher Onizuka


Episodes – 42 | Year – 1999

One of the greatest anime ever, it tells the story of former delinquent and bike gang leader Eikichi Onizuka who suddenly had a change of heart and now wants to become a teacher and how his journey leads him to a prestigious school where he is given the responsibility of a troublesome class.

It tells us truly, just how important the role of a teacher is while at the same time giving us all the laughs possible. It shows that no kid is a bad kid and Onizuka teaches the values of life to his ill-mannered students all while giving us the laughs. One of the best comedy anime.

9. The Tatami Galaxy

Episodes – 11| Year – 2010

A very unique anime, it can be hard to understand by many and there’s a special sense of humor that is needed to understand this but if that works for you, it can be one of the most entertaining and funny pieces of media. It is one of the best comedy anime.

Books Worth Reading:

It tells the story of a salaryman who meets a weird girl claiming to be some sort of god who sends him back in time to his college day and he tries to deal with a cruel new friend by developing a whole new personality. The anime is as unique as it gets.

8. Grand Blue Dreaming

Grand Blue

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2018

One of the best comedy anime, it is the manga equivalent of a college-life comedy sitcom. It has everything you will need from a comedy manga. It’s got the laughs, it’s got the unique setting of a small seaside town and it the beautiful girls too(Wink).

From the drunken shenanigans expected of any college goer to the hilarious situations that come with beaches, it’s probably got something for everyone. The Cast is enjoyable as the MC starts his new life in this small town and gets into all kinds of charades.

7. Nichijou


Episodes – 12 | Year – 2011

Books Worth Reading:

One of the funniest series out there, it is as outlandish as it gets while at the same time able to easily grasp the mundane existence of day-to-day lives as well. If you want to laugh at something so slack as well as enjoy the story then this is your best bet.

It is simply the lives of the three classmates and friends and their daily lives of comedic misfortune as well as how they live their seemingly boring lives while still having fun and braving the tough times of high school while entertaining us in the best comedy anime.

6. A Place Further than the Universe

A place further than the universe

Episodes – 12 | Year – 2018

A group of girls trying to go to Antarsounds, sounds cool right, right? Well Mari Tamaki wants to do something cool when she starts high school and Shirase the class weirdo who is known as “Antarctic” for her obsession with the continent, Mari decides to follow her.

This is the story of a group of girls who want to do something otherworldly but don’t think that it is an adventure anime. This is high school comedy through and through with lots of laughs and many funny moments. All in all one of the best comedy anime.

Books Worth Reading:

5. Komi Can’t Communicate


Episodes – 24 | Year – (2021-2022)

Sometimes no matter how beautiful you may look from the outside, from inside you are still meek and shy and find it hard to make friends. In such situations, you need support from someone who will stand by your side no matter what.

Tadano is just that person for the school diva Komi Shouko, who despite being the crush of every boy and girl in the school finds it hard to communicate with others. See how Tadano helps Komi achieve her dream of making 100 friends in one of the best comedy anime.

4. Azumanga Daioh


Episodes – 26 | Year – 2002

Telling the regular lives of high school girls, this series is equal parts weird and equal parts funny. You might be wrong if you ever felt that high-school girls were always doing glamorous things. Their regular lives aren’t as cool as anime makes them out to be.

Books Worth Reading:

This tells the story of the prodigy Chiho, who at just 10 is already in high school and has to deal with a bunch of high-school girls and will have to make sure that she can become friends with them and doesn’t get into any trouble. One of the best comedy anime.

3.  Ouran High School Host Club


Episodes – 26 | Year – 2006

One of the best shoujo series, it tells the story of scholarship student Haruhi who by mistake breaks a vase valued at millions belonging to the frivolous boys of the host club, a group of handsome boys who entertain the uber-rich girls of the famous Ouran Academy.

Now in order to reimburse them she has to pretend to be a guy and has to work as a host. This cross-dressing anime will surely give you lots of great moments, making for both comedic genius and great storylines. It is one of the best comedy anime.

2. Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

Kaguya sama

Episodes – 36 + 1 Movie | Year – 2019

Books Worth Reading:

A fun and interesting watch, both the male and female leads as well as the side cast have depth and good character development. While initially starting as just a game between the student prefects Kaguya and Shirogane over who will make the other confess, they fall in love in the end.

While Kaguya is the daughter of a global conglomerate who is perfect at everything, Shirogane is the best at studies, their attempts to make the other confess are really funny. The background characters and side cast also make the school quite great. It is easily one of the best comedy anime.

1. Gintama


Episodes – 370 | Year – 2006

If there is one anime that perfectly manages both comedy and action and a great story then it is none other than the mighty Gintama. While it’s, the core that it’s a parody and gag anime, it still packs a wonderful story while not failing to make us laugh at any point.

It tells the story of Gintoki, a crestfallen samurai who was part of the resistance against the alien invasion of Edo-Japan but failed to defeat them. Now that the aliens banned swords, he has no other option but to do odd jobs to pay for himself. It is the best comedy anime.

Books Worth Reading:

Final Words

I hope you liked this list of the best comedy anime. We made sure to include lots of varying titles so that while you will get comedy in all of them, it will not get monotonous for you and you can enjoy lots of different genres while having a unique experience.

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FAQ Section

Which anime is the king of comedy?

While there are many hilarious isekai anime, KonoSuba is undoubtedly the most famous and, arguably, the funniest.

What is the best comedy manga?

One Piece is regarded as the highest-rated manga with a comedy tag in it.

What is the top 1 manga of all time?

Berserk(1989) by Kentaro Miura is considered by many to be the best manga of all time.
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