14+ Best Manga Like Spirit Circle (Ranked)

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Fuuta Okeya is a high school student who can see ghosts and remember his past life. He has a strange mark on his cheek and he is always hiding it. Then a new girl arrived at his school named Kouko Ishigami who had the same scar on her forehead and she is accompanied by a ghost.

After seeing the mark on his cheeks she attacked him with her spirit circles. Then they later discovered their past reincarnations have some links with each other. What kind of relationship? Why the girl attacked him? want to know?

Best Manga Like Spirit Circle

So let’s see the list of 14+ best manga like spirit circle.



Chapters-10; Volumes-3 | Year- (2019-2021)

What if a tablet predicts one’s life span, a life partner using one’s genetics? This story takes on the concept of a future tablet called iMentor which has become a part of everyone in day-to-day life.

In this futuristic world because of this tablet, human dignity is questioned. Human happiness is destroyed and unable to live peacefully because they’re a to z is exposed via the iMentor tablet.

Books Worth Reading:

This manga is thought-provoking and has a better storyline with nice characters.

14) Suicide Parabellum

 Suicide Parabellum

Chapters-10; Volume-1 | Year- (2013-2016)

Takanori is a high school boy who is pressured by society and family and decided to dt suicide. While he discovers a website called “Suicide Parabellum” which encourages people to do some tasks related to suicide. It also promises to provide them with a painless death.

Books Worth Reading:

Takanori decides to take the challenges and begins the individuals who have the same problems as him and they together form a bond and support each other through their struggles. And they discover the purpose of the website is to eliminate the weak people in society.

This manga is based on the themes of the mental struggles of students through academic and family pressure which is a good concept for reading.

13) Inga Ouhou!!? Warumiko-san

 Inga Ouhou!!? Warumiko-san

Chapters-10; Volumes-2 | Year- (2016-2018)

A high school student named Warumiko is also the heiress of a powerful yakuza family. Yet, Warumiko has no desire to inherit the family business and fantasizes about leading a regular life.

A peculiar boy named Inga with supernatural abilities to control individuals’ thoughts and feelings crosses paths with Warumiko one day. An unknown organization seeks Inga’s powers for themselves, leading him to ask Warumiko for her assistance in avoiding capture

Books Worth Reading:

This manga is thrilling and action based. If you like the spirit circle manga you deserve this.

12) Ikenai Kanojo no Otetsudai

 Ikenai Kanojo no Otetsudai

Chapters-29 ; Volumes-3 | Year- 2017

Terada is an average high school student whose has only able to see the ghosts and he is helpful to the people around him. He has a good and kind heart.

One day he went to the rooftop of his school at night, at the time he met a ghost named Rooftop Rinko-san, which resides on the rooftop of the school permanently. It doesn’t leave anybody who meets it because she couldn’t make any friends during her school life.

This manga is based on the friendship between Terada and the ghost girl with a good storyline and the best manga like spirit circle.

Books Worth Reading:

11) To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity

Chapters-135+ ; Volumes-18 | Year- 2016

While interacting with diverse life forms, the entity learns about their pleasures & pains, and ambitions along with obstacles & challenges. By undergoing such events, the entity gains an increased understanding of both humanity and the surrounding world.

A variety of forms are taken by the entity in this series including those of Wolf, a Boy named March, and an Elderly Woman named Tonari. Nevertheless, the organization persists and gains knowledge from its encounters, developing and maturing with each one.

This manga is good at exploring the world with an entity and different kinds of creatures which makes it the best manga-like spirit circle.

10) Suteki na Alice Wong Obasan

 Suteki na Alice Wong Obasan

Chapters-1 ; Volumes-0 | Year- 2019

Books Worth Reading:

This story is based on a Japanese woman Aunt Alice who runs a small restaurant in a town in Japan. She is known for her cutlery and cooking skills, which attracted customers to her hotel.

She has a very dark past and some kind of relationship with ghosts and other supernatural energies. She undergoes certain difficulties to overcome the situation and become free. Want to know her past? read the manga.

9) Fujimi Lovers

Fujimi Lovers

Chapters-15; Volumes-3 | Year- (2013-2014)

Kuono Jun is a young kid who lives his life without any worries about his own will. In kindergarten, he fell in love with a girl named Hasebe Rino, she is the most beautiful girl in the whole class.

He went to her and confessed his love to her, she accept his love and at that moment she disappeared. Kuono is confused by her disappearance and asked his friends about her. nobody knows who is she. The only way to find read the manga.

Books Worth Reading:

This manga beautifully describes a love of a little boy with mysteries in it which makes it the best manga-like spirit circle to read.

8)No Game No Life Practical War Game

No Game No Life Practical War Game

Chapters-06; Volumes-1 | Year- 2016

The story follows the siblings Sora and Shiro, who are transported to a world where all conflicts are resolved through games. They become known as the unbeatable gaming duo ‘Blank’. Additionally, they are recruited by the exiled Flugel Jibril to help her retake her home.

In No Game, No Life Practical War Game, Sora and Shiro are challenged to a practical war game by the leader of the Ex-Machina, an artificial intelligence race. The war game takes place in a virtual world, where the objective is to defeat the opponent’s designated commander.

This novel is based on the completion and strategy and trusts themes that showcase creative and innovative ways in which gaming can be used to solve conflicts and the spirit circle fans must read this.

Books Worth Reading:

7) Boukyou Tarou

Boukyou Tarou

Chapters-80+ ; Volumes-8 | Year- 2019

What if a man if he wakes up after 500 years by the cold wave devasted the earth? The man named Maizuru Taro has been affected by the situation and lost his family and everyone he loved.

After he rises from his despair and seeks a purpose in his life and sets his home in Japan and peacefully leads his life.

This manga expresses the hardships and difficulties faced by a man after a big devastation and leads a peaceful life after it. And it is the best manga like Spirit Circle.

6) Shingetsutan Tsukihime

Shingetsutan Tsukihime

Chapters-74; Volumes-10 | Year- (2003-2010)

Books Worth Reading:

Shiki Tohno is a young man who has been met with an accident and admitted to an accident. After awakening in the hospital he felt awkward about the people. because of the black lines spread over them.

Eight years later, the death of her father makes him back to the mansion. One day after school she noticed a mysterious woman passing him and he uses his ability to trace her. Who is the mysterious woman?

This manga is filled with mystery and adventure and romance and good character designs and the Best manga like Spirit Circle.

5) Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer

Best Manga Like Spirit Circle

Chapters-65; Volumes-10 | Year- (2005-2010)

Yuuhi Amamiya is a college student summoned by a lizard named Samidare and asked to become a “Beast Knight” and fight with her to save the world.

Books Worth Reading:

Yuuhi soon learns the world is threatened by a giant “Biscuit Hammer” that is falling from space to destroy the planet and discovers that the lizard is a princess that is recruited to save the world and the story is quite similar to the spirit circle.

4) Sengoku Youko

Sengoku Youko

Chapters-100; Volumes-17 | Year- (2007-2016)

The story follows Momochi Haruka, a human girl who is the daughter of a powerful warlord. She has been raised to be a great warrior. She meets Inukai Genpachi, a demon who is a skilled swordsman. They become friends and decide to travel together to explore the world and learn about each other’s cultures.

As they journey, they encounter many other humans and demons, each with their own stories and struggles. They learn about the history of their world and the conflicts between humans and demons. They also discover that forces are disturbing the peace between the two groups.

3) Phoenix


Chapters-19; Volumes-11 | Year- (1967-1988)

Books Worth Reading:

The universal fact is “All things are born and all things die” but the only creature that broke this fact is the Phoenix. Because it experiences the eternal spirit of life and death and rebirth.

The story follows a worker named Saruta who was asked by his king to bring the phoenix bird’s blood. Because if someone consumes it they become immortal as the bird. Will he be able to get it?

This is one of the best manga but unfortunately, it is canceled in the middle and best manga like spirit circle.

2) Billy Bat

Billy Bat

Chapters-165; Volumes-20 | Year- (2008-2016)

The manga begins in 1949, with Kevin working on a new issue of his comic book in Japan. When he meets a mysterious man who claims to have created the character of Billy Bat, Kevin’s world is turned upside down as he learns about the creature’s true origins and significance.

Books Worth Reading:

As the story progresses, Kevin travels around the world and encounters different people who are connected to Billy Bat in various ways. Along the way, he discovers that the creature has played a role in many historical events, from World War II to the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

This is one of the best manga with themes of action, detective, and a thrilling storyline making it the best manga like spirit circle.

1) Berserk


Chapters-360+ ; Volumes-41 | Year- 1989

It is a dark fantasy manga that follows a mercenary warrior called Guts who is considered one of the greatest swordsmen. He wants to seek revenge against his former friend called Griffith who betrayed him. This manga has split into several arcs based on its distinct storyline.

The first arc deals with Guts as a lonely warrior by defeating the demons threatening him since his childhood and in the subsequent arcs Guts become a feared and respected warrior by defeating powerful enemies and demons.

Books Worth Reading:

The manga is known for its graphic violence, mature themes, and complex characters and it is one of the best manga like spirit circle.


With this, we have concluded our list of the 14+ Best Manga Like Spirit Circle (Ranked). And all these mangas are best for the fans of spirit circle manga readers.

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